Read the Rules and Regulations before singing the form. Anyone caught disobeying the rules stated here is liable to being disqualified and escorted out of premises.

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Otafest 2007 Cosplay Rules

Before signing any forms, please read the information carefully!!!

These pre-registration/registration forms are legal bindings saying that you have read the details and understand that you must abide by the rules. Failure to do so, or the excuse that you did not read it may result in severe consequences.

Thank You!



The Otafest 2007 Cosplay is a live event which allows individuals or groups to display their costume in a live theatre setting. Upon registering, contestants will have the opportunity to sing, dance, act or improv in front of a live audience.

Those who wish to participate must be a registered guest of Otafest 2007. As this contest is very popular, there is a limit of 125 participants. Due to space restrictions, this limit is strictly enforced.




Participants can register for the cosplay by two methods:

Save time and ensure your spot in the Cosplay by using the  Cosplay Pre-Registration Form You will be required to check in at the Cosplay Information Desk/Greenroom on the day of the event. Individuals who do not check in risk losing their position. The cosplay information desk/green room for registration will be open until two hours prior to the event.

Day of Registration:
People who decide to participate on the day of Otafest may do so at the Cosplay Information Desk/Green Room. The Desk/GreenRoom will be open until two hours prior to the event.

There is a nominal fee of $2 per individual registered in the cosplay. This fee goes towards the awards given at the cosplay.




Contestants will be split into categories based on age, skill level and previous awards at recognized cosplay events.

Journeyman - This category is for all ages. The journeyman category is for those who are new to cosplay or have not won a award in a recognized cosplay competition.
Advanced - This category is for those who are ages 14 and over. The advanced category is for participants who have a won a award in a recognized cosplay competition or show exceptional skills in their costume work. The cosplay director reserves the right to place or remove participants from the advanced category.

Individuals and groups will compete for the following:

Best Costume – Originality, accuracy, and technical skill are extremely important in cosplay. This award is for those whose costume work shows excellence in these three categories.
Best Performance – Good performers act out their dialogue; great ones transform it into believable reality. This award is for those who show excellence in theatre, song, and dance.
Best in Show – This award is for the individual whose Cosplay exceeds expectations in both costume work and performance. Only the best Cosplay can win this prestigious award!

Awards and prizes will be given to the winners and runner-ups of both age groups.




A team of three will judge all of the contestants. You will be rated on your performance and your costume on a ten-point scale. The judging is subjective and the scores given reflect the personal tastes of each judge. The judges are chosen because of their expertise in specific disciplines.

Your costume will be rated on:

Accuracy – How close the costume is to the original design. To do well in this category, it is best to find profiles of the character in each direction allowing you to reproduce its intricacies.

Originality – How the costume differs from its individual design. Deviations from the original design are acceptable and encouraged. This allows you to show your own take on popular characters.

Fit - Costumes should be worn properly on the body. While the costume should reflect the original design, it should cover the majority of your body. Costumes should not be overly loose or baggy unless it is in the original character design. Costumes should not be too small for the wearer.

Quality of Construction – Costumes should be sewn properly and hold together when worn. Pins, tape and other fasteners show the costume as incomplete. Frayed, damaged or incomplete costumes may lose marks.

As it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to determine the creator of a costume, all participants will be judged under the assumption that they made it themselves regardless of it's origins.

Performance - Your performance can be nearly anything you desire. Skits, dancing, singing, and improv are good choices.

Walk-ons - If you do not wish to perform, you may also perform a walk-on to show off your costume. This involves just going on stage posing and then heading off stage. The advantage of this is that you don't have to perform however it will render you ineligible of winning Best Performance or Best- in -Show awards.

The judges are instructed to be fair. Minor mistakes may be over looked in your performance or costume work, if other aspects of your Cosplay merit it.  In short, those who put effort into their cosplay regardless of skill level will be rewarded.




Please check the guidebook for information about the Cosplay Information Panel. The Cosplay Director has set this time for all participants and interested parties to ask questions. This rules package will also be gone through to answer questions you may have.

