Otafest 2011 – Charity Statement

In the wake of the recent earthquakes which hit Japan earlier this year, Otafest has selected the Japanese Red Cross Society as the recipient of our charity efforts. The disaster, which devastated thousands of Japanese people, has brought our Japanese friends, family and colleagues even closer to our hearts.

Otafest believes firmly that all people in our diverse world make a strong and brilliant tapestry – this belief is illustrated through our convention every year by the many different kinds of people who are united, for one weekend a year, by Japanese art and culture. The strength of the many Japanese people faced with unimaginable struggles is inspirational to all of us. It is with our deepest compassion and empathy that we invite all of our patrons, who continue to support and enjoy Otafest year after year, to join us in our support of Japan.

Without Japan, Otafest would not exist. As a tribute to the Japanese people who are fighting daily battles in the aftermath of this disaster, Otafest dedicates this year’s festival to them. We are otaku and stand united in support of our friends at home in Japan.

Otafest 2011 – Charity Events for Japan Red Cross

The goal for Otafest 2011 is to raise $5,000 for Japan Red Cross!

To help encourage everyone to donate, several of Otafest's finest have agreed to donate themselves to the cause! Last year, they donated their hair (head, chest and back) and managed to raise over $5,000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

This year, it's not just hair - they're giving us their entire bodies, and a fair chunk of their dignity and souls too!

For every $1,000 that we manage to raise, one of the more prominent members of the Otafest community will do...

... A MAID CROSPLAY! That's right! As the money comes in, for every additional $1,000 raised, someone will be put in a dress**!

Now, to introduce you to our sacrificial lambs brave volunteers!

So make sure you help us support Japan Red Cross (and get Chairman in touch with his feminine side), by participating in the following fundraising opportunities at Otafest 2011!

a) Bidding on Charity items in the Auction
b) Buying a caricature sketch at Artist Alley
c) Eating some delicious cake at the maid cafe
d) Tipping into the charity jar at the maid cafe
e) Buying a ticket in the jelly bean count
f) Just being generous and donating!

**Note: Since Vlad's complete maido-transformation will take several hours to prepare, if his limit is reached during Saturday, he will wear his costume beginning Sunday morning!

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May 20-22, 2011
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