Pin Trading

Otafest Pin Trading returns for Otafest Aurora 2013 and we couldn't be more excited! Thank you so much for patiently waiting for the next set of Otafest pins. We know you are excited about our newest designs and we hope you absolutely cherish them!

As Otafest Aurora is a smaller event, our quantities for these pins will not be as robust as they were at Otafest 2013. But don't worry! Everyone who wants a pin should have no problem getting them! Just expect them to be a little harder to collect later on if you don't get them all in November!

If you purchased extra pins at Otafest 2013, you can trade them for the newest pins at Otafest Aurora 2013! We will accept any pin that is on our website with the O-Wing logo on the back.

Our first pin will debut on September 16th. We look forward to showing them to you! See you then!

November 25th - Swan Lanyard

Hello everyone! Welcome to the the final post of the Otafest Aurora pin trading blog! We are excited to show you the new pin lanyard design! This lanyard will be available at our merchandise booth and is priced at the same price as a pin, $5!

The Swan Lanyard shows Seph and Aurora in their Swan Lake costumes. With feathers and a beautiful green to blue gradient, this lanyard is sure to grab attention no matter if it’s attached to a set of keys or displaying your pins! The material used for the lanyards will show holes if you take the pins out after so we recommend that you purchase a second if you want to keep one in good shape! The art for Seph and Aurora was created by Cindy Chen, while the lanyard design was created by Paul Kiemele.

Well friends, it's sadly time for us to sign off! Thank you again for being a fan of Otafest Pin Trading! We really couldn't make this happen without your support! We are so excited to see you this Saturday and for you to discover the secrets of this year's Otafest Aurora pin trading! Please check back in early January for the next pin release!

Aurora Trivia: Did you know that Aurora secretly loves you? She’s not very eager to admit it but she does!

November 18th - Angel of Death

Hello and welcome back to the pin trading blog! Today we show off our last pin for Otafest Aurora 2013. I hope you love the designs so far and are excited to purchase them! Our merchandise booth will be in the vendor room this year so please stop by and see all of our designs!

Seph is an angel of death and her symbol is a skull. You wouldn't know it by talking to her, but Seph has been tasked with guiding those who have passed on to the next world. It's a dark and scary job but Seph does it with a smile. Though Seph looks like she is flirting with you in this pin, you should take care to make sure you don't upset her and end up on the bad end of her scythe!

This pin is designed by Cindy Chen who hopes you save some gingerbread for her!

Next week: We reveal the Otafest Aurora 2013 Pin Trading Lanyard! See you then!

Seph Trivia: Did you know that Seph was once a race car driver?

November 11th - Angel of Dawn

We're three weeks away from Otafest Aurora and we have a couple pins left to show you before Otafest Aurora! Before we show you, I want to remind you one more time to get your tickets on Eventbite!

Aurora is an angel of dawn and her symbol is the snowflake. You might wonder why Aurora is represented by the snowflake instead of the sun and the answer is simple. Au-chan is tasked to ensure the sun rises each day. In the summer, she has to get up super early to make sure it rises while in the winter she gets to sleep in! Aurora has always been a fan of the winter and the cold and is often seen wearing a snowflake in her hair. Is it because she is lazy? We're too afraid to ask!

Aurora looks a little grumpy in this pin but it's probably because the artist, Cindy Chen, called her cute before she drew her! But don't let her frown fool you, Au-chan is so excited to see you all in a few weeks!

Next week: What is Seph an angel of? See you then!

Aurora Trivia: Did you know that Aurora's first kiss was stolen by Seph? She hasn't forgiven her since!

November 4th - Gala Seph

Hello everyone! It's finally November! We are 26 days away from Otafest Aurora and everyone is getting SUPER EXCITED! We have a few more designs to show you but as usual, we will be keeping some secret! Look forward to seeing our special pins but until then enjoy this new pin!

Seph takes to the dance floor with this gorgeous sparkly gown! With her beautiful smile and charming blood red eyes, people immediately fall in love with her at first sight! Maybe you won't have a chance to dance with Seph but you do have the chance to pick up this gorgeous pin by Vicky Xiao!

Next Week: Our last set of pins! What do we have left to show you? You'll have to wait until next week! See you then!

Seph Trivia: Did you know that Seph loves to travel to exotic places?

October 28th - Gala Aurora

Can you believe that we've released 6 pins so far? We're a month a way and we have a few more to go! Hopefully you have your pass for Otafest Aurora already! If not, pick yours up today on Eventbrite!

In 2012 we decided to restart our winter festival with a new look and feel. Our big draw for Aurora is our gala dinner and dance. So many of you came out last year to experience this exclusive event that we decided to hold it again this year! Guess who is the most excited about our dance? You guessed it, it's Au-chan!

Aurora looks absolutely gorgeous in this sparkly black and red dress! Who knew that Aurora could possibly be so pretty and cute at the same time! This pin is designed by a recent addition to the Otafest art team, Vicky Xiao, who hopes you keep warm this winter!

Next Week: Seph is going to blow your mind in her gala dress! See you then!

Aurora Trivia: Did you know that Aurora is not a fan of sports but loves art and ballet?

October 21st - Aurora-Wing

Can you believe it's week 5? With a little more then a month to go, I hope you have picked up your pass to Otafest Aurora! If you haven't, be sure to do so!

