The Executive Team

Do you have a question or inquiry regarding an Otafest event? Below is a list of the current members and their roles. Everyone is accountable to help make all Otafest events as enjoyable as possible for you.

Please feel free to contact them for more information!

Chairperson Justin Lo
A/V Multimedia Paul Kiemele
Rob Hepburn
Shane Barry

Art and Graphics Allison Chan
Cindy Chen
Agnes Kwon
Candy Niu
Claudia Wang
Ziyu Wang
Vicky Xiao
Community Marketing Nathan Hunt
Mitchell Nabata
Internal Operations Binh Du
Suzanne Lien
Behfar Lotfizadeh

Policy Enforcement Dan Ritchie
Public Relations Gareth Lypka
Behfar Lotfizadeh
Jei Wong

Special Events Stephanie Foran
Jenny Chan
Shawn Hansen
Darren Lau
Amanda Langer
Ayla Lo
Behfar Lotfizadeh
Dustin Lui
Miko Managat
Andrew Quesnel
Jei Wong

Vendors & Artist Alley Vicky Lau
Dylan Almrude
Jessica Ha
Danielle Ly
Stanley Liang

Volunteering Darren Lau
Andrew Quesnel

Behfar Lotfizadeh

Names in bold indicate department heads.