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Anime Improv

Otafest Idol

Awards Ceremony

Mr and Miss Otafest 07

Anime Auction

AMV - Video Block

Battle Action RPG

Japanese 101 - Language

Video Gaming Room

Cosplay - Rules, Regs, Robots and Rascals

Origami Extravaganza

Calgary GO Club

Anime Name That Tune

J-Rock / J-Pop Music Panel

Iron Cosplay *UPDATE*

Tea Ceremony

4chan Panel

Lego Robot Wars

Fan's Tug of War!

Anime Chess

Sushi & Onigiri How-To Picnic!

G Unleashed

Sports in Anime

Gothic Lolita Fashion Show

Universal Fighting System Card Game Tournament

Variety Game-Shows


Midnight Taiko

Animation Workshop

Mystery Otaku Theater

Anime Alberta Gathering

Collectable Card Game Room

Anime Genre Battle Royale

Mecha Battle Royale

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 Otafest Idol (SAT @ ST 148 – 1:30pm)

It’s baaack! And this time, with actually functioning speakers and mikes! We’ve upped the ante for this year’s Otafest Idol contest! Come listen to your favourite anime and J-pop songs performed live, by some of the country’s most talented undiscovered singers! Cheer for your favourite performer, and help them rack up the points for the coveted title of the 2007 Otafest Idol!

Click here for more information.


Voice Acting and Animation Voice Production Information Panel with Chinook Animation and Blue Water Studios (SAT @ ST 148 – 2:00pm)

Otafest is pleased to present Chinook Animation and Blue Water Studios, Calgary’s own world class voice production company! Dream of being a voice actor? Do you want to know more about the animation production industry? Then come to this panel and learn from the pros themselves!


Cosplay (SAT @ ST 140 & 148 - 3:30pm)

Come watch the fruit of hundreds of dollars and hours of labour, where fans pay homage to their favourite characters through costume and skits, song and dance! Undoubtedly the most colourful and popular event at Otafest!

Click here for more information.


Gothic Lolita Fashion Show (SUN @ SB 146 – 11:00am)

Otafest is proud to present our first ever Gothic Lolita Fashion Show as hosted by Inspired Cat Ling Mao! Come take a look at the trend that’s all the rage – where cute and gorgeous-melancholy collide!  Check out the fabulous fashions! The beautiful bustier, the pretty petty coats! 


AMV Contest (SUN @ ST 148 - 12:30pm)

The third annual Otafest anime music video competition, and fast becoming one of the most popular events at Otafest! Creators select scenes from various anime shows, set them to awesome music, and edit and splice until a beautiful music video is born.

Click here for more information.


Anime Chess (SUN @ OUTDOORS [if rain ST130] – 2:30pm)            

Quickly becoming one of the most popular events at North American cons everywhere, in Anime Chess, 32 cosplayers representing life-sized chess pieces cut each other down (administrative edit: not literally! Oh god, not literally!!) for the glory of King and Player! A great spectator and participation event!


Anime Improv with the 404s (SUN @ ST 148 - 4:00pm)

You know them, you love them! They’ve brought their show to cons all across the country and now they’re back once more! The 404s return to Otafest to perform their unique brand of anime themed improvisation! A fan favourite!


Mr and Miss Otafest 2007 (SUN @ Reg Desk)

Now *you* can be the judge! Who do you think had the costume at Otafest? Remember to vote for your favourite guy and gal, and help us to crown our Mr and Miss Otafest 2007! Winners to be announced at the Awards Ceremony!  

Click here for more information.


Awards Ceremony (SUN @ ST 148 - 6:00pm)

With so many competitions and contests being held at Otafest this year, who’s going to be able to keep track of all the winners and their accomplishments? You are! Come to the awards ceremony, where all the winners to all the contests will be announced and prizes are given – who knows, it might be your name coming out of those speakers!



Lego Robot Wars! (SAT @ ST 129 – 11:30am)

Lego!! Giant Robots! Lego!! Giant Robots!! Like peanut butter and jelly, we bring together two elements that have been screaming to be brought together since the beginning of time in one galactic showdown! Bring your blueprints and back-stories, and compete against other teams in Otafest’s first Robot Building Competition!


Universal Fighting System Card Game Tournament (SAT @ SB144 - 12:00pm)

Universal Fighting System (UFS) is a fast paced and fun new CCG from Sabertooth Games. Based on classic video gaming titles such as Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Soulcalibur III, King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown! Players take on the persona of legendary characters to do battle for supremacy. Do you have what it takes to be the best?    


