Special Guests

The Fool
Performing LIVE at Otafest 2011!
The Fool is an Electro-punk three-piece band from Japan that formed in 2009.

They started their career with their first live in Meguro, Tokyo on April 29th, 2009. Their debut maxi-single Hydra came out several months later on September 30th. Soon after they started on the LIVE Tour'09 ~Go with Crazy's Crew~ tour which ended with a tour finale on December 18th, again in Meguro.
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Dave Rathnow - Shin Ken Kai Nobara
Performing LIVE at Otafest 2011!
Iaido is a traditional Japanese sword art, more commonly known as "The Way of Drawing the Sword". It is a non-combative martial art practiced with a metal replica or a real katana (Japanese sword). Practitioners work to achieve improved awareness by focusing the mind and body on a complex, single activity. Iaido practice was first formalized sometime in the late 16th century, but its roots go far back to the origins of the Samurai, Japan's old warrior class.
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Midnight Taiko
Performing LIVE at Otafest 2011!
Midnight Taiko is a group of taiko drummers who have played at Otafest for the last several years, spreading their love of the art of Japanese drumming in Calgary. The group is named because they are very passionate about taiko and would gladly stay up all night playing! With their unique brand of audience participation, they will continue to put on a show you surely don't want to miss!
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Sun Ergos
Performing LIVE at Otafest 2011!
Sun.Ergos (Greek meaning "working together") is a unique, professional, two-man company of theatre and dance, touring nationally and internationally as cultural ambassadors to urban and rural communities.

Their mandate is to witness and explore the similarities and differences of world cultures in order to promote greater compassion and understanding among peoples everywhere.
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Synaptic Chaos Theatre
Performing LIVE at Otafest 2011!
Synaptic Chaos Theatre is an improvisation/comedy troupe, with a flair for all things geeky. They specialize in live improv and semi-scripted comedy shows such as "The 99 Yen Challenge" and "Late Night Dub Fight". Formed in 2010 and boasting decades of improv experience amongst its members, SCT regularly performs for large crowds at anime, gaming, and sci-fi conventions across North America.
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Performing LIVE at Otafest 2011!
You probably know the music but you've never heard nor seen it like this. Cranked at 115 decibels through screaming amps with even screaminger guitar solos, it's 16 bits of sonic bliss.
Drawing on influences from the golden age of console gaming, from composers such as Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy), Koji Kondo (Super Mario Bros), Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger), Yumiko Kanki (F-Zero) and others, THWOMP speak to the inner child of a generation of gamers.
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