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Special Events Schedule

01. Cosplay
02. AMV
03. Anime Improv
04. Otafest Idol
05. Award's Ceremony
06. Mr. & Ms. Otafest
07. Costheatre presents Battle Action RPG
08. Anime Jeopardy
09 . Anime Feud
10. Anime Name That Tune
11. Otafest Survivor
12. How to Tie a Kimono
13. Japanese 101 Language
14. Japanese History & Culture
15. Artist Alley
16. ParaPara Dancing Tutorial
17. What is Anime?
18. Model Kits


LIST OF EVENTS & Brief Description

1. Cosplay

Welcome to Cosplay! Come watch the fruit of hundreds of dollars and hours of labour, where fans pay homage to their favorite characters through costume and skits, song and dance! The most colorful and popular event at Otafest 2005!

2. AMV

This is the second annual Otafest anime music video competition! Creators select scenes from various anime shows, set them to awesome music, and edit and splice until a beautiful music video is born.

3. Anime Improv

You know them, you love them! They’ve brought their show to cons all across the country and now they’re back once more! The 404s return to Otafest to perform their unique brand of anime themed improvisation! A fan favorite!

4. Otafest Idol *NEW

Updated: Otafest’s first ever singing competition! Come listen to your favorite anime and J-pop songs performed live, by some of the country’s most talented undiscovered singers! Cheer for your favorite performer, and help them rack up the points for the coveted title of the 2005 Otafest Idol!

5. Awards Ceremony *NEW

With so many competitions and contests being held at Otafest this year, who’s going to be able to keep track of all the winners and their accomplishments? You are! Come to the awards ceremony, where all the winners to all the contests will be announced and prizes are given – who knows, it might be your name coming out of those speakers!

6. (a) Mr and Miss Otafest 2005 *NEW

Now *you* can be the judge! Who do you think had the costume at Otafest? Remember to vote for your favorite guy and gal, and help us to crown our Mr and Miss Otafest 2005! Winners to be announced at the Awards Ceremony!

7. Costheatre presents Battle Action RPG *NEW

In Costheatre, the emphasis is on the acting and on the skits part of cosplaying. As such, these folks have spent countless hours of time, practicing and rehearsing. Come watch aspiring actors and actresses put on 2-5 minute skits and plays, meant to highlight their dramatic (or comedic, or something in between) skillz! Don’t be surprised if we have some future Oscar nominees in the room!

Costheatre will feature a different cosplay related group or activity every year, and for Costheathre 2005, Otafest is pleased to present BATTLE ACTION RPG – A costume wearing, attack name shouting, live action role playing game!

8. Anime Jeopardy *NEW

Answer: A fun game to show off my vast knowledge of anime, and win candy! Question: What is Anime Jeopardy?!

9. Anime Feud *NEW

100 Otaku were surveyed on various topics! Bring your friends and defeat another team for candy prizes brawl in Otafest's version of the classic game show.

10. Anime Name That Tune *NEW

We all know that sometimes, the best part of a show is its sound track, and some of us have built up massive musical libraries to that affect. If you can name that tune, then we've got candy prizes for you!

Update: The game will be much like a tournament, where teams will compete against each other! Registration for this event will be at the door. If you can with your friends, form a team with a maximum of 5 people. Otherwise, we can pair you up when the event starts. Let the naming begin!

11. Otafest Survivor *NEW

Have you ever gone on every single ride at an amusement park? Think you can do everything there can be done at Otafest? Then decipher the clues hidden in the guidebook that will lead you through almost every event, answer the challenge and document your proof! To the individual who experiences everything Otafest can offer, there will be riches and prizes as well as the ultimate title: Otafest Survivor. Are you up to the challenge?

12. How to Tie a Kimono *NEW

Think it’s a pretty simple thing to wake up in the morning and put on some clothes? Think again…

13. Japanese 101 – Language *NEW

Love anime? Wish you could watch it without the subtitles? This course will help you with that first step! An introduction to the basics of the Japanese language, both written and oral.

14. Japanese 101 – History & Culture *NEW

Curious about the people and the culture that influenced anime and manga? Want to know how to use your love for anime in school projects? Wondering what to expect when you go to visit the country? This is the course for you! An overview of Japanese history and culture!

15. Artist Alley

Like to draw anime? Would you like to learn How to Draw Anime? Ever wonder what you would look like as an anime character? Then this is your section! Pop by just to say hello, draw or be drawn the choice is yours!

16. ParaPara Tutorial *NEW

You've seen it on videos and in the arcade – the mesmerizing movements of arms and legs (and other assorted limbs) in complete synchronization to rhythm and beat known only as Parapara. Now, come see it performed live and get a few pointers on how you too can Parapara dance!

17. What is Anime? *NEW

So, we all know what anime is, right? It's cool, it's funny, it's moving, it's entertaining… it's great shiny fun! But do you know where it came from? What it's history is? What it's social impact has been? Well, now you can know that too!

18. Model Kits *NEW

Admit it – you've drooled at the gundam model on display at your favorite stores! You've probably bought a model kit yourself and hopelessly ruined it! Well, despair no longer, and come to the Model Kit panel, to see some of the finest models ever created and pick up some tips of this hobby!