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General Information

The Otafest 2009 Cosplay is a live event which allows individuals or groups to display their costume in a live theatre setting. Upon registering, contestants will have the opportunity to sing, dance, act or improv in front of a live audience.

Registration Information

A cap of 50 participants will be in place to ensure the competition ends in the time allotted. Registration will occur at Otafest. The room will be specified on the Friday night and will open promptly at 10 AM. The room will be open to signups until the cap has been reached. Exceptions to the cap limit will be made at the decision of the Cosplay Director.

Walk-ons will not be allowed.


BEST COSTUME Awarded based on the accuracy of the character and the technical skill in building the costume.

BEST PERFORMANCE Awarded based on the quality of the performance given within the time limits given.

BEST IN SHOW This award is for the individual whose cosplay exceeds expectations in both costume work and performance. Only the best cosplay can win this prestigious award!


A team of three will judge all of the contestants. You will be rated on your performance and your costume on a ten-point scale. The judging is subjective and the scores given reflect the personal tastes of each judge. The judges are chosen because of their expertise in specific disciplines.

Your costume will be rated on:

Your performance will be rated on:

Cosplay Information Panel

Please check the guidebook for information about the Cosplay Information Panel. The Cosplay Director has set this time for all participants and interested parties to ask questions concerning this event and cosplay in general. This rules package will also be gone through to answer questions you may have.

We invite you to take advantage of this time as it will be difficult to provide answers to your questions during the event.

On Stage Information

PERFORMANCE TIME LIMITS Individuals will be capped at 1 minute and 30 seconds. Groups of people will be capped at 2 minutes. Exceptions to the time limit can be made at the discretion of the cosplay director.

MICROPHONES These are required for all performers. More information concerning microphone use will be given at the event.

PROPS Participants are allowed to use props in their cosplay provided they are not excessive and do not interfere with any aspect of the cosplay event. Items that have been confiscated by security can be used but will be returned to security after the cosplay.

MUSIC Music is allowed provided it is in CD or MP3 format. The CD will be ripped during registration. Cues are allowed within reason.

LIGHTING Participants may only make use of the lighting available in the room.

VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORDINGS Participants consent to having their image and voice recorded by Otafest. The footage may be used for promotional material and you hereby waive any right to material when participating.

ITEMS NOT ALLOWED Water guns, Cap guns, Realistic model guns, Fireworks, etc. These items will be confiscated if they are found. Please leave these items at home. If you wish to have the status of a specific prop or item clarified before Otafest, please contact the Security Coordinator or the Cosplay Director before the event with a description and usage of the prop or item in question.

USE of ANIMALS The use of live animals is not permitted. Service dogs are exempt.

GENERAL BEHAVIOR Participants must obey all Otafest, University of Calgary, Municipal, Provincial and Federal Laws. Misbehavior will result in removal from the premises and having their con badge revoked. If the nature of the infraction is severe, authorities will be contacted.

BEHAVIOR DURING COSPLAY Participants should limit their conversations during judging, the run-through, backstage, and during the event it self. Individuals participating in sword fights, being loud or causing discomfort to our guests will be asked to leave. Mock battles of any kind, involving weapons or not, are not permitted at Otafest, unless they are within the sanctioned rules of a demonstration invited by Otafest (eg. sword fighting demonstrations by the SCA in a designated area, with full supervision and adhering to all safety regulations).

Participants must take care in listening to the direction of the Cosplay Coordinator, as well as to other Otafest volunteers. Otafest strives for a safe environment for our guests, volunteers and staff. Abuse of any kind to our volunteers and staff will not be tolerated.

Other Key Points

Otafest is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. Keep important belongings at home. Avoid taking things you do not need. Otafest does not provide an area to store items.

Sewing machines will only be permitted in the Cosplay Green Room. Please do not use sewing machines outside of the Green Room.

Change rooms are provided by the public washrooms or in the Green Room. Please do not use space that is being used by classes or the general public. If you are asked to leave an area by staff, professors, attendants, or janitorial staff, please do so.

Otafest does not provide any materials for costumes. If you require tape or pins or anything else to maintain or finish your costume, please bring them.

If you feel your questions were not answered in this document, or require more clarification concerning the rules above, please feel free to contact the Cosplay Director at We will reply to you as fast as possible, in the order in which they are received.

Have fun!