Otafest is a Calgary based non-profit organization expressing the values of charity, quality, and transparency. The body of our activity pertains to the promotion of Japanese art, culture, and media in the Canadian community, and our organization rests firmly on the spirit of community collaboration and volunteerism.

Otafest Aurora is a one day winter festival held at the University of Calgary's Downtown Campus.

Programming Updates

6 May

We've got some last minute updates to the schedule - rooms & time changes, as well a couple of panel cancellations, so please make sure you grab it again if you've already downloaded it! You can find the updated schedule here!!

Unfortunately, DJ Arnell can't make it to Otafest this year. :( Please welcome the Lightning Knights instead, who will be spinning our Saturday Night Anime & J-Pop dance! More information about the Lightning Knights can be found on the special guest page!

Cash Pre-Registration, May 5th!

28 Apr

If you would like to pre-register for Otafest 2013 but can't order online for any reason, we invite you to come to our Pre-Registration Pot Luck on May 5 from 12:00pm - 6:00pm at Prince's Island Park!

For full details, maps, and other important information, please see the official Facebook event by clicking here.

If you've already pre-registered, you can still come out to have some fun with the rest of us!

You can buy your pass, participate in some games, and/or just hang out! It's spring, the sun's shining, and it's time to have some FUN so bring your awesome self and some food to share!

Schedules, shirts, and maps. Oh my!

26 Apr

The Live Events Schedule is online! It is subject to change, and will be updated fairly frequently over the course of the next week, including making it printer-friendly, but please do take a look!

Our maps are also now online, please make sure you take a look so you don't get lost!

Otafest is running a brand new merchandise campaign. Pin Trading!
Our art team has created an amazing collection of collectable 2-inch die-cast pins featuring our mascots! Some of these pins will be available for purchase at Otafest 2013 in various locations, while other designs are not being sold. Our staff members will be armed with these unsellable pins to trade for one of yours. That's right! You must trade for them!
We have been releasing a new design each week for you to see, so please take a look!

We also have some sweet new t-shirt designs! You will want these! They are tastefully designed with styles for men and women!

For the first time ever, Otafest is auctioning unique prints of our mascots! There will only be one print made of each character for auction. You will be bidding on an exclusive and rare piece of Otafest history, signed by both the artist and the mascot and framed, that you will be able to display in your home forever! Take a look!

Competitive Video Game Tournaments
Otafest is hosting six Super Smash Bros. video game tournaments, each with a cash prize! Your 3-Day Otafest wristband will give you free entry into three tournaments of your choosing. The pot of each tournament is based on how many people have signed up, full details here, sign-up here!

Finally, please don't forget that you can still pre-register for Otafest 2013! Pre-registration will allow you to pick your wristband up a day early, and you will also be able to purchase our exclusive pre-registration only pin! If you elect to buy a V.I.P pass, then you will receive our special edition 15th anniversary pin, your choice of shirt, and an Otafest 2013 lanyard as part of your merchandise package! Click here to check it all out!

Adam Hunter, Scott Roberts & Dave Rathnow!

18 Apr

It's Otafest's biggest guest lineup yet!

We are very pleased to announce Adam Hunter & Scott Roberts, members of Calgary's own vibrant professional voice acting community!

Adam and Scott have both stared in many of Blue Water Studio's dubs, including Flame of Recca, and Cardfight!! Vanguard! It'll be both Adam and Scott's first time at Otafest, so make sure you drop by and say hi! They'll be at Otafest on the Saturday only, for the MEN (and woman) OF VOICE ACTING panel, so make sure you come meet Adam and Scott!

Otafest is also very pleased that Dave Rathnow will be returning to Otafest once again! Dave is a practitioner of Iaido for over 18 years, and has a 5th dan ranking in the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido school! He'll also be at Otafest on the Saturday only, so don't miss out!

Welcome Kirby Morrow!

11 Apr

Otafest is very pleased to announce Kirby Morrow as a special guest this year!

Kirby trained in theatre and developed his vocal skills on the stand-up comedy stages around the world. Goku from Dragonball Z, Cyclops from X-Men: Evolution, Miroku from Inuyasha, and Michaelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Currently, he is starring as Cole, the leader of the ninja warriors in the third season of Lego’s hit show Ninjago!

For more details on the Special Guest we've announced to date, check out the Special Guest Page!

We've got more guests update coming next week!

More information about the competitive SMASH BROTHERS tournaments is now available, including pre-reg!