Eckhardt Gramatte Recital Hall

Echkardt-Gramatte Hall is located in the Rozsa Centre and is a 384 seat recital/lecture hall featuring some of the finest acoustics to be found in Western Canada! Otafest is very pleased to be able to book Eckhardt Gramate Recital Hall for the Sunday of Otafest. Otafest Idol, Kieran Strange's Accoustic Performance, and a musical performance by Umbrella, will all take place at Eckhartd Gramatte on the Sunday of Otafest.

It's a little further away from the rest of Otafest - closer to Hotel Alma, on the South West side of MacEwan Student Centre, so make sure you all know where it is so you don't miss these awesome musical events!

Check out the map below! (Click map for a larger image)