At Otafest, we know that we are only as awesome as our community, and we like to think that you guys are pretty awesome! Panelists are the reason Otafest can provide amazing, innovative programming each and every year. These individuals who volunteer their time and knowledge to Otafest are as diverse as they are informative and fun.

It is easy to say that there are panels for everyone, from informative panels about convention etiquette to creating your own cardboard gundam, there won't be any dull moments!

The majority of panels at Otafest are hosted by volunteers and attendees; we feel this is a great opportunity for patrons to get involved with Otafest in a very important way. Every otaku loves anime, manga, video games, or simply just loves Japan for different reasons. Taking this passion and turning it into a demonstrative, informative or competitive panel idea is something that Otafest embraces and welcomes from our patrons.

Here is the list of panels we've got confirmed for Otafest 2013 as of April 1, 2013 ! Thank you to everyone for submitting a panel!


The Basics of Cosplay Makeup (Ashley J.)
From the horrors of the undead to the flawless unblemished face, makeup can be the perfect medium to bring life to your costumes. In this panel we'll cover the basics of costume makeup, tips and tricks, and even demonstrate how to create the tricky looks you're after. Join us and learn how to transform yourself into the most creative of characters.

Cosplay Battle Chess (Adam K)
Come out and participate or just watch a mighty chess battle where cosplayers become the pieces, duel will be fought, armies will clash and victory will be achieved!

Cosplay By Dummies (Dakota L.)
Every wonder how Cosplayers make those amazing costume? Ever worried about making a mistake and ruining everything? Come watch a cosplayer talk about and how to cosplay successfully while making a total fool of herself! Good laughs for everyone with educational content!

Cosplay Music Videos 101 - Behind the Production of CMVs (Sara W)
Class is now in session! This panel provides an overview of both the creative and technical processes behind the making of Cosplay Music Videos (CMVs), with a focus on tutoring attendees about how to get started. Illustrative behind-the-scenes examples will be presented for two CMVs produced in 2012: [S] Kids Rise Up, and an Animethon 19 Cosplay Showcase.

Cosplay Photography for Cosplayers and Photographes Alike (Vicky L)
For both the photographers and cosplayers. Photography basics, lighting, composition, angles, poses, etiquette, and what to watch for.

Crossplay Funsies (Shay B)
So, you want to crossplay, but what is an appropriate binder? Need advice on makeup? Join Matti and Amiboshi as they discuss how to crossplay, their own horrible experiences and mistakes, and posing for the camera when wearing your finished masterpiece.

Iron Cosplay (Sara Mc.)
Garbage bags! Milk jugs! Tape! Sounds like a recipe for a great costume, right? You have 30 minutes. Think your group has what it takes?

Mecha/Armor Cosplay for Beginners (Leo C.)
A crash course on how to build your Gundam, Iron Man, Power Ranger, or any character that uses armor with ease and accuracy. I will also be showing how to do basic electronics and how to fully use the computer program Pepakura to make 100% accurate cosplays.

So You Think You Can Dance? Otafest Edition (Trevor O.)
Want to make your cosplay skit stand out above the rest? Come on down to this panel for some theatre and dance basics.


The Anime Nostalgia Panel (Stephen K)
Reminisce with us about anime from the 1980's and 1990's. We'll talk about what made anime from this era so memorable.

Sherlock, Doctor Who, BBC shows (Jenny L)
For the love of all things BBC. Discuss, conspire, connect with fellow comrades. Here we believe in Sherlock and the Doctor.

Ultimate MOE Battle! (Jenny L)
Come show your moe pride! Choose your favourite "Moe" character and pit her(...or him!) against other characters of people's choosing by voting against one another! The last to stand will be crowned the Moe Queen(or King)!

World of Scanlations & Fansubs (Jenny L)
The workings of how Scanlations(manga that are fan scanned and translated) and Fansubs (Fan subtitled anime) are done, with insights of a retired vet that was there since the beginning trend. The history, the process, the community and the grey line.

Yaoi Round Table (18+ ONLY) (Jeremy A)
This is a Yaoi Round-table venture encouraging discussion and audience participation. It will be 18+, featuring some sexual related content. We will discuss yaoi fandoms from a gay male perspective versus straight female fan perspective, as well as the differences between "Yaoi" and "Bara."


