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Special Events Schedule

01. Cosplay
02. AMV
03. Anime Improv
04. Iaido
05. Otafest Idol
06. Artist Alley
07. Awards Ceremony
08. Mr. & Ms. Otafest
09. Anime Auction
10. AMV - Video Block
11. AMV - So you want to be an artist
12. Battle Action RPG
13. Anime Jeopardy
14. Anime Match Game
15. Japanese 101 Language
16. Video Gaming Room
17. Cosplay - Rules, Regs, Robots and Rascals
18. Origami Extravaganza
19. Calgary Go Club
20. Taiko Drummers
21. Otafest Walkoff!
22. Anime Name That Tune
23. J-Rock / J-Pop Music Panel
24. Parody Dubs
25. Iron Cosplay
26. Manga vs North American Comics
27. Dai-Cast
28. Anime-Alberta Gathering


LIST OF EVENTS & Brief Description

1. Cosplay

Welcome to Cosplay! Come watch the fruit of hundreds of dollars and hours of labour, where fans pay homage to their favorite characters through costume and skits, song and dance! The most colorful and popular event at Otafest 2006!


2. AMV

The third annual Otafest anime music video competition, and fast becoming one of the most popular events at Otafest! Creators select scenes from various anime shows, set them to awesome music, and edit and splice until a beautiful music video is born.

More Details here!

3. Anime Improv

You know them, you love them! They’ve brought their show to cons all across the country and now they’re back once more! The 404s return to Otafest to perform their unique brand of anime themed improvisation! A fan favorite!

More Details here! (link to special guest page)

4. Dave Rathnow & Shin Ken Kai Nobara (Iaido)
The most popular panel-event last year! Dave Rathnow is back to provide a demonstration and mini-lecture on Iaido, Kendo's sister art!

More Details here! (link to special guest page)

5. Otafest Idol

An encore to last year's first ever singing competition! Come listen to your favorite anime and J-pop songs performed live, by some of the country’s most talented undiscovered singers! Cheer for your favorite performer, and help them rack up the points for the coveted title of the 2006 Otafest Idol 

More Details here!

6. Artist Alley

Like to draw anime? Would you like to learn How to Draw Anime? Ever wonder what you would look like as an anime character? Then this is your section! Pop by just to say hello, draw or be drawn the choice is yours!

7. Awards Ceremony

With so many competitions and contests being held at Otafest this year, who’s going to be able to keep track of all the winners and their accomplishments? You are! Come to the awards ceremony, where all the winners to all the contests will be announced and prizes are given – who knows, it might be your name coming out of those speakers!

8. Mr and Miss Otafest 2006

Now *you* can be the judge! Who do you think had the costume at Otafest? Remember to vote for your favorite guy and gal, and help us to crown our Mr and Miss Otafest 2006! Winners to be announced at the Awards Ceremony!

More Details here!

9. Anime Auction

Back by popular demand! This is the place to come for a chance to pick up bargain deals on anime memorabilia, and to watch our beloved chairman lose his voice as auctioneer! Come for the deals! Stay for the insanity!

More Details here!

10. AMV - Video block

Do you remember that video? You know, the one you watched a couple years ago, that absolutely blew you away? The one that seemed to redefine amvs as we knew it? The one you promptly could never find again? Well, check out the AMV video block, where we'll be showing the great AMVs of recent memories, submitted to great AMV contests as Animethon and Anime Evolution!

11. AMV - So You Want to be an Artist?

So you've seen your share of great AMVs, and you think you're ready to take the plunge and make your own? Well, make sure you come to our how to create a great AMV panel to make sure you avoid the pitfalls when first starting out! Hosted by veteran AMV creator, and well known star in the AMV world, Vlad!

12. Battle Action RPG

The cult hit from last year that kept folk rolling in the aisle until the wee hours of Sunday night returns! Otafest is pleased to present BATTLE ACTION RPG – A costume wearing, attack name shouting, live action role playing game in which the audience determines the hit points, surprise attacks can upset even the most obvious of winners, and no one leaves with their eardrums in tact!

13. Anime Jeopardy

Answer: A fun game to show off my vast knowledge of anime, and win candy! Question: What is Anime Jeopardy?!

14. Anime Match Game

What makes anime so special to fans, is the way that it seems to speak to us individually. Some shows are so twisted, it seems like no one ever comes away with the same thoughts, as evidenced by flame wars and forum discussion threads as long as the great wall! Well, let's see if we can't get some consensus going on here, shall we? An animefied version of the classic game!

15. Japanese 101 – Language

Love anime? Wish you could watch it without the subtitles? This course will help you with that first step! An introduction to the basics of the Japanese language, both written and oral.

16 - Video Gaming Room

That’s right! You demanded it and we’ve listened! Otafest’s first video gaming room – a great place to kick back between shows, events and mad dashes to the dealer’s room and challenge your friends to a duel to a death! And in between all the games, we will be featuring not one, not two but three tournaments!

