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The Artist Alley Exhibition

Before signing any forms, please read the information carefully!!!

These pre-registration/registration forms are legal bindings saying that you have read the details and understand that you must abide by the rules. Failure to do so, or the excuse that you did not read it may result in severe consequences.

Thank You!

Calgary is home to many promising artists. For Otafest 2005 we would like to provide a place for them to promote their talents. At the Artist Alley Exhibition you can rent a table and present your work to convention goers.

The Exhibition Hall will be located in the Science Complex link between the Science Theatres and Social Science. You can see a rough layout of the area here.

The table dimensions will be 8’ x 2’. The price includes two folding chairs. If more is required please indicate on the form.

Book your table by filling out this form. You must book a table before May 7, 2005.

The cost of renting of renting a table will be $20.00 this includes a ten dollar deposit. Payments will be accepted through cash or cheque mailed to:

Southland Crossing RPO
PO Box #42143
Calgary, Alberta T2J-7A6

The $10.00 deposit for the table must be in my hands before May 14th.

The absolute latest I will accept the complete payment for the table is Friday, May 20th. Otherwise, you will forfeit the deposit and not get the table.

The Exhibition Rules:

The Following cannot be sold at the Artist Alley Exhibition

1.) Pornography or images depicting people sexually suggestive situations.
2.) Grotesque art or Pedophiliac Art
3.) Direct Tracing or Copies of Art
4.) Merchandise that you have not made yourself. This includes professional published comics, art, books, and CDs.
5.) Food and beverages

Also, we ask that you follow these rules and suggestions:

1.) While sounds devices are permitted at your table, we ask that you contain the noise within your area.
2.) Do not block foot traffic in front of your booth.
3.) Do not leave your booth unattended. We are not responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged while you exhibit at the Artist Alley.