Otafest Aurora Scarves

Keep warm this winter with this years set of Otafest Aurora scarves!

This year we have created two designs, each of them representing one of our amazing mascots. Are you a fan of the frosty but adorable Aurora? Or do you support the angel of death, Persephone? Pick the scarf that matches your style or collect them both to be the ultimate Otafest fan!

One side of the scarf features a stunning pixel design with our Snow-Wing logo in the middle. The other side features the name of our mascots and shapes. At the end of each side are two angel wings. Wear the scarf dangling around your neck and they will come together to show a pair of wings. These beautiful scarves were designed by Jei Wong and are sure to draw attention where ever you go!

Our scarves are soccer supporter style with two designs on the same scarf.  They are made of 100% acrylic and made in China. They measure 4.5 feet long and are 6 inches wide. Each scarf will feature tassels on the end that are not shown in the pictures. 

Our quantities for these will be small so please visit us at the merchandise booth as soon as you can to get yours on November 30th!