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Otafest 2010 Anime Music Video Contest (AMV)

Eligible Videos

Currently, we are looking for any AMVs made after May 2009. Entrants are allowed to enter at most, two entries.

Please note that due to time constraints, as the contest showing is only for two hours, not all entries may be shown. Otafest reserves the right not to show all submitted entries.

How to Enter

To enter into the contest, please send an email to: Jenny Chan at and provide the following information in the email:

  1. Your name or your studio’s name.

  2. The AMV’s information:

    a. The name of your video(s).
    b. The name of the series from which you are drawing your visual material.
    c. The name of the song you are using, as well as the original artist.

  3. Please state whether or not your entry has been submitted to other contest(s).

  4. A link to where your video can be downloaded. If you plan on mailing in your copy, a mailing address will then be provided to you in the reply email.

  5. Whether you plan to attend Otafest.

  6. Please state that you are the original creator of this AMV.

After this information has been received, Otafest staff will download your video, and reply with a confirmation email that your entry has been received. Should we encounter any difficulty playing the video, (ie, we do not have the required codex), we shall contact you for instruction on what software we will need.

Winners will be announced at the festival on May 23rd, 2010. If you are unable to attend the festival, you will be notified on May 24th by email. Your mailing address will then be requested so that an award and prizes may be sent to you.



  1. AGE LIMIT – Any age or skill level can enter the AMV competition.

  2. TIME LIMIT – Entrants are asked to limit each video to under 6 minutes. If you feel that the time limit will ruin your presentation, please contact Jenny Chan at with your needs.

  3. CONTENT – This is a PG rated festival and event. All entries are to be rated by the Alberta Film Board and any entries rated higher than 14A will not be shown. Otafest will contact the entrant to inform them of this. Otafest also reserves the right not to show entries.

  4. ORIGINAL PRODUCT – You must be the creator of your AMV. Submitting an AMV with any work done by another AMV creator without their explicit prior approval is an act of plagiarism. If you submit plagiarized work, not only will you be banned from the AMV contest, you will also be permanently banned from attending Otafest for all future years.

  5. JUDGING RULES – AMVs will be rated by a panel of judges on the following areas, assigning up to the listed points in each area:

    • Technical skills
      • Timing of clip changes (cuts/fades) to the music). 5 pts
      • Timing of frames to match the music (lip/action synchronized to lyrics/beat). 5 pts
      • Evidence of special effects or superior editing techniques used. 5 pts
    • Artistic skills
      • Music track matches show in an understandable way. 5 pts
      • Clips from show are selected to match the music. 5 pts
    • Bonus
      • Clever twist on song/clip choice. 1 pt
      • Clearly understandable theme. 2 pts
      • Misc. 1 pt
      • Video has not been entered into another contest previously. 1 pt

    Total = 30 points.

    The top three videos with the highest point value will receive a ribbon, certificate, and prizes. There may be an honorary mention prizes and titles available if enough videos are submitted and resources allow.

  6. OTAFEST USE – The submitter of the AMV grants free use of the AMV to Otafest for promotional purposes for the year of the festival it is submitted for. Otafest is not responsible for any damages resulting from the AMV competition or promotional use of submitted AMVs. Otafest will not distribute the AMVs aside from promotions before the festival, and will give credit to the AMV compiler if the AMV is used for promotional purposes.