Otafest 2007 Admission

Children 6 and under: Free

General: $12

-$1 For University of Calgary Students or DOA Members

-$1 (max) with Campus Food Bank donation

Please bring proof of age and identification with you to the registration desk.



Otafest is a film festival that seeks to move beyond the traditional boundaries of the genre, providing the public with an East Asian cultural media festival. The goal of Otafest is to highlight the intricate relationship between opposites, embodied in the Asian concepts of Yin and Yang. The logo of the festival is designed to represent the symbiosis of Yin and Yang, life and death, black and white, past and present, East and West. We hope that by attending Otafest the public will be as much educated as they are entertained, and may leave with a greater understanding of East Asian culture.

All ages welcome!

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25 May 2007

Otafest is now over for another year. The executive team would like to thank everyone who came out this year to make this year one of our biggest and best so far. 

With out you, our attendees, volunteers and staff, Otafest would not be around. 

Thank you again. 

Please stay tuned for future updates about Otafest 20078... errr 2008. 

19 May 2007

Pre-Reg is now closed.

The Transit Strike has been postponed until a later date. 

Welcome to DAY 1 of Otafest 2007.


9 May 2007

Schedule of events, Special Events and Special Guests have been updated.

Otafest information page is now up with:

7 May 2007

Anime screening and special events schedule has now been posted.

Special events listings and descriptions have been updated.

Otafest's policies now posted.

Map of Otafest and University of Calgary can be found here.


28 April 2007

Otafest is now accepting pre-registration for event passes, and Iron Cosplay. 
Please bring all required pieces of identification, forms and money with you to the pre-reg desk on the day of the event. 

17 April 2007

Otafest Idol rules, songs and sign-up is now up.

Vendors: If you have signed up for Otafest 2007 and have not been contacted, please email Wendy Tsang at tsangw@otafest.com.

15 April 2007

Admission prices are up!

6 April 2007

Iron Cosplay information under Special Events have been revised!


5 Mar 2007

Check out the Special Events Listing and Special Guest section!


13 Feb 2007

New Cosplay Rules and Regulations are up!

7 Febuary 2007

Cosplay rules and regulations are up!

Read the Rules and Regulations before singing the form. Anyone caught disobeying the rules stated here is liable to being disqualified and escorted out of premises.

Cosplay Registration Form


3 Febuary 2007

Otafest Needs YOU! If you are interested in volunteering for Otafest 2007, fill out this form!

Volunteer Form

Contact page is up!


The Chairman's Message

This year has been a delight and a challenge for me as much as anyone. I’ve been with Otafest nearly as long as Otafest has been around, starting as a volunteer and gradually working my way up to my current exalted position... which, of course, I was eager to get rid of as soon as possible, once I found out how much work was involved. My executive team, who you will see at Otafest running frantically from emergency to emergency, are exceptionally talented people. The success of this year is due much more to their efforts than mine. Their volunteers, without whom Otafest would not function at all, are just as responsible for our success, and even more directly.

Finally, our attendees-
you- are the real Otafest. Without your love of anime, without your dedication to seeing the festival succeed, and without your attendance and participation, none of this would be possible.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Tyler Elkink
Chairman, Otafest 2006