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The 2009 Executive Staff

Do you have a question or inquiry regarding Otafest 2009? Below is a list of the current members and their roles. Everyone is accountable to help make Otafest 2009 as enjoyable as possible for you.

Please feel free to contact them for more information about Otafest 2009!




Chairman Justin Lo
Artist Alley Allison Chan
Rose Trinh
A/V Multimedia Paul Kiemele
Dustin Lui
Cosplay Director Gareth Lypka
Graphics Director Sonny Ngo
Internal Director Binh Du
Public Relations Leigh Blair
Shawn Hansen
Secretary Susan Hepburn
Security Robert Hepburn
Bryan Campbell
Dan Ritchie
Special Events Jenny Chan
Stephanie Foran
Anna Giang
Vendors Nathan Hunt
Vicky Lau
Wendy Tsang
Volunteer Coordinator Ayla Lo

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