Iron Cosplay (SUN @ ST 127 - 1:00pm)

Live from Sewing Room Stadium! Cosplaying teams battle it out in this timed competition to see who can create the most original costume and skit in 45 minutes! Winning team is crowned the Iron Cosplayer!


Battle Action RPG (SUN @ ST 127 - 8:00pm)

The perennial Sunday night favourite returns! Otafest is pleased to present BATTLE ACTION RPG – A costume wearing, attack name shouting, live action role playing game in which the audience determines the hit points, surprise attacks can upset even the most obvious of winners, and no one leaves with their eardrums in tact!


Variety Game-shows!

They were such a hit last year that we’ve brought them back, as well as created a whole new slew of anime themed game-shows including:

Name That Tune! (SAT @ ST 126 - 1:00pm)

So You Think You Know Anime?! (SAT @ ST 126 2:30pm)

Anime Match Game! (SAT @ ST 129 1:00pm)

Beat the Geeks! (SAT @ ST 126 – 8:30pm)

Anime Feud! (SUN @ ST 127 - 6:30pm)


Panels, Discussions  & Demos

Tea Ceremony (SAT @ ST 132 - 11:00am)

The calm, the serenity, the grace… hard to believe you’d find anything like that at a fast-paced festival like Otafest, eh? Well, look no further! For a look at the inner workings of a Tea Ceremony, come to the Tea Ceremony Panel!


Iaido (SAT @ ST 127 – 12:30pm)

Iaido is the art of Japanese sword practice done with a live blade. Dave Rathnow has practiced the art for 12 years, and has given regular demonstration and talk on Iaido at the Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens in Lethbridge. Be sure to check out his demonstration and mini-lecture on this exquisite art!



J-Rock / J-Pop Music Panel (SAT @ ST 132 – 12:30pm)

The obsession starts with anime – it always does. But then, before you know it, the obsession branches out into other facets of popular culture… You seen them – the outrageous wigs, the glamorous costumes, the gorgeous, gorgeous faces - just who are those J-Rockers anyway?  This panel will give you a brief taste of different parts of popular Japanese music.


Midnight Taiko (SAT @ OUTDOORS - 1:30pm)

Otafest is proud to present Midnight Taiko! The great Japanese drums will be pounding their signature brand of musical magic at Otafest. Come listen to these powerful Japanese drums as they weave you into their enchanting spell! Just follow the sound of the rhythmic rolling thunder – you can’t miss it!

Taiko means ‘great drum’ in Japanese, and today is a musical art form performed by hundreds of thousands.


Cosplay - Rules, Regs, Robots and Rascals (SAT @ ST 132 – 2:00pm)

Recommended for cosplayers – this is the panel as hosted by our beloved Cosplay Director, explaining the deep, dark, and wildly mysterious inner working of Cosplay, Otafest’s prime event! Come with the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, and listen to the wisdom run forth!


Japanese 101 – Language (SAT @ ST127 – 4:30pm / SUN @ ST 132 - 12:30pm)

Love anime? Wish you could watch it without the subtitles? This course will help you with that first step! An introduction to the basics of the Japanese language, both written and oral.  


G Unleashed   (SAT @ ST 132 – 10"00pm)

... be… afraid. Be very… afraid. Our beloved Cosplay Director finally gets the chance to spout about various contemporary anime and otaku-subcultures! Please bring ID, because this panel is for an adult audience only!


4chan Panel (SAT @ ST 132- 8:30pm)

So you’ve heard the hallowed name thrown around, whispered in hushed tones. You’ve heard of some pretty crazy things about this place, but aren’t sure whether you’re ready to take the plunge yet... The 4chan panel dispels (and embellishes) the rumours you may have heard and questions you might have about the birthplace of a thousand internet memes. Please bring ID, because this panel is for an adult audience only!


Sushi & Onigiri How-To Picnic! (SUN @ OUTDOOR [if rain @ ST127] – 10:30am)

It’s healthy! It’s delicious! Don’t you wish you too knew how to make it? Well now you can! Pray to the gods for good weather, and come to the How-To-Roll-Sushi-And-Pack-Onigiri-And-Dude-We-Need-To-Come-Up-With-A-Better-Name-For-This-Outdoor-Picinic!


AMV Panel (SUN @ ST 148 - 11:00am)

So you've seen your share of AMVs, and now you think you've got what it takes to make your own! But before you do, you might want to check out this panel, and pick up some tips! Hosted by Mega-star Veteran of the AMV community - Vlad!


Sports in Anime - BASEBALL!  (SUN @ ST 132 – 2:00pm)

From Captain Tsubasa to Slam Dunk, Prince of Tennis to Ultimate Muscle, Sports and Anime have always had a harmonious relationship. Come to this panel to learn more about how two of the greatest social bonding activities of all time - anime and baseball - come together into one delicious product!


