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Otafest 2005 Cosplay Rules

Before signing any forms, please read the information carefully!!!

These pre-registration/registration forms are legal bindings saying that you have read the details and understand that you must abide by the rules. Failure to do so, or the excuse that you did not read it may result in severe consequences.

Thank You!


There will be a fee of $5 for each participant in cosplay this year - entry will include an 2005 Otafest Lanyard which will be used to identify competitors during the event. Please bring the cash when signing in at the registration desk.

To participate in the Otafest cosplay you must be fully registered at the main information desk. Once registered, individuals or groups must register with the cosplay director or staff. This can be done before the event by using the pre-registration form available on at the bottom of the page or directly at the event via the cosplay information desk.

People who wish to participate have until 1 hour and 30 minutes before the event to register. Late comers will not be accepted.

Check-In: (only for pre-registered cosplayers)
Check-In is required to participate in the event. Participants have until 1 hour and 30 minutes before the event to check in. Individuals who pre-registered but did not check-in will not be allowed to participate.

Information Required From You at the Event:

Proof of Registration
Your Full Name
Character Portrayed
Series Anime/Video Game/j-pop/j-rock/use your imagination.

How It Works:

Participants are allowed to be judged individually or in groups no larger then 10. (If your group is larger then 10, please contact the cosplay director to make arrangements. Look on the contact page in the information section of

Participants will be judged on two main categories:

This category rewards the costume maker for quality and accuracy. Judges will be focusing on the portrayl of the character. Questions that the judges will be asking themselves and what you should be asking yourself are: Does the costume look accurate to the character? Is the costume properly stiched? Does it fit properly? Is it fraying or falling apart? Is it held delicately together with a piece of duct tape? How do the accessories look? Is it obvious to the viewer that time and energy was spent in the creation of the costume? Was the costume thrown together in 30 minutes?

This judging is done prior to the event. As this is the most time consuming part of the cosplay experience, keeping things organized is very important. Cosplayers will have to meet 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the event for this judging to occur. Participants who have not been judged on the technical category will not be allowed to participate in the event.

This category rewards the costume wearer for their live performance. Judges will be focusing on the skill levels of the participants. What can you do to perform? Singing, dancing, drama, skits, improvisation (as long as you know what you are doing of course), poetry, public speaking, music......Nearly everything is an option. Please check with the cosplay director if what you are planning to do is not on the list above.

Do you have to do a performance?
Not necessarly. If you do not wish to perform, it is not required. You can just appear on stage and show off your costume in what is called a walk-on. In this case, you willl be judged soley on your technical score. YOU CAN STILL WIN IF YOU DO A WALK-ON! That being said, half the fun of cosplay is performing in front of a large audience! DonÕt worry about making a fool out of yourself....You are in a costume any way right? ^_^

I am a terrible singer/dancer/actor......
The judges will be instructed to be fair and understanding. They will give you a theatrical score that matches the effort put into your performance. If you make a mistake but itÕs obvious that you did do preparation for the event you have absoutely nothing to worry about. That being said, if itÕs obvious you spend 10 minutes prior to the event making up something on the spot, it will be obvious to the judges and will be judged accordingly.

Judges are not looking for the Celine Dion of cosplay. They will reward effort and thought that was placed into the theater work. Better preparation will result in better scores, as well as more audience reaction, so start thinking up what you would like to do now! ^_^

Other Stuff Concerning the Performance:

There will be two microphones available to participants. If you plan on havinging a group of 10 singing, you will have to huddle around microphones or sing at the top of your lungs. One of the microphones will be corded while the other will be cordless. It is your choice if you wish to use them or not. Please speak loudly and properly into them to prevent interference and to make your self heard!

Participants are allowed to bring props WITHIN REASON. Keep it simple and keep the amount of them to a decent level. Make sure that the props you plan on using are not on the list of banned items.

Participants are allowed to bring their own music. Please be sure to have them in CD format so they can play on a CD player. It is preferable to have a cd with the music you wish to use as the first track. If this is not possible, please use a post it note to label the track you wish to play on the case of the cd. Please limit the amount of music you use to 1 or 2 tracks to avoid confusion. Otafest will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, scratched or damanged cds.

Participants may only make use of the lighting available in the room.

Participants should be aware that they are recorded on video and audio and by participating, allow Otafest to use footage, pictures, and audio samples without further warning or authorization.

Weapons and Banned Items:

Federal Law prevents weapons from being disclosed. Participants are asked not to bring the following items:

Swords, Daggers, Guns, Maces, Spears, etc.

Individuals who have weapons on their person will be required to leave the weapon must at the security desk. They will only be available to the owner when they are leaving Otafest Even if these weapons are properly stored, we ask you kindly not to bring them to Otafest. They are not to be used during skits and they will be confiscated. Non-compliance will result in ejection from Otafest.
The following items are also not permitted at Otafest or the cosplay:
Water guns, Cap guns, Realistic Model Guns, Fireworks, etc.
(Realistic Model Guns will be allowed if the tip of the gun is Orange)

These items will be confiscated if they are found. Please leave these items at home. If you are in doubt if an item or prop you are planning on taking with you to Otafest, please contact the security director or the cosplay director prior to attending.

Plastic, wooden, paper mache or cardboard facimilies of blade weapons are permitted at Otafest provided they are peace bound. For those who are unsure what peace bounding is, it is making sure that the blades cannot be drawn out of the sheaths. This can be done by wax, rope, or tape, provided that the blade is unable to come out of the sheath. If there is no sheath, it must be tied firmly to your costume such that it cannot be drawn.

Use of Animals:
The use of animals in the Otafest cosplay is not permitted. Service dogs are exempt.

General Behaviour:
Participants must obey federal, provincial, municipal, and university laws and by-laws while guests at Otafest. Those who do not obey these laws will be ejected from Otafest without prior warning.

Cosplay Behaviour:
Participants should limit their conversations during judging, the run-through, backstage, and the event it self. Individuals participating in sword fights, being loud or causing discomfort to our guests will be asked to leave. Mock sword fights are not permitted at Otafest.
Participants must take care in listening to the direction of the cosplay director as well as the volunteers. Those who do not pay attention will not be able to fully participate. Participants who abuse our staff will be ejected from Otafest.

Other Important Information:

Otafest is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. Keep important belongings at home. Avoid taking things you do you do not need. Otafest does not provide an area to store items.

Sewing machines are not permitted at Otafest.

Space is not provided for rehersals or costume design. Change rooms are provided through the public washrooms. Please do not use space that is being used by classes or the general public. If you are asked to leave, please do.

Otafest does not provide any materials for costumes.

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