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Vendor Shoutouts

At Otafest 2009 we are graced with the presence of over 20 different Japanese culture related vendors selling a variety of items to our continually growing patron count. Our vendors have strived to bring in materials that are not easy to find locally in the hopes of maximizing the enjoyment of the average Otafest-goer. The following is a shout out by a few of the vendors that wanted to let you know they’re coming to the festival, so you can know what to look forward to in the Otafest 2009 vendor room!

"Comic-Kazi has serviced Calgary manga addictions for over 15 years. Originally from Northland Mall, now located bigger and better at 4307 Macleod Trail SW. Come check out our manga room sometime! At Otafest stop by our booth and pick up your $5 discount card. Visit or call us at 403-286-0544." Wes

"Your Canadian source for Anime and Manga. Visit us online at" Derek
“GeoMangaArt is a Art-shop dedicated to bringing the best Drawing & Fanart supplies and the latest Manga & Anime Artwork for Fans & Fan-Artists. Visit us online at .” Lee

“For exceptional quality and value, visit Felix and Kitty and O-kimono for all your costuming needs. Exquisite hand-made clothes for gentlemen and ladies that can take you to the ballroom, boardroom and bedroom are what you get from Felix & Kitty. Since 2006, O-kimono (formerly known as "Ureshiimono") has specialized in Men's and Women's Authentic Japanese Kimonos and accessories imported directly from Japan. Visit us online at and .” Felix & Samantha

“OTAKU ENTERTAINMENT provides awesome service and the best selection of Anime, Live Action Asian Cinema and Cartoons on DVD and Blu-Ray. We are happy to announce that we now sell Manga too. In Edmonton we sell Anime through the Happy Harbor Comics chain of stores - If you love Anime, we love you!” Karl from Otaku Entertainment

“At Phoenix Comics NW, we are all Manga, all the time. Every title, every volume, every day! Come check out our booth at Otafest, or come by our store at 1010 16th Ave NW.” Mike

“Redd Skull comics is one of Calgary’s best kept treasure troves for the Anime, Manga and Comic fan! This year marks Redd Skull’s 15th anniversary of being one of the best-stocked stores in Calgary, specializing in rare and hard-to-find books, toys and other favorite paraphernalia. Be sure to check out Redd Skull’s booth in the vendor’s room and at 720A Edmonton Trail NE in Calgary, and ask about Redd Skull’s 15th year anniversary sales!” Kelly

“Posters--only 99 cents! Get them while they last, at the Anime Hypercubed Otafest booth! And, visit us at, or 5015-46 St Camrose, or 10004B-100 Ave Grande Prairie.” Grace

“We, Greentea Design, are a Japanese merchandise specialist, that offers to the con-goer various authentic Japanese items, for example; Kimonos, Getta (flat and high), Tabi socks, Sakura Fans, and Parasols (nine colors including black); Akatsuki Cloaks, Boots, and Itachi Hats and headbands; Bleach Gees and Hakamas, Straw Sandles; and Captain coats with all the division numbers. We have so many items that there are too many to list, come to our booth and check out what we’re bringing! If you’re looking for quality Japanese Merchandise, come see Greentea Design.” John

Remember to head to the Otafest 2009 vendor room and checkout some of the festivals great products and special deals!