Major Events

AMV Contest

One of the most popular events at Otafest is back for another year! Creators select scenes from various anime shows, set them to music, and edit and splice them until an amazing music video is born.

Animé-d in Japan Presents: "Pure Insanity"

A unique musical variety show for the masses, put on by the Kamloops Anime Club in the form of parodies, original songs, and dance numbers, as well as three skits performed by the Kamloops Anime Club over the past few years at Anime Evolution. The goal is to entertain, and have fun ourselves, while poking fun at anime, gaming, and yaoi fandom, as well as a few other areas.

Awards Ceremonies

Otafest is (almost) over!? Not when there are still awards to be handed out! Come to the awards ceremony, where all the winners to all the contests will be announced and prizes are given. Who knows, it might be your name coming out of those speakers!

Cosplay Battle Chess

Warriors from across the cosmos clash and heroes choose sides as the Black Team returns for a rematch against the White Team. Duels are fought and generals marshal their forces … who will win, and who will be crushed on the field of battle? Come and see, or for the brave warriors join in and test your mettle!

Cosplay Contest

This is always one of the biggest events of any convention, and certainly the most popular here at Otafest! Come and see the results of people's creativity as they pay tribute to their favourite anime characters through costumes & entertain the crowd with their skits.

Dance: Friday Night Anime & J-Pop Dance with DJ Fender!

Otafest 2010 was our very first dance, and we heard your feedback that you wanted more anime & j-pop! Well, we heard you! For Otafest 2011, we will have two dances! On Friday night, get ready for your favourite anime & j-pop tunes with DJ Fender! This dance will focus on anime & j-pop songs!

Dance: Saturday Night Much Music Video Dance Party!

So we know you love your anime & j-pop, but you can’t deny that you’ve got a soft spot for top 40 too, so Much Music is back! On Saturday night, Much will be back with the big screens that were such a hit last year! Songs are by request, so make sure you head up to the DJ’s booth to request your favourite song (and don’t be *too* surprised if a couple of anime tracks manage to sneak their way into the line up!)

The Fool Concerts

Are you ready for J-Rock so fresh, it’s straight from Japan!? the fool is Otafest 2011's headlining guest, so make sure you attend their concert, Friday Night, 8:30 in the upstairs ballroom! Guaranteed to rock your socks off!

Then, make sure you attend their follow up outdoor acoustic performance Sunday, by the hill and prairie chicken!

**Please note: The outdoor acoustic performance on Sunday is weather permitting only.

THWOMP Concerts

Perennial fan favourite band THWOMP is back for Otafest 2011, and this time, they're rocking the ballroom! That’s right – make sure you attend THWOMP’s Friday night concert for your favourite old school Nintendo tracks with a rock & roll flair!

If you miss Friday night’s performance, not to fret! THWOMP will also be playing outdoors on Sunday, by the hill and prairie chicken!

** Please note: the Sunday outdoor performance is weather permitting only.

Opening Ceremonies

Come join us as we kick off Otafest 2011! Come & see what's in store this year!

Otafest Hall Masquerade

Otafest proudly presents its third Hall Masquerade! For those cosplayers out there who want to show off their costumes but don't necessarily want to do so onstage during the Cosplay contest, this event is for you! Here, our judges will look at your costume in detail. No prior experience is necessary as we have separate categories for beginners and experts. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony!

Otafest Idol

It's one thing to sing along with your favourite theme song sitting at home ... it's quite another to perform it in front of an entire audience of anime fans! Come watch some aspiring singers perform a variety of anime, video game & J-pop songs. Who will be crowned the Otafest Idol champion of 2011?

Synaptic Chaos Theatre Improv

Synaptic Chaos Theatre is back once again! SCT will get things rolling with an all-ages show Friday night, followed by a late night (18+) Saturday night show. Then they'll cap off the weekend with a huge all-ages show Sunday night. Check the schedule for more information.

