Dear Potential Sponsor,



    The guidebook is a booklet that will be published for the purposes of informing festival patrons of the various programs we will be showing and of various merchandise in the anime industry. It will be sold for a minimal amount, no greater than $1.00. You have several choices should you wish to sponsor or advertise in this booklet:
    1/4 Page - $15.00
    Page - $25.00
    1 Page - $40.00
    Note: We can create your advertisement for you at a cost of $5.00 in addition to the size of the advertisement you wish.


Full Sponsorship

    This gets your business name on the front page as a sponsor for the guidebook, a full page advertisement in the guidebook, and one large(11"x 17") color advertising poster for your store(again with you business name on as a sponsor).

    Cost: - $80.00


General Advertisement Sponsorship

    For this festival we will be distributing three runs of flyers throughout the city of Calgary for general advertising. These will be located at various community event boards, video stores, hobby shops, etc. Sponsorship of these advertisements will put your business name on each of these as a sponsor.

    Cost: - $20.00


Vendor Tables

    We are hoping to have a vendor/dealer area during the festival. This area will be in the north courtyard within MacEwan Student Centre, right in with the other rooms to be used for the festival. This is to give you the opportunity to sell your wares (preferably anime/manga related items) in a different location, and with the advantage of a single large body of available potential customers.
    1 Table - $60.00
    2 Tables - $110.00
    3 Tables - $160.00



    I would just like to thank you for your time in considering to participate in the Calgary anime community. Should you request further information, or if you have decided to select one or more or our sponsor/vendor opportunities feel free to contact the DOA club or Michael Youngberg(Festival President) at:
    The DOA Club
    c/o The Student's Union
    #356, Rm 251 MacEwan Student Centre
    The University of Calgary
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2N 1N4
    Phone: (403)210-6796
    We will be around on a regular basis to update you on any changes, but feel free to contact us at any time. Again, thank you for your time.
    Yours Truly,

    Mike Youngberg,
    OtaFest President,
    DOA Vice President