         Naruto Fighting Tournament – Take down your fellow ninja and claim the title of Hokage!

         Rave Master –Also known as Groove Master Rave – emerge victorious as The Rave Master!

         DDR – That’s right! We know you’ve just been itching to show off your moves. And the one with the best moves will henceforth be known by some cool title that we haven’t quite pinned down yet!

And hey! Just because we can, we'll throw in a few more tournaments!

  • Donkey Konga - become the Bong-Manic Champion of 2006!

  • Old School Showdown - that's right, an old fashion fighting game beatdown!

  • Showoff Showdown - because the spirit of gaming is with you!

17 – Cosplay - Rules, Regs, Robots and Rascals

Recommended for cosplayers – this is the panel as hosted by our beloved Cosplay Director, explaining the deep, dark, and wildly mysterious inner working of Cosplay, Otafest’s prime event! Come with the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, and listen to the wisdom run forth!

18 – Origami Extravaganza

In the mystical forests of regular school classrooms everywhere, they can be seen, silently folding, silently molding, creating terrible! wonderful! beautiful pieces of work from seemingly simple sheets of paper! How do they do it?!

If you’re a beginner, then come to this panel to learn the basics!

If you’re a master, then come join our showdown to finally decide who will be crowned The Paper Master!

More Details Here!

19 –  Calgary Go Club

Always a hit with the crowd, the Calgary Go Club returns! Learn how to play the venerable game of strategy during the How To Play Go information panel, then stay in the Go room to refine your skills against the masters, practice the game, and seek out companions! The path to wisdom is here, young grasshopper!

More Details here!

20 – Taiko Drummers

Otafest is proud to present the Todoroki Taiko group! The great Japanese drums will be pounding their signature brand of musical magic at Otafest. Come listen to these powerful Japanese drums as they weave you into their exchanting spell! Just follow the sound of the rhythmic rolling thunder – you can’t miss it!

More Details here!

21 - Otafest Walkoff!

That’s right! The event created by Jesse Inocalla and Molly Nemecek and popularized at Anime Evolution ( gets an Otafest spin! Hosted by RNF, 16 cosplaying contestants battle it off Zoolander style! Their mission? To knock off their opponents, tournament style by impressing the judges with their mad dancing/stutting/jiggling skillz! The pressure is on! The music is loud! The crowd is wild! Don’t be alarmed if errant hammers and kitchen sinks start flying around!

Participants will be accepted at the event, but to ensure a spot, and for more information, please email Strings <>

22 – Anime Name That Tune

One of the greatest joys of anime, is the music. One of the greatest joys of anime fandom, is humming a catchy tune from a favourite show, and having a perfect stranger hum along with you. Many fans boast musical collections in the hundreds and thousands of songs – how many of them do you know? Show off your knowledge and win prizes at this favourite of game shows!

23 – J-Rock / J-Pop Music Panel

The obsession starts with anime – it always does. But then, before you know it, the obsession branches out into other facets of popular culture… You seen them – the outrageous wigs, the glamorous costumes, the gorgeous, gorgeous faces - just who are those J-Rockers anyway?  This panel will give you a brief taste of different parts of popular Japanese music.

24 – Parody Dubs

Otafest is proud to present not one, not two, but three original Parody Dubs by Studio Sokodei! For years, these works have been the talk of attendees lucky enough to attend such massive American cons as Akon and Otakon (as it is the Studio’s policy to distribute their work only to conventions and festivals) –  now finally, you too will be able to witness the hilarity! This year, Otafest will be showing:

Neon Genesis Evangelion ReDeath Redux

Fanboy Bebop


Be sure to bring an extra pair of pants because you will be splitting your seams in laughter!

25 - Iron Cosplay
Live from Sewing Room Stadium! 10 Cosplaying teams battle it out in this timed competition to see who can create the most original costume and skit in 45 minutes! Winning team is crowned the Iron Cosplayer!

More Details Here!

26 - Manga vs North American Comics

For those of you with a more scholarly bent, this discussion panel / presentation style hour will be comparing our belovedly large eyed heros and heroines of manga with their men in tights super hero North American counterparts!

27 - DAI-CAST!

"What is Dai-Cast? Dai-Cast is a juggernaut of conversation, smashing through the walls of ignorance and good taste with it's giant purple helmet of prognostication. Or if you're averse to metaphor, Dai-Cast is a weekly podcast focusing on current events in Japan and Japanese Pop Culture from a Western perspective. Either way you look at it, you're in for a wild ride."

28 - Anime Alberta Gathering

Anime Alberta is run by Daniel Ross and Mark Nguyen, two anime/sci-fi fans from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Their goal is to make a place where fans from across the province and country can meet to discuss anime, current events and share their interests with each other. Unlike most on-line sites, this one is very local. This is because this is a place where not only people can talk, but also to meet and share in close friendships with people near to them.

This year, members past, present and future are invited to head down to the Anime Alberta Room to put a face to the name of those folks you already hangout with on AA!