Video Games Room

There will be a variety of games & tournaments going on in this room all weekend long. Check out the schedule for more information, or just drop in & have some fun!


The 99 Yen Challenge

In the mood for something less physical? Come see The 99 Yen Challenge, a panel game where two opposing teams are given silly things to do by host Coriander Dickinson, all for the chance to win the grand prize of 99 yen! A co-production of and Synaptic Chaos Theatre.

Acting for Cosplayers

For all cosplayers and actors alike! Synaptic Chaos Theatre will teach you how to improve your acting skills so you can shine on stage!

Anime Blabbermouth

Like to talk about anime? Think you know more about Anime than anyone else? We're going to give you and some friends the chance to show off with Anime Blabbermouth. Bring your wits and anime knowledge as we pit you against another team and the clock, and we'll find out who can talk more about anime and can talk faster in Anime Blabbermouth.

Anime EDGE

Anime EDGE returns with another blast full of insanity, hilarity and everything in between. Watch as we mash together over 15 different games and gameshows to create one of the maddest and wildest gameshows you will ever see. Leave your sanity at the door, strap yourself in and be prepared to fly off the Anime EDGE.

Anime Guess Who

Do you remember playing Guess Who when you were younger? Ever wish you could play as your favorite anime characters? Now you can! Come check out our giant boards and see if you can Guess Who.

Anime Jeopardy

Anime Jeopardy is back for another season with more categories, answers, and fun trivia. Come test out your anime trivia knowledge and see if you have what it takes to be the Anime Jeopardy Champion.

Anime Match Game (feat. Synaptic Chaos Theatre) (18A)

Once again, it's back! Join host Eryn Dearden and "celebrity" panelists Synaptic Chaos Theatre for another round of the game show that has left a trail of split seams and howling laughter over the last three years. Come to Anime Match Game, where we're not sure if our panel of contestants is here to play the game or just to drive our host bonkers!

Anime Name That Tune

At some point in time, we all have that ridiculously catchy anime opening stuck in our heads. Now's the time to turn that anime music knowledge into prizes - at Anime Name That Tune! And at this year's game, there might just be something more to do to prove you're up to snuff...

Anime Name That Tune - DAME!

So you've had fun with Name That Tune, but *really* want to be challenged? No? Neither do I! Whether you want to be challenged or not, Anime Name That Tune DAME! is the show for you! This game is simultaneously on both "Easy" and "Dante Must Die" modes. Not sure what that entails? Just wait until the first BS round and see.

Anime Things

Back for another year, Anime Things is a laugh out loud gameshow where players give answers to outrageous scenarios, outwit their opponents, and figure out who said what. Anime Things gives contestants scenarios and asks them what "things" they would (or would not) do in that situation. With more wacky scenarios with hilarious results, everyone's sure to love Anime Things.

Asian Ball Joint Dolls

Learn all about Asian ball-jointed dolls and meet other collectors. After an informative panel, there will be a Q&A session where all of your questions can be answered.

Bento Banzai

Bento Banzai is back once again! A few brave attendees will get a chance to compete in some crazy food-eating contests! Even if you're not participating, you'll have a great time watching this fun-filled event.

Cosplay Battle Chess Primer

Never played battle chess? Want to learn some tricks and tips from people who have degrees in Battle Chessology? Then come down for a quick walkthrough to improve your game, learn to awe the crowds and generate the most cheers for your finisher! Learn to bring a tear to the eye of every viewer with a soul at your death! We will also be registering participants for the first game.

Cardboard Gundams

There is cardboard. There are weeaboos. THE ONLY THING THAT CAN COME OF THIS IS CARDBOARD GUNDAMS.

CA$H 'N GUN$ LIVE Double or Nothing

CA$H 'N GUN$ LIVE returns from Otafest Lite - double the size and double the chaos. Prop guns may be banned from Otafest, but finger guns aren't. So show your mob style by taking out your opponents and collecting loot to please the Godfather. Run, shoot, hide and survive.