The Art of Second Breakfast: A Hobbit Panel (Melissa O)
Ever wanted to know about Frodo's greatest challenge? Merry's most embarrassing moment? Pippin's craziest idea? Come and join us to discuss the wonderful world of Middle-Earth, with an Ask-a-Hobbit section where you get to ask your favourite Hobbits anything you like! (*second breakfast not provided.)

Astro Boy - 50th anniversary of the TV series (Kim B.)
Join a First Wave anime fan, in learning about Astro Boy, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary as the seminal full-length TV anime. Astro Boy was directly responsible for all the anime that followed - including the ones otakus watch today.

FandomStuck: The Good, the Bad, and the Grey (Sarah W.)
Warm yourself in the glow of the human emotion called "fandom" and celebrate being Homestuck! Spoilers abound as we recap the comic so far (!!!), give an overview of the best (and worst) aspects of the fandom, and watch the landmark Flash Animation: [S] Cascade (tissues and apple juice will NOT be provided). Bring a canned good and help build Cantown; contributions will go to the foodbank!

Hatsune Miku -PROJECT DIVA-! (Colleen H.)
Hatsune Miku has her own rhythm game! If you ever wanted to know about the various Project Diva games, this is the panel for you! You might even win a copy of your own!

Hetalia: Ask a Nation (Mackenzie H.)
A panel to ask the nations of Hetalia the questions you've always wanted to!

Hetalia vs Reality (Racheal Y)
A history or hetalia fan? Join us for a fun presentation of historical event by the nations themselves. Win some yummy cookies by answers historical related questions, or suffer the "scone-ly" consequence (from England with love).

Homestuck Trivia with Gamzee and Karkat (Ashley J.)
Do you think you know homestuck? Come join Gamzee and Karkat and find out! Prizes for those who participate.

Now We're Ghosts The End - A Homestuck Panel (Andrea B.)
Ever wonder what kind of underwear Dirk wears? Or how Meenah keeps her hair looking so glubbing fabulous underwater? A Q&A session with the Alpha kids and trolls.

A panel all about Sailor Moon, from the manga to the musical. Informative and fun!

Touhou Panel (Jeremie C.)
Touhou is a series of games that has been earning more and more popularity through the years. Come see what it's all about! This panel will cover several aspects such as it's setting, it's fandom and of course the actual gameplay!

Touhou 12.3 Hisoutensoku Tournament (Jeremie C.)
Come and test your skills at Touhou 12.3 Hisoutensoku against other players! Beginners and experienced gamers are all welcome so come join the fun!

Another Touhou Panel II: The Empire Strikes Back (Dennis L)
Touhou Project is a series of Japanese indie games primarily involving lolis in fancy outfits and dodging fancier bullet patterns! Be sure to stick around for an awesome surprise!


Anime Openers from Around the World (Eryn D)
Anime exists outside of Japan and North America: who'd-a-thunk it? Sometimes we forget that, and with it we too often overlook many of the memorable anime theme songs shown abroad. Some are amazing - some are amazingly terrible - all will be celebrated in this discussion of the best and worst foreign anime openers.

Can’t Stop The Insanity ~Parody Palooza~ (18+ ONLY)(Kamloops Anime Club)
This 18+ show is a 90-minute lesson in insanity by way of a musical extravaganza. Featuring Jeremy Androsoff and members of the Kamloops Anime Club, this is a perennial ‘cult classic’ of sorts for those who enjoy poking fun at themselves and anime fandom!

Epic Readings of Fanfiction (18+ ONLY)(Ryan A)
Bring your teddy bears and Rainbow Dash PJs, ‘cause it’s story time! Join our host as he reads through some of the literary masterpieces created by Otafest community members. Will our heroes find love? Will there be triumph over evil? Will new words be made up? Tune in and find out!

Pokemon Theme Tag (Force Start Comedy)
Force Start Comedy debuts a crazy event you will not want to miss! Come see us laugh, cry and sweat crazy amounts of FEAR SWEAT as we try to outrun people much fitter than us. NOTE: This panel is a 'Batsu-game' comedy show! While the audience is encouraged to laugh and encourage the performers, please leave the craziness to the professionals, and don't try this at home (or elsewhere on Otafest grounds)!