Animation workshop! (SUN @ ST 126 – 2:00pm)

Otafest is proud to present Fifteen Pound Pink Productions - local animators from Calgary with their very own animation short – Mr. Reaper’s Really Bad Morning! Have you ever dreamed of making your own animation production? Have no idea where to start, or what's entailed? The Animation Production panel will provide you with hands-on tips and techniques on animation, as well as providing a glimpse inside the industry! Don’t forget to check out Mr. Reaper’s Really Bad Morning, playing in ST145 @ 1:30pm on Sunday!


Calgary Go Club (ALL WEEKEND @ ST 147)

Always a hit with the crowd, the Calgary Go Club returns! Learn how to play the venerable game of strategy during the How To Play Go information panel, then stay in the Go room to refine your skills against the masters, practice the game, and seek out companions! The path to wisdom is here, young grasshopper!


Other Fun Things

Fan’s Tug of War! (SAT @ OUTDOOR - 11:00am)

Bleach fans vs Naruto fans! Red vs White! Shoujo Beat vs Shounen jump! Show that your fandom is the mightiest in the Tug of War!


AMV - Video block (SAT @ ST 148 – 10:00am & 8:30pm)

Do you remember that video? You know, the one you watched a couple years ago, that absolutely blew you away? The one that seemed to redefine AMVs as we knew them? The one you promptly could never find again? Well, check out the AMV video block, where we'll be showing the great AMVs of recent memories, submitted to great AMV contests as Sakura-con, Animethon and Anime Evolution!

Action, Upbeat and Dramatic videos will be screened during the Saturday morning block, while the Saturday evening block will feature hilarious, Parody, and fun AMVs not to be missed!

In particular, Otafest is also proud to screen SAS (Short Attention Span) Contest AMV Video, which will be screened as the Cosplay Half-Time show! Based on the famous and popular AMV Hell series and downright hilarious, this video is not to be missed! The SAS (Short Attention Span) Contest video was done originally at AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) where contestants submitted a video 30 seconds or less and had the audience pick the best one. The result is 81 fun to extremely hilarious and insane shorts brought to you by some very well known editors.

This video has not been shown outside of AWA except for Sakura-Con and is not available anywhere else! Not to be missed!


Origami Extravaganza (SAT @ ST 127 – 2:00pm / SUN @ ST132 – 4:30pm)

In the mystical forests of regular school classrooms everywhere, they can be seen, silently folding, silently moulding, creating terrible! wonderful! beautiful pieces of work from seemingly simple sheets of paper! How do they do it?!

If you’re a beginner, then come to this panel to learn the basics!

If you’re a master, then come to show off your craft and lend a teaching hand to the next generation!


Mystery Science Theatre - OTAFEST (SUN @ SB 142 – 8:00pm)

You know how annoying it can be when the guy in front of you in the theatre keeps commenting and talking through the film?

From the deranged and cynical minds of the Otafest executives, we bring you Mystery Otafest Theater 3000 where we forc….subject three poor unsuspecting souls to watch one horrifically, horrifically baaaad movie! Only by making fun it, can they keep their sanities (more or less) intact! It's the classic MST 3000 TV show - Otafest style!


Anime Auction (SUN @ ST 129 - 12:00pm)

This is the place to come for a chance to pick up bargain deals on anime memorabilia, and to watch our beloved auctioneer lose his voice! Come for the deals! Stay for the insanity!

Click here for more information.


Anime Alberta Gathering (SUN @ ST 125 - 2:00pm)

Anime Alberta is an online community allowing fans from all over Alberta to discuss their favourite topics! Come to the Anime Alberta Gathering to see the faces behind the texts and avatars!  


Collectible Card Gaming Room (SUN @ SB 144)

Come to the CCG room and challenge your friends to various CCG duels!


Anime Genre Battle Royale (ALL WEEKEND @ SB 142)

22 different anime series go head to head, battling for supremacy in their respected genres - two series enter, only one leaves. In this room audience response reigns supreme, loved or despised, the series that garnishes the greatest audience response wins the round.


Mecha Battle Royale (Round 1: Saturday 1:30PM, Round 2: Saturday 4:00PM, Round 3: Sunday 12:30PM, Finale: Sunday 3:30PM @ SB 142)


Video Gaming Room   (ALL WEEKEND @ SB 148)

Arguably the most popular hang out from Otafests past, we’ve brought the Video Gaming Room back with a vengeance! That’s right! A great place to kick back between shows, events and mad dashes to the dealer’s room and challenge your friends to a duel to a death! Come check out the list of tournaments we'll be hosting all weekend long!