Getting there

    The University of Calgary is located in northwest Calgary, just west of Crowchild Trail NW and just north of 16th Avenue, NW (Trans-Canada Highway). Click on the image below to see a full size (194 KB) version of the University of Calgary campus map. MacEwan Student Center is outlined near the center. Probably the best places to park in relation to Mac Hall are:
  • Lot 3 :
  • Lot 12 : $2.25 per entry after 3:30 PM (reserved before that), no re-entry
  • Lot 11 : $2.25 per entry, no re-entry
  • Lot 10 : $1.50 per entry, no re-entry
  • Art parkade : maximum charge is $3.25, no re-entry
    There is also an underground parkade underneath MacEwan Student Center, but it's a little pricey, especially if you don't mind a five-minute walk.


MacEwan Student Center

    Click on the two image below to view a full-size version of the floorplan. Otafest will be taking place on the second (also the main) floor of MacEwan Student Center.

2nd Floor (73 KB)