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Otafest Auction & Charity Auction

This form will open on: April 21, 2013 at 10:00 AM
This form will close on: May 14, 2013 at 11:59 PM

That time of the year has come again! You will notice that there are different types of Otafest Auctions happening around the convention this year. Make sure you don’t get confused!

The traditional Otafest Auction and Charity Auction will happen this year in Science Theatres, on Sunday between 2:30PM to 5:30pm (or longer depending on what happens!). Don’t forget to check the schedule and rooms for more information.

Since Otafest is growing so rapidly, make sure you review EVERYTHING! Starting here!

Otafest Auction & Charity Auction Guidelines

  1. Only a limited number of items will be accepted due to time restrictions. 50 items is the total maximum, items will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
  2. There is a maximum of five (5) items per person! You can save the rest of the following year! (Who knows? You might score more antique/classical products!)
  3. Collectible material may be sold as one (1) item. For instance, 4 posters for $10 can be considered as one (1) item.
  4. Please sign in your items at Registration Desk at least two (2) hours before the event begins. We will not accept late items! Please ensure your items arrive on time to be a part of the auction.
  5. Please label or tag your items before you bring them. We want to ensure that the money goes to its rightful owner! Labels and tags will still be available at the Registration Desk, but doing this at home will save time for both you and convention staff. And remember, label charity items clearly if you have them.
  6. Please keep in mind that Otafest is a family convention. Should any submission include explicit materials, please inform me beforehand, and include a warning on the labels of your items.
  7. In order to maintain an annual convention, Otafest will retain 10% of all proceeds. Owners of the respective material(s) sold will receive all else generated from the auction.


Please review the following and contact me if there are any uncertainties or questions. These are some new and some reminders. So read carefully! Your money’s at stake here.

  1. Please fully complete the submission form. This is the information we will use to identify you.
  2. Make sure you bring PHOTO ID. We want to make sure the right person is getting the right amount of money.
  3. We are no longer allowing friends or families to pick up your proceeds on your behalf. Please make sure you leave a mailing address in case you aren't able to stay or end up going home early.
  4. We are no longer releasing your proceeds as cash. We will be issuing a check after Auction has ended. If no one comes to pick up the check by 8:30PM, we will mail the check to the address given.

Please note that if no minimum bid is specified, the items will still be sold, however only according to consumer demand.

Please keep in mind that because this is Otafest, we need to keep items anime, manga or Japanese culture related. if you are unsure about a particular item, please let me know in the box with you item's description. We will help you decide if it is appropriate or not.

The last day we will be accepting items for Otafest auction & charity auction will be May 15th. If you do not submit this form by that day, we will not be able accept your items, even if you bring them on the day of.