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Artist Alley Application

Welcome to the Otafest Artist Alley registration form.

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  1. View the Artist Alley Information Package and Layout here.
  2. View the Artist Alley Layout here.
  3. In order to submit an Artist Alley application, fill out the following form and click submit.
  4. Upon submitting this form you will receive an automated response via email immediately.
  5. You will be contacted within 48 business hours by a member of the Vendor/Artist Alley team.
Names of people, other than yourself, who will be at your table. Please include the names of all the artists whose work will be sold at your table(s) as well as any helpers you will have present. Note that you are responsible for ensuring that all of your helpers and sub artists abide by the Artist Alley contract.
Samples of the work you will be selling at Otafest. 3-5 samples from each artist who will be selling at your table. If not all samples can be made available at this time, please have them sent to our email no later than a week after confirmation. One link per line.