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Otafest Idol 2005

Otafest’s first ever singing competition! Come listen to your favorite anime and J-pop songs performed live, by some of the country’s most talented undiscovered singers! Cheer for your favorite performer, and help them rack up the points for the coveted title of the 2005 Otafest Idol!


1) Entrants must provide their own music. Please bring a CD with your name, the name of your song, and the track number information attached to it. While an instrumental track is preferred, entrants may also use a vocal version of the song. In this case, the music will be played softly, such that the entrant can be heard by the judges.

2) Entrants are allowed to sing without accompanying music if they so desire.

3) Songs should be J-pop or related to anime series in some way.

4) Single person entrants are encouraged, as there is only one microphone. Groups are allowed, but please keep in mind that the microphone will have to be shared.

Update: If you do not have any songs you may also use ones provided by Otafest staff. Available Otafest Idol Songs can be found here. 


Entrants will be able to sing one song. Judges will be grading and points will be awarded as follows:

1) Technical – 5 pts
a. Entrant will be judged based on technical singing ability
2) Difficulty – 5 pts
a. Entrant will be judged based on the difficulty of the attempted song
3) Charisma – 5 pts
a. How loudly the crowd cheers for you

Total = 15 pts

To enter into the contest, please send an email to Jenny Chan or Debbie Mah:

Please provide the following information in the email:

1) Your name

2) Your song name and original artist name

3) The length of your song

After this information has been received, Otafest staff will reply with a confirmation email that your entry has been received.

Please note that due to time constraints, as the contest showing is only for two hours, entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Entrants will also be accepted when registering at the door, provided that there is still room allowed in the 2 hour event. Please sign in at the registration desk, where more direction will be given.

Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded at the festival on May 21st, 2005.