Otafest 2008
Otafest 2008

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Anime Auction

This is the place to come for a chance to pick up bargain deals on anime memorabilia, and to watch our beloved auctioneer lose his voice! Come for the deals! Stay for the insanity!   

Otafest is calling for all people who would like to submit items for the auction. Please contact Anna Giang at agiang@otafest.com


Here are the guidelines! Please familiarize yourself with them.

1. A limited amount of items are accepted. 50 items spots are available, first come first serve.

2. A maximum of 5 items per person is allowed.

3. If you have a few "collectable" material (ie. posters, wallscrolls, DVDs, etc) they may be sold as a package for one whole price. It will be considered as 1 item. (ex. 4 posters for $10 is 1 item)
* It is strongly discouraged to auction very small items (such as pins, small toys the size of the quarter, etc) as it is not very practical during the auction.

4. Please bring in your items at least an hour before the event. This is purely so that things can be organized and set up in time for the auction. If your items do not arrive before the auction, we cannot allow you to participate.

5. Please label and tag all items with your name, contact information, and name of item at the front/registration desk. Tags and labels will be provided. This is to ensure that all proceeds go to the right person, and items that were not sold will be returned to its rightful owner at the end of the day.

6. Please keep in mind that Otafest is a family convention. Should you have any explicit items (ecchi, yaoi, yuri, etc.) please inform me *before* hand in your submissons, and include on labels.

7. A friendly reminder that in order to maintain an annual convention, Otafest will be taking 10% of the proceeds from *each person*.

8. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions you would like to make, please email me at: agiang@otafest.com

Submission Guidelines

1. Your full name. Real name please, no aliases.

2. Your address and contact information. This is so that if you are not at the convention after the Auction, we can find you and/or mail you a check from Otafest. (Receipts available upon request.)

3. A list of no more than 5 items. Please include description, condition of the item, and a minimum bid. *If you do not list a minimum bid, Otafest will set a price that we believe is appropriate.

4. How would you like your money? Since Otafest Auction items are paid in cash, if you are still at the convention at the end of the Auction, please come back an hour later to pick up your money in cash. If you would prefer a check or another method of payment, please specify. However, we cannot guarantee that all methods of payment will be available from Otafest.