Cooking for Cosplayers

A healthy cosplayer is a happy one! Learn tips for how to eat well and budget for food so you can have both dinner AND that plushie. Snacks will be served.

Cosplay Construction & Design 101

Ever watched an anime or read a manga and said to yourself, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool to cosplay that character?" but have had absolutely NO idea where to start? Well, here is an introduction on how you can take even just a couple of pictures and your own imagination and turn them into your next cosplay outfit!

Cosplay Construction & Design Lab

Bring all of your new found Cosplay Construction skills to this hands-on lab, where you can ask specific questions of the panel host, get some basic starting tips and inspirations for specific cosplay costumes, and see some costume sewing action first hand! Feel free to bring in your problem projects, your stalled cosplay ideas, and even a pad of paper and a pencil and your helpful host will get you started on the cosplay costume of your dreams!

Cosplay Construction Q & A

Have you ever wondered how to go about making your dream cosplay? Join an open discussion with other cosplayers on how to get started, what materials to use and tips 'n' tricks on how to look your best in cosplay!

Cosplay Photography 101

Basics, tips and tricks for taking good photos of costumes and the like you see at conventions so that when you get home and upload them, you don't have to delete half of them because you can't see anything! From lighting and location to editing and posing, this is a comprehensive guide of the Dos and Don'ts of photography.

Convention Etiquette and Survival

It's back ... come and learn the ins and outs of good (and bad) behaviour at anime conventions. We'll also be covering some tips for making your convention experience as fun as possible. This isn't just for first-timers though; con veterans might want to attend as well. Who knows - maybe you'll learn something new!

Create Your Own Cosplay

This panel will guide you through the process of turning your favourite character's costume into a reality. Everything will be covered from how to interpret the character design as a life sized garment to how to pose in character for photographs at a con.

Digital Portraiture Panel

Hosted by Otafest's artist, learn the techniques to digitally draw portraits on your computer! This is one drawing session you don't want to miss!

Dub This

Ever wonder what would happen if someone got a hold of some anime clips and removed the sound? Then, what would happen if some improv performers were asked to help replace the audio? SCT and the EDGE gameshow group are joining forces to find out what hilarity and calamity happens when they're asked to "Dub This"!

Essential Hentai (18+)

A guide for anime fans who wish to begin looking for hentai. This is a guide of what is good, bad, and how to look for things. This is an 18+ panel that will go through the fetishes in hentai and the top hentai in each category.

Fandom Roleplaying Games: An Introduction

Ever want to really explore the inner psyche of your favourite characters? Fanfiction too solitary an experience for you? Then come to this introductory panel, where you'll be taught everything you ever wanted to know about the eminent and prestigious pastime of pretending to be Japanese cartoon characters on the internet.

Fan Fiction Round Table (18+)

What happened when a bunch of people throw out random ideas & try to generate a fanfic out of it? The resulting story might be amazingly funny … or just disturbing (or some combination thereof). This will be an 18+ panel, so no subject matter will be off-limits.

G Unleashed (18+)

An Otafest tradition returns! Come see our former cosplay director talk about … well, whatever he wants! Or whatever you want! (But mostly what he wants.)

Gothic & Lolita 101

This is an introduction to Gothic & Lolita, with lots of information about this street style from Japan. If you are curious about this style or thinking about getting into it yourself, this panel is a great start.

Gunpla: An intro to plastic robots

Gundam model kits: a hobby requiring hours of work, lots of plastic and tons of patience. Ever wanted to build one but never know where to start? Then this panel is for you! We'll go over everything from basic assembly to fine detailing, making your model look less like a plastic action figure and more like it just stepped out of your favourite mecha anime.

How to Improv

Join Synaptic Chaos Theatre for lessons on developing your own improv skills. Get a look at how these talented funnymen (and women) have honed their craft for the last ten years!

