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Artist Alley General Information

Artist Alley is a place where local and out of city talent gather to share, sell and show the community their works. Artist alley started out in a small classroom with a few tables to the 40 table population it is at today. Come to artist Alley to get a commissioned artwork from one of the artists at their art table or from sketch drive, or buy a print from those talented individuals!

For more information regarding 2009ís table reservations, please go here:

Unfortunately, all tables have been taken up this year, but the sketch drive is still open for volunteers!

What is Sketch Drive? Well, it is a volunteer based charity drive where local artists work as volunteers of Otafest and draw Caricatures for patrons and passerbys. Want to draw your friend with cat ears? Angel wings? This can be done at Sketch Drive! 80% of proceeds and profits goes to charity while the 20% made from each drawing goes to the artistís themselves!

Volunteers can also sell prints in their area while they are on their shift. For more detailed information regarding Sketch Drive from 2008, please go here:

Sketch Drive information for 2009 will be up and running shortly, please check the website for updates!

Artist Alley Participants