Magical Battle Arena (Francis C)
Magical Battle Arena is a fanmade computer game from Japan where magical girls (some from anime) battle it out for supremacy in the style of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros, etc. Come play or watch to see them battle for ultimate magical girl supremacy, lots of fun, and prizes!

Mystery Science Fanfiction (18+ ONLY) (Heather S)
For fans of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, our panelists will sit down and read some of the worst fanfiction the Internet has to offer for their pain and your pleasure. No insult is intended - this is a parody panel.


Plan B (Lindsey H)
Spin the wheel of plot and act out the scene with friends. For those who enjoy improve and role-play. We welcome all.

Fan Tug of War (Otafest Staff)
Does your fandom have what it takes to drag that other fandom over to your side? Naruto vs Bleach Fans! Homestucks vs Bronies!

Feedback Panel (Otafest Staff)
Otafest Feedback Panel! Please come by and give us your thoughts to help us improve Otafest! Tell us what you liked, what we need to improv on, and what you want to see!

Forum Meetup (Otafest Staff)
Come meet the faces behind the usernames in Otafest's annual forum meet up!

The Good, the Bad, the Neutral (Rachael Y)
LOVE improv? LOVE roleplay? Or more a by-stander? Come and join our improve roleplay and play as the good, the evil or the neutral or join as audiences and decide the roleplayers' fate.

Live Action Mario Cart for Charity (Otafest Staff)
One of Otafest's Charity Events! To participate, a donation of your choice is requited - how ever much you want to donate! Donate, and have a chance to race against 5 other carts in Live Action Mario Cart! (Weather pending only!)

LGBT Speed Dating (18+ ONLY) (Mike P)
LGBT Speed "Dating"! An 18+ meet & greet to meet new people as nerdy as you are! Maybe you'll find someone to take to the Much Music Dance afterwards!

Otafest Pin Trading Meetups! (Gareth L)
Have you heard about Otafest's special Pin Trading? Are you missing just one to complete the set? O_o Then come to Otafest's Pin Trading Meetups and see if you can't trade for the one that's getting away! For more information about Otafest's collectible pins, please check out the merchandise page!

Pokemon Snap Challenge (James W)
ARE YOU A BOY OR A GIRL? The Pokémon Snap Challenge will test the endurance, fortitude and libido of even the most seasoned Pokémon photographer. The world of Otafest is ripe with Pokemon cosplays; from Kanto to Forest Lawn, from Johto to Somerset- the Pokémon Snap Challenge is calling photographers of all shapes, sizes, and genders to capture the Pokémon of Otafest! Using Instagram, Tumblr, or whatever tool you have at your disposal, prove that you’re the very best (like no one ever was)!

Speed Dating (18+ ONLY) (Mike P)
Speed Dating! An 18+ event to meet new people as nerdy as you are! Maybe you'll find someone to take to the Much Music Dance afterwards!


Anime Board Games (Aaron S)
Anime and board games. A match made in heaven. With so many out there it's hard to choose just one, so try out our featured games, like Puzzle Strike and King of Tokyo, with moderators to help teach you the games. It's time for some board games... Anime inspired.

Anime EDGE (Francis C)
Anime EDGE returns for another year with a blast full of insanity, hilarity, and everything inbetween. Watch as we mash together over 15 different games and game-shows to create one of the maddest and wildest game-shows you will ever see. Check your sanity at the door for this one!

Anime Guess Who (Aaron S)
Does your character have big eyes and a small mouth? Anime Guess Who does. The Classic Milton Bradley game returns for another year in Gigantic Anime Form. With four sets of boards with over 200 characters, is lots of fun with many challenges for all ages. Come check out Anime Guess Who.

Anime Jeopardy Trivia (Stephen K)
It's Jeopardy, but with anime!

Anime Name That Tune - DAME! (Eryn D)
The homegrown, Otafest-original classic is back for another year with all the BS rounds and gay cops from New York you could possibly want. Never played before and not sure what that means? Let's just say that the DAME game is part anime music trivia, part user-generated content, and two big parts "don't take this too seriously." Check it out if you've never been.