Japanese Fashion Show

This event will highlight the fashions that Japan has to offer. Lolita, Harajuku, Ganguru, Gal, Visual Kei and so on will be celebrated in the form of a fashion extravaganza. If you enjoy hearing Japanese music going alongside the crazy trends of Japan, I highly suggest you come on down and enjoy the fashions that the people of Japan have made known around the world.

Late-Night Dub-Fight

Relive moments from your favourite anime, cartoons and TV shows in a new and hilarious light. The Late-Night Dub-Fight pits members of Synaptic Chaos Theatre and guests against each other to find out who can "improve" classic clips by redubbing them live with their imposing improv skills. No one knows what show host Coriander Dickinson has up her sleeves, or what the cast members will say in this all-out assault on your funny bone.

M_candy's Anime Resin Kit Tutorial

A step by step tutorial on how to build an anime resin kit from beginning to end. Pinning, sanding, priming, painting and shading are just some of the things that will be presented. Product list will be provided as well as handy tips to help n00bs. Prizes, fun and so much more will be there!

Minecraft: The Panel

SSSSSSSSsssssss... You've heard of it, maybe seen screenshots or videos. Or maybe you're wondering what all the fuss is about. Come and see for yourself at the Minecraft panel where we'll be sharing some amazing creations and run you through how to play the game. Who knows, maybe there'll be some surprises...

Otafest Pokemon League Battle Factory Tournament

This is a Pokemon battle tournament comprising up to 64 people using the in-game Nintendo DS Pokemon Black and White Battle Factory style rules. Competitors are provided three random fully-evolved, evenly-levelled Pokemon by tournament organizers, which are used for the tournament battles. Participants will battle it out in a standard tournament style match-up for a first place prize and the prestige of being the Tournament champion, and additionally all participants will get to keep the Pokemon provided to them. Smogon Battle rules and Battle Factory rules apply. Participants must have Pokemon Black or White to participate.

Otafest Tactical Challenge

The top secret plans for Otafest's latest weapon of mass entertainment Project FOXHOUND have been stolen. It is your task to retrieve them. Pick up your supplies and proceed to the enemy camp. Upon retrieval of the plans, return to base. Don't get caught by the guards or else you will have to start the mission over.

Para Para Dance Class!

Come learn dance moves from the popular Japanese video game Para Para Paradise. We will be teaching Night of Fire by NIKO and time permitting Cruel Angel Thesis by Yoko Ishida (Evangelion's ever-popular theme song). If you like anime music and fun dance moves to impress your friends come join us!

Roll Your Own Con

Want to do more than just attend a con? Join Brendan "Beej" Dery of Synaptic Chaos Theatre for a seminar on how to roll your own convention! Learn from his years of experience as an Animethon executive and guest of many other cons, and start planning your own con today!

Speed Dating

Would you like to meet other people at Otafest? You'll get a chance to ask them questions, and they'll ask ones of you. After a short time, everyone will switch & talk with someone else. This is all in the name of fun, so come out & meet some fellow attendees!

Steampunk 101

Are you a Steampunk Pirate, Gentleman or Steamhead? Come join us for an informal session about creating Steampunk pieces and where to look for your next great accessory. Want to learn what it means to be a Steampunker? Then come and join us to learn the basics of what Steampunk is and how to create some quick and elegant looking accessories that will have you looking dapper in no time.

Touhou Hisoutensoku Tournament

Magical lolis beating the living daylights out of each other. What more could you want?

Touhou Panel

Just to show how popular this is, we have two different Touhou panels this year! Find out about the history of Touhou, and see what's so enticing about this series of challenging top-down shoot-em-ups! There will also be an opportunity to try out a few of the games as well.

Ultimate Cosplay Battle of Ultimate Ultimateness (New name pending)

A battle of the multi-verse … not with swords and magic but with words and debate! Can you act in character and prove why you are the best at a series of increasingly difficult challenges? If so, dress up and throw down to be #1!