Today's pin is the first staff pin we are releasing for Otafest Aurora 2013! We created another O-Wing for you to add to your collecting! The Aurora-Wing is green with Au-chan's famous red streaks along the wings! This O-wing is definitely for those who love our tsundere queen!

If you wish to add this pin to your collection, you must find a member of our staff wearing a pin trading t-shirt to trade with! This year to make it easier for you to identify staff who are available to trade with, they will be wearing a special coloured shirt! Approach them and offer a pin for trade and the Aurora-Wing will be yours!

Next Week: The next set of pins for Otafest Aurora! We can't wait to show you! See you then!

Otafest Trivia: Did you know that every year our staff chooses a theme for each of our events?

October 14th - Holiday Seph

It's week 5 and we are back with the newest pin design! We hope you are enjoying everything that has been shown off so far and there is more to come!

Today's pin is Holiday Seph! Se-chan looks like she is ready sing jingle bells outside your door with the rest of the Otafest staff! Maybe if you are lucky you can catch her underneath the mistletoe? This pin is designed by Candy Niu who hopes that you have a safe and happy holiday season!

Next week: We debut our first staff pin! What is it? Come back next Monday and you'll find out! See you then!

Seph Trivia: Did you know that during the holiday season, Seph puts mistletoe in every doorway in an attempt to kiss Aurora?

October 7th - Holiday Aurora

We're a little less then two months away until Otafest Aurora! I hope you've already purchased your pass on Eventbrite and are now patiently awaiting the day! If you haven't, what are you waiting for? Click here!

With reindeer antlers and a Santa themed outfit, you know that Au-chan is ready to give and receive this holiday season! There is a gift from Seph under the tree with Aurora's name on it and she is dying to find out what is inside! Sorry Au-chan, it's quite a ways away from Christmas! This pin is designed by Candy Niu and this is the first pin she has designed for Otafest! I Hope you enjoy them!

Next week: Holiday Seph! I wonder what she will look like after coming down the chimney? You'll have to wait until next week to find out! See you then!

Aurora Trivia: Did you know that Aurora's favourite Holiday TV show is A Charlie Brown Christmas?

September 30th - 16-Bit Seph

Hello everyone! It's week 3 of the Otafest Aurora pin trading blog! We hope you are enjoying the new set of pins! This week's pin 16-Bit Seph!

Seph looks absolutely adorable as a pixelated character! But don't be fooled! Her beautiful looks can kill your entire party with one-shot attacks! If she blows kisses at you, make sure to avoid them! Remember that she's an angel of death! Thankfully you won't have to fight Seph in an epic final boss battle with this adorable pin by the amazing Naguri!

Next week: a new set of pins! I wonder what will be next? See you then!

Seph Trivia: Did you know that Seph hates being cold and often cuddles up to people for warmth?

September 23rd - 16-Bit Aurora

In November, we will be celebrating Aurora's second year with Otafest. The community immediately accepted Au-chan despite her frosty personality and she now has a legion of adoring fans. To the Otafest team, Aurora represents a fresh start just like how dawn repents the beginning of a new day! So to celebrate Aurora's anniversary we will start with a pin of her!

Our inspiration for this pin comes from classic gaming. Many members of our staff grew up in the days of Nintendo and Sega and miss the days where gaming was so much simpler. We decided to see if we could create a pin that would invoke those childhood memories!

If there was a game called "Super Au-chan RPG", I imagine this is what she would look like! Wearing an adorable school girl outfit, Aurora looks like she is ready to search the town for a key to the next dungeon! Our artist for this pin is the amazing Naguri who hopes you don't need a phoenix down because you fainted from the cuteness!

Next week: 16-Bit Seph! Make sure your thumbs are ready! see you then!

Aurora Trivia: Did you know that Aurora is not able to sleep in and tends to wake up when the sun rises?

September 16th - Snow-Wing

You've waited long enough! Its finally time for us to release the newest set of pins for Otafest Aurora 2013! So lets not waste any more time!

Our most popular pin at Otafest 2013 was the O-Wing logo and with it being so popular it became very scarce! Many pin traders searched around campus for this elusive pin. Were you lucky enough to get one? I hope so! Since It was so popular we knew we wanted to make another O-Wing for you to collect which we have done with our Snow-Wing!

The Snow-Wing is green to represent our mascot Aurora and the northern lights you sometimes see in the winter! The snowflake inside is the same snowflake that Aurora often wears in her hair. Our Snow-Wing is sure to be popular, especially to those who idolize Au-chan!

This pin will only be available to those who have pre-registered for Otafest Aurora 2013. If you have already purchased a gala pass or general admission, you will be able to purchase this pin!
We will not have this pin available for trade! If you have not purchased your pass yet…why not? Head over to Eventbrite today to buy your pass!

Pre-register for Otafest Aurora 2013 by clicking here!

As limited quantities are available, you may only purchase two pins per pass. You will be required to show your wristband at the merchandise booth to purchase this pin. The pin is available to both pre-registered general admission and gala passes.

I hope you love our first pin and we look forward to showing you the next one! See you soon!

Aurora Trivia: Did you know that Aurora is not a very strong swimmer and does not like being around water?

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