We invite you to take advantage of this time as it will be difficult to provide answers to your questions as the event approaches.


Performance Time Limits:
Individuals will be capped at 1 minute and 30 seconds. Groups of people will be capped at 2 minutes.

More time may be granted in unusual circumstances. Please contact the Cosplay Coordinator at prior to the event for more details.

There will be a limited number of microphones available for use. If you require the use of a microphone, please discuss it with the Cosplay Coordinator. As the cosplay event is  held in a large room, the use of a microphone  is recommended as it will help in the audience hear you.

Participants are allowed to bring props within reason. Please refrain from bringing a large amount of props. Please ensure that your props do not go against the Weapons and Banned Items policy.

Participants are allowed to bring their own music. Please have it in standard CD-audio format. It is preferable to have a CD with the music you wish to use as the first track. If this is not possible, please label the track you wish to play on the case of the CD. Please limit the music to one track only. Otafest will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, scratched, or damaged CDs. Please attach a note with your name and phone number on the CD so that we are able to return them to you.

Participants may only make use of the lighting available in the room.

Video and Audio Recordings:
Participants should be aware that they are recorded on video and audio and by participating in the Cosplay, you allow Otafest to use footage, pictures, and audio samples without further warning or authorization.

Weapons and Banned Items:
All participants will be required to sign a release and a form stating they understand and agree to the Weapons and Banned Items Policy.

For more information and a copy of the policy, please click here



* Weapons and Banned Items Policy

The following items are also not permitted during the cosplay:

Water guns, Cap guns, Realistic model guns, Fireworks, etc.

These items will be confiscated if they are found. Please leave these items at home.

If you wish to have the status of a specific prop or item clarified before Otafest, please contact the Security Coordinator at or the Cosplay Diretor at before the event with a description and usage of the prop or item in question.

Plastic, papier -mache, or cardboard facsimiles of blade weapons are permitted at Otafest, provided they are peace- bound. Peace-binding weapons ensures that the weapon cannot be drawn out of its sheath, utilizing wax, rope, or tape to secure it. These provide visual cues to Otafest security that the weapon is safe for carry in public. Be aware that Otafest security members take care to ensure that the process is non-destructive. If the weapon does not have a sheath, it must be tied securely to your costume so it cannot be brandished.

Use of Animals
The use of live animals in the Otafest Cosplay is not permitted. Service dogs are exempt from this rule.

General Behavior
Participants must obey all laws and by-laws governing the venue location(s), municipal, and University of Calgary by-laws while guests at Otafest. Those who do not obey these laws will be removed from the premises and have their pass revoked without prior warning. If the nature of the infraction is severe, the authorities will be contacted.

Behavior During the Cosplay
Participants should limit their conversations during judging, the run-through, backstage, and during the event it self. Individuals participating in sword fights, being loud or causing discomfort to our guests will be asked to leave. Mock battles of any kind, involving weapons or not, are not permitted at Otafest, unless they are within the sanctioned rules of a demonstration invited by Otafest (eg. sword fighting demonstrations by the SCA in a designated area, with full supervision and adhering to all safety regulations).

Participants must take care in listening to the direction of the Cosplay Coordinator, as well as to other Otafest volunteers. Those who do not pay attention will not be able to participate. Participants who abuse our staff will be removed from the premises.



Other Important Information

Otafest is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. Keep important belongings at home. Avoid taking things you do not need. Otafest does not provide an area to store items.

Sewing machines will only be permitted in the Cosplay Green Room. Please do not use sewing machines outside of the Green Room.

Change rooms are provided by the public washrooms or in the Green Room. Please do not use space that is being used by classes or the general public. If you are asked to leave an area by staff, professors, attendants, or janitorial staff, please do so.

Otafest does not provide any materials for costumes. If you require tape or pins or anything else to maintain or finish your costume, please bring them.

If you feel your questions were not answered in this document, or require more clarification concerning the rules above, please feel free to contact the Cosplay Director at We will reply to you as fast as possible, in the order iin which they are received.