Video Game Challenge

Two teams compete using their practical skills and knowledge of video games. Alternating between actual gameplay in order to complete set objectives & running through speed rounds of video game trivia, the players will face off against each other 1 on 1 in separate categories in order to win points for their team. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

What is Anime & Manga: Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli

Most of the public and anime fans have heard of films such as "Spirited Away", the 2003 Academy Award Animated Movie winner. Can't find much info on its producer Hayao Miyazaki, and Studio Ghibli, who he has done much of his work with? This is your chance to learn about their family films, some of which have been released in North America. Also find out yet more background on them and their films not yet released here.

Wiggin' Out

Want to cosplay someone but their hair is too crazy and you can't find the right already-styled wig? Why not learn how to style your own wigs from the base up, as well as learn where to find the best wigs on the internet! "Wiggin' Out" is your class on Wigs 101!

A Writer's Guide to Fanfiction

A writer's guide on how to write and survive the wonderful world of fanfiction. Come and learn general writing tips, how to make it big in fanfiction, the lingo of fanfiction, fandoms in general and how to survive the drama, and how to enjoy yourself while you're juggling it all. Writers for all ships and fandoms are welcome, including het/yuri/slash fans.

A Writers Guide to Slash Fanfiction (18+)

A Slasher's guide on how to write slash fanfiction. Come and learn general writing tips, how to make it big in fanfiction, the lingo of fanfiction, fandoms in general and how to survive the drama, and finally, how to write an accurate gay sex scene. Writers for all ships and fandoms are welcome, including het/yuri fans.

Other Events


This is the place to come for a chance to pick up bargain deals on anime memorabilia! Come for the deals, but stay for the insanity!

Fan's Tug of War

Sailor Moon fans vs Naruto! Bleach fans vs DBZ! Come show your support for your favourite Anime in a Fan's Tug of War to end them all!

Go Room

The Calgary Go Club is back once again! If you're just learning how to play, you'll have an opportunity to learn the basics. There will also be time to play against opponents of different skill levels so you can improve your game.

Japanese Fashion Show

This event will highlight the fashions that Japan has to offer. Lolita, Harajuku, Ganguru, Gal, Visual Kei and so on will be celebrated in the form of a fashion extravaganza. If you enjoy hearing Japanese music going alongside the crazy trends of Japan, come on down and enjoy the fashions that the people of Japan have made known around the world.

Maid Café

One of the most curious phenomena to take off in otaku culture today, the maid café has become a staple of any outing to Akihabara. If you find yourself parched or weary, come stop by the maid café and purchase a drink, served to you by a charming maid cosplayer! (Due to limited seating, please be courteous to other attendees and limit your time.)

Mr & Miss Otafest

Did you see someone with an amazing costume and wished that they could win something? Well now you have the chance to pick your favourite male & female cosplayer! We'll tally up the votes & present Mr. & Miss Otafest at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday!

AMV Video Blocks

AMV Comedy and Fun Videos

Back again for another year! Come and enjoy another crop of the strangest and funniest Anime Music Videos from the past year! Guaranteed to entertain as always!

AMV Gameshow

Think you've got the chops to be the best? Prove it at the AMV Gameshow! Come and tryout for prizes and the glory of being this year's AMV champ or just sit back and enjoy the very entertaining AMVs.

AMV Hell 5

They said it was dead. They told us the pool was closed. Well, make sure you've eaten an hour before this show, because we're ready to dive in again and give up our attention spans to AMV Hell.

AMV Parodies of AMVs

You know what's REALLY nerdy? People making parodies of already-nerdy stuff. Check out how uber-nerdy the world of AMV parodies can get, as we show you both the original AMV and the video that parodies it. Come explore this interesting and "meta" facet of AMV creation.

AMV Showcase

Enjoy a mix of some of the latest videos from the past year!

Top 20 AMVs of ALL time Countdown!

At Otafest Lite we counted down the best of Animethon and Otafest's AMV Contests. Now we're going to counting down the best video of all time in true MTV style!

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May 20-22, 2011
University of Calgary
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