A Message from the President

    Otaku no Festival(Otafest) is the first event of its kind to be held in the city of Calgary, Alberta. This festival aims at both providing an outlet for fans of Japanese animation(anime) to enjoy their hobby in a socially positive setting, and to act as a channel through which to expand the knowledge and presence of anime and Japanese comic art in the community as a whole.
    Judging by our club's massive success with the presentation of the End of Evangelion movie on a large theater screen earlier this year, we believe that the next logical step in the rise of the Otaku is a festival. Therefore, drawing upon this rising popularity of anime and upon the experiences of similar events held throughout North America the D.O.A. club, through the holding of Otafest, hopes to achieve an increased public awareness of Japanese animation and culture. With over eighty hours of anime from a variety of genres ranging from war dramas to children's comedy, panels discussing the issues of anime in North America, lectures on Japanese language and culture, and providing a venue through which local anime-supporting industries can gain exposure, Otafest is a premiere opportunity for anyone to be introduced to, enjoy, and learn about the wonderful world of Japanese animation and comic art.
    Mike Youngberg,
    OtaFest President,
    DOA Vice President,
    AKA: DJ Shirow



    Attending OtaFest is free for all members of the Dedicated Otaku Anime club, here at the University of Calgary. Memberships to the club will be on sale at the registration booth at the festival for $8.00, and lasts one year to date. If you do not wish to join the DOA club, but still wish to attend OtaFest... no problem. For $2.00 or the donation of a non-perishable food item you will gain a temporary, one week membership to the club which will give you access to the festival and the DOA's club meeting that week. With over eighty hours of anime and a concentration of anime vendors you cannot beat this deal, so please join us on July 3rd and 4th.