Anime Name That Tune - Jeopardy Edition Time (Eryn D)
The good old game of tunes and triumphs is back and revamped for 2013, taking cues from classic Name That Tune, DAME!, and Jeopardy. If you love anime, music, and bouts of random dancing, then Anime Name That Tune: Jeopardy Edition Time is the game to check out!

Anime Things (Francis C)
Humor in a gameshow describes Anime Things. We give you a statement starting with the word "Things..." you come up with whatever correct, or straight, or witty, or silly, or humorous response comes to mind for things you would (or would not do) in that situation. Come stump your fellow contestants on Anime Things!

Anime Wits and Wagers (Aaron S)
Think you know a lot about anime? Wanna bet on it? Anime Wits and Wagers gives you the chance to test your knowledge of anime and then back your knowledge by placing bets on which answer given was the right one. So if you think you can break the bank or just think you're lucky enough to steal the pot, come try out Anime Wits and Wagers.

Canada Kiki Challenge (Force Start Comedy)
Force Start Comedy is back with the Canada Kiki Challenge! Test different products from around the world, Get a few laughs in and win some sweet prizes!

Cards Against Otafest (Dan R)
What happens when you cram a group of Otafest patrons in a room and ask them to think of horrible things? Well, if you're doing it with a game you get Cards Against Otafest. A modified edition of Cards against Humanity with an Otafest twist.

Cosplay Twister (Eska S)
It's the game that ties you up in knots, but with tails, wings, capes, and giant swords. Do you still think you can keep off the floor?

Foul Bachelor Frog Bingo (18+ ONLY) (Alfred L.)
It's back. Relate to Foul Bachelor Frog meme. Win prizes. Foul Bachelorettes welcome. Leave your shame at the door.

The HUNGER GAMES aka Bento Banzai (Jay W.)
It returns. Otafest's annual food eating themed challenges! Where food is punishement and punishment is food!

A Minute to Win it (Jay W. & Behfar L.)
You have 1 Minute! Now win it!

Otafest Tactical Challenge (Dan R)
Otafest's annual game of espionage is back for its third year; Pick up your supplies and proceed to the enemy camp. upon retrieval of the plans return to base. Don't get caught by the guards or else you will have to start the mission over.

Ultimate Cosplay Battle of Ultimate Ultimateness (Adam K)
A series of battling debates between cosplayers arguing it out in character. Prove us why you would be interior decorator! Explain why you would have the best muscial about your life! You never know what the next question will be!

The Ultimate Otaku Trivia Contest (Daniel D)
The staff from Kita-Kon have created the ultimate test of otaku knowledge! We've combined questions from all of our popular trivia contests, such as our Anime Jeopardy, Name That Tune, Who's That Character, and other trivia contests to create the hardest contest you will ever enter! This is one of our most popular panels back home, so let's see how well you do, Calgary!

Werewolf: Anime Edition - Introduction/Beginner and Advanced (Megan F)
Ever wanted to be a Werewolf and murder innocent towns people in he night? How about a seer, searching out the evil in your village? Or are you a lowly towns-person, struggling to discover who killed your neighbors? Come find out at Werewolf: Anime Edition - Introduction! This version of the game we will be using the basic characters and explaining the rules and different techniques for playing. (Note: You must attend the Beginner game to sign up for the Advanced game).


The Art of Storytelling (Brendan H)
Want to be the life of the party? Learn from a veteran storyteller how to engage your audience, build your confidence and make people laugh. Use these techniques to be a better speaker and a better writer.

Beyond Steampunk Anime: Scientific Romances in the Land of the Rising Sun (Cory G.)
Though Steampunk is a recent popular trend, Japan has a tradition of giant steam-powered robots dating back to the 19th century. Go beyond the gears to learn about Japanese history and Retro-Victorian Science Fiction in this entertaining crash course.

A Brief History of Video Games (Alfred L.)
Ever wonder how we went from Super Mario to Call of Duty? How about where survival horror games came from? What does Steve Jobs have to do with video games? From Atari to the PS3, we're going to explore the origin of video games and their evolution throughout the years!

Calgary Muggle Quidditch Club Info Session & Exhibition Match (U of C Muggle Quidditch Club)
Did you know the Harry Potter sport actually exists, and Calgary's got a club that plays it?! Come check out how to get an amazing workout with a broom between your knees!

