2013 Charity Activities!

Beneficiary - Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Branch
Guys vs Girls - Vote via Otafest Facebook Page. Team with the most "Likes" is safe from the pranks! Voting starts Thursday and closes Sunday of Otafest at 12:00pm!
How to raise money? - VIP Pass! Maid Cafe! Live Action Mario Cart! Charity Art Prints! Charity Auction! Donation Jars! Lots of ways to get involved - please donate!

$1000 - Toilet Paper Mummification
$2000 - Jello
$3000 - Face Paint
$4000 - Silly String
$5000 - Rainbow Pies

Vote for the team you want to keep safe by liking their picture on our Facebook page!
Team Male: http://bit.ly/otamale
Team Female: http://bit.ly/otafemale