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Special Guests!

Anime Improv with The 404s

You know them, you love them! They’ve brought their show to cons all across and even ventured outside the Canadian boarders into Sakuracon in the US! The 404s return to Otafest to perform their unique brand of anime themed improvisation! A fan favorite!

The 404s are a touring group of improv performers based in Alberta, Canada. Presenting their own brand of improv comedy at events across Canada and in the United States, they combine heavy audience participation with their own witty charm, and leave every show with a bloody trail of busted guts and teary eyes in their wake.

For a schedule of the 404's performances, check out their website here!



Chinook Animation & Blue Water Studios

Otafest is pleased to present Chinook Animation and Blue Water Studios, Calgary’s very own state of the art digital recording and animation voice production company!

For the last five years, Chinook Animation has been producing animation voices for domestic and international television and home video as seen on Cartoon Network USA and UK, YTV, BBC, French and German television and Warner Bros. Home Video releases! Having produced over 900 episodes of television series, specials, and video games, including Banner of the Stars, Ceres, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball GT, G-Gundam, My Hime, Saber Marionette J-X and Zoids: Chaotic Century, Chinook is dedicated to developing and promoting new voice talent in Alberta while creating high quality, cost effective animation productions!

For more information on Chinook Animation & Blue Water Studios, check out: http://www.chinookanimation.com

Chinook Animation will be hosting a voice acting and animation voice production information panel with recording engineer Brad Belden and voice talents Roger Rhodes and Carol-Anne Day!  

Brad Belden!  The man behind the mixer, the wizard behind the curtain, Brad is the recording engineer who brought, amongst other, Banner of the Stars, Flame of Recca, Full Moon, Mobile Fighter G Gundam and My-Hime to your television!

Roger Rhodes! You can hear him cracking jokes and spinning tunes on Country 105’s Drive Home Show, Roger Rhodes has also appeared in over 15 series, games and specials including Saber Marionette J, Mobile Fighter G-Gundam and Mobile Suit Z-Gundam!

Carole-Anne Day! A veteran performer at Chinook Animation; she's been delighting audiences for more than 4 years! Though young, Carol-Anne's a consummate professional and always makes difficult roles appear easy! Scream Queen, Comedian, Action Hero and Heart Breaker... Make way for the lovely….Ms. Day!


Calgary Go Club

How to Play Go
The Calgary Go club will be explaining the principles of Go, then playing games with anyone who likes. Come and learn the delicate art of strategy!
Made popular by the Anime/Manga series Hikaru no Go, this ancient board game is coming back with a vengence!

What is GO?
GO is an ancient Japanese board game and it's quiet easy to learn. The objective of the game is to control more territory than your opponent. It is usually played on a 19x19 grid board with 181 black and 180 white lens-shaped stones.
Interested in learning or just having a friendly game? Stop by the GO room and we'll assist you with your GO needs!

Check out their website here!



Dave Rathnow & Shin Ken Kai Nobara

Iaido is the art of Japanese sword practice done with a live blade. Dave Rathnow has practiced the art for 12 years, and has given regular demonstration and talk on Iaido at the Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens in Lethbridge. Be sure to check out his demonstration and mini-lecture on this exquisite art!

 Iaido is a non-combative martial art that involves no direct physical contact or combat with other individuals in the dojo. Practitioners perform patterns, called "kata", that represent confrontational situations where he or she is attacked by one or more opponents. Almost all patterns are solo; that is, there is no physical enemy. There are some two-person kata, but these are choreographed, with one person defending against a pre-defined series of attacks. Solo kata involve drawing the sword, making one or more cuts, cleaning the blade, and returning the sword to the scabbard with concentration and focus.

For more information on Iaido, check out Shin Ken Kai Nobara's website here! http://www.skknobara.com


Fifteen Pound Pink Productions

Fifteen Pound Pink Productions is an independent studio based in Calgary, Alberta! With a passion animation, their flagship production is Mr. Reaper’s Really Bad Morning, an animated short showcasing many different styles of animation, and now available for sale! Check out their website at http://www.spots.ab.ca/~reaper/indexf.htm


Inspired Cat Ling Mao

Inspired Cat Ling Mao is an online store specializing in bringing the fashion and cosplay styles of Japan and Asia to you!  Check out the webstore at http://stores.ebay.ca/Inspired-Cat-Ling-Mao


Midnight Taiko

Midnight Taiko is a group of taiko drummers, spreading their love of the art of Japanese drumming in Calgary. With over 24 years of collective experience to draw upon, they are committed to challenging themselves and improving individually while working together, as a team, respecting the abilities and efforts of each member. Their goal is to ignite the passion of those around us with their love of taiko!

The group is so named because they are very passionate about good taiko and would gladly stay up all night playing!

For more information on Taiko, check out Midnight Taiko’s website here!

Otafest is proud to present Midnight Taiko! The great Japanese drums will be pounding their signature brand of musical magic at Otafest. Come listen to these powerful Japanese drums as they weave you into their enchanting spell! Just follow the sound of the rhythmic rolling thunder – you can’t miss it!


Legend Games

Legend Games started in the fall of 2003 in East Calgary

Legend Game’s partnership with Sabertooth Games continues to grow and improve each year and Legend Games hopes this UFS Otafest 2007 tournament will expand to bigger and better events! Thanks to you Sabertooth for creating such a great CCG!

Check out Legend Games at http://www.legendgamesltd.com or chat on their forums at http://www.legendgamesltd.ca/forums


Sabertooth Games

Sabertooth Games is a developer of Collectible Card Games (CCG) such as the UFS, Dark Millennium and WarCry with a focus on supporting brick-and-morter hobby stores! Check out their website at http://www.sabertoothgames.com!