Otafest Pokemon League

Otafest Pokemon League

Do You want to be the best, like no one ever was? Is catching them your real test, is training them your cause? Then come down to the Otafest Pokémon league, where you can meet fellow trainers and Pokéfans and players, meet new people and test out your team! Below are the rules needed to participate;

Getting Started

  1. You need a copy of Pokémon: White, Black, White 2 or Black 2
  2. Get a team of six Pokémon together, once registered at the start of the league this team cannot be changed.
    • No legendary Pokémon
    • No duplicate Pokémon (You can have a Pikachu and a Raichu but you cannot have two Pikachus)
    • Each Pokémon will be given one item for the entire league, that said you cannot have duplicate items (you cannot have 2 Pokémon with leftovers)
    • No life Orbs, choice specs, choice scarfs or choice bands
    • Any Pokémon who have been artificially modified or stated will result in the trainer receiving a ban from the event
  3. At the start of the league each player will register their team; they will then be given 3 battle cards (more on this later). In addition each player will be given a trainer sash that is to be worn somewhere visible on their person, this will allow other player to find and challenge them.

The League Itself

  1. We will have 2 rooms dedicated to the league alone. One will be a open battle/registration room, and the other will be a place to challenge gym leaders who will show up periodically (There will be a schedule)
  2. The event is to happen any place and anywhere, you are welcome to challenge other trainers and gym leaders anywhere on the otafest grounds That said keep this in mind:
    • Other participants can refuse battles at any point and if someone doesn't want to battle you at that time they don’t have to
    • Be respectful of other panels and events, if your battle is going to disrupt another event or panel please move to another area to fight your battle
    • Some rooms will have signs posted telling you they are no battle zones, please respect that and keep your DS put away while in them
  3. Once the battle is complete the defeated player is to give a battle card to the victor, EXCEPTION: if the victorious player already has six or more battle cards they don’t take any cards from you.
  4. Gym leaders can be challenged in any order, the only requirement is players must have a minimum amount of Battle Cards in their possession. If a player defeats the gym leader they receive their badge, if the player is defeated by the gym leader they can challenge again after a short time
  5. There will also be a secondary way to receive battle cards, throughout the weekend there will be three events related to Pokémon. Participation in each will be rewarded with an extra battle card (one for each event):
    • An Egg swap (so bring an un-hatched egg of any kind to trade),
    • Pokélympics,
    • and a Pokémon fashion show.
  6. It should be noted this is not to be considered a competitive event, it’s a league not a tournament, players are welcome to bring their A game but be aware not everyone who joins will play simulators or smogen in the off season so try to play nice.
  7. As a final note any unsportsmanlike conduct or attitudes will result in warnings and possible bans with no possibility of refunds, we are running this event to have fun meet new people and play some Pokémon, the event is designed that everyone can play and enjoy themselves.


  1. Each battle will be done through the IR function on your C-gear, (So it is worth noting all Pokémon will be auto-leveled to 50)
  2. A standard battle is expected to be 3 Pokémon VS 3 Pokémon, and because of the way IR battles work you need to only have 3 Pokémon in you party at a time (the other three registered Pokémon can be switched out between battles at any time)
  3. Gym leader battles will also be 3 VS 3 battles, with two exceptions noted in the gym leader list below
    1. DJ Dvy (aka Davey) Electric Type - Require 3 Battle cards to challenge
    2. Tanis; Flying Type - Require 3 Battle cards to challenge
    3. Tracy; Normal Type - Require 3 Battle cards to challenge (All battles with Tracy will be rotation battles)
    4. Steve; Fossil Type - Require 3 Battle cards to challenge
    5. Scott; Ghost Type - Require 6 Battle cards to challenge
    6. Reese; Grass Type - Require 6 Battle cards to challenge
    7. Adam & Brett; Fighting Type - Require 6 Battle cards to challenge (Note: all battles with Adam & Brett will be double battles battles with two trainers!)
    8. Jesse; Water Type - Require 6 Battle cards to challenge
  4. Elite 4
    1. Brett; Dark Type - Require 6 Battle Cards & 8 Badges to challenge
    2. Blaire; Dragon Type - Require 6 Battle Cards & 8 Badges to challenge
    3. Deyved; Ice Type - Require 6 Battle Cards & 8 Badges to challenge
    4. Travis; Fire Type - Require 6 Battle Cards & 8 Badges to challenge