For information about the U of C's Muggle Quidditch Club - check out their Facebook Page
and the following news segment!

Character Creation Crash Course (Eska S)
Think it's time to give your OCs an overhaul? Come join the host as she offers her perspective on character design, and shares tips and tricks on creating more effective and interesting characters.

Essential Hentai (18+ ONLY) (Alana M.)
Learn about the essentials of hentai. The must haves of any collection, where to start and what to look for. Whether expanding your collection or starting one, a must see for anyone interested.

A Guide to Comiket (Jessica R.)
Japan in August is hot, but not as hot as the event known by Comiket! Come and hear first hand experiences from a group of friends travels in 2012 to the wonderful Comiket. Learn about tips and tricks to keep cool, and have an enjoyable time at Comiket.

Hand-Stitched Crafts (Bethany K)
Learn how to hand-stitch and pattern small crafts, from material selection to stitching (for plushies and pillows).

How to Sew a Kimono (Jessica R.)
Learn to construct a kimono, traditional style! This panel will explain the design placement, stitch types, and construction method of the kimono. This garment is a highly valued tradition of japan which is considered an art form.

How to Takoyaki, Udon & Soba! (Jenny L.)
A workshop on how to make Takoyaki, a japanese favorite grilled squid ball. Adding tips and tricks on making Udon and Soba noodles at home with authentic Japanese taste.

Introduction to Figure Photography (Daniel D)
There's a good chance you've seen some amazing images of anime figures online. In this panel, you will learn how to take photos of figures just like the pros! We will have a complete rundown of everything you should consider for figure photography, such as, photo composition, lighting, backgrounds, accessories, and equipment.

Intro to Making AMVs (Grant M.)
Ever been interested in editing Anime Music Videos? Wondering what it is involved to bring simple ideas to life? Watch some AMV's, ask questions, and see how Anime Music Videos get brought to life through by a local editor!

Intro to Making PMVs (Grant M.)
Do you Like Pony Music Videos? If so Come on down to the PMV panel and find out how some of these creations are brought to life by a local editor!

Intro to Visual Kei (Lamia B)
Visual kei is more than just guys dressed up as girls making music! Find out more about the visual kei style and music that has affected people internationally. Meet other people who enjoy visual kei, learn dances, and play some trivia!

Lolita Fashion 101 (Jia V.)
Lolita Fashion 101: How to be a Lolita. In this series we will be covering the essential basics about Lolita fashion: When, where and how to get involve in this fashion.

Nyaa figurines: Collecting 101 (Dani P.)
Learn the basics to collecting figures! Nyaa Figurines will give you tips on where to buy your figures, what types of figures are out there, and how to tell if a figure is bootleg or not!

Otome - Games for Girls (Jenny L)
From dating sims to fashion boutiques, Otome games (Maiden games) are games that are aimed at girls. Here we will have an introduction and discuss all the otome games out there available in English.

A Panel about Panels (Alfred L.)
Did you know that anyone can run a panel at Otafest? If you've ever wanted to run your very own event at Otafest, then this panel will show you the basics of preparing a panel, submitting it, and finally, having fun while doing it!

The Science of the Zombie Apocalypse (Alfred L.)
Zombies! We know them, we love them, we blow them away with shotguns. But are we ever going to see zombies in real life? Join us in this discussion of real-world diseases that might (most likely won't) bring about the zombie apocalypse. Or just come and see how crazy and messed up nature can get. Mind-controlled zombie ants!

The "STEAM" in Steampunk (Teigan B) (18+ ONLY)
Join a our sexy set of hosts as they talk about the steamy/sexy side of the Steampunk culture. Come talk about art, writing and costume with a sexy twist.

Steampunk 101 (Teigan B)
Ever wondered what Steampunk is? Considered rocking the look? Not sure where to start? Can't sew? We will cover all you need to know on how to get started, join the culture and within a budget. Come hear the tricks of the trade and get going on your own look.

Traveller's Guide to Anime Expo (Jenny L)
A quick traveller's guide to Anime Expo, North America's largest anime convention that occurs annually at Los Angeles. Sharing travel tips as a cosplayer, a photographer, an artist, or a general attendee.