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Anime Auction!

This is the place to come for a chance to pick up bargain deals on anime memorabilia, and to watch our beloved auctioneer lose his voice! Come for the deals! Stay for the insanity!

Otafest is calling for all people who would like to submit items for the auction. Please contact Anna Giang at


  1. Please only submit a maximum of 5 items. Items must be in good condition, as determined by the Otafest staff. If duplicate items have already been received, Otafest also reserves the right to refuse the item. Otafest will ask for identification in order to track the items to the donator.

  2. Please contact Anna Giang at to arrange for the dropping off of auction items.

  3. Reserves the right to refuse any more items, as the auction is only for 2 hours.

  4. Otafest takes 10% of the proceeds of the auction, with the rest of proceeds going to the donator.

  5. Please come to the registration desk after the auction in order to pick up your cheque.