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(new!) FAN ATTACK – A Dodgeball Tournament!

We’ve taken the friendly fan competition from the morning’s tug of war, and upped it into a dodgeball tournament for the first time in Otafest 2009! Sign up with your friends, give yourselves an anime-themed team name, and compete against other teams for the title of The Ultimate Fans!


  1. 16 Teams will compete in an elimination style tournament. Each team will consists of 4 players.

  2. Each dodgeball match will last for 5 mins

  3. For each match, hitting an opponent on the other side from the neck down will score your team 1 point. If the opponent catches your ball, the other team will score 1 point.

  4. You must stay in the ‘inbounds’ area of the match. If a ball rolls out of bounds, a volunteer will fetch the ball.

  5. After you are hit or if your ball is caught, you must run around the field once before you can rejoin the game.

  6. The team with the most points wins.

  7. Preliminary matches will be played on Saturday; quarter finals, semi finals and finals will be played on Sunday.

  8. If your team is more than 5 minutes late to your match, you forfeit the match. If your team is missing 1 or 2 players, you are able to substitute them.

  9. To join, please send an email to Jenny Chan at In the email, please specify:

    • The full names of the 4 individuals of your team
    • Your team name (note: your team name should be anime-themed. Anime themed uniforms are encouraged!)
    • A statement noting that you realize that dodgeball can be dangerous, and you will not hold Otafest liable for any injuries that may occur.