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Volunteer Scholarship Application

As a non-profit organization, Otafest runs off of the hard work and dedication of its volunteers. We believe that Otafest has the best volunteers out there, and as such the Otafest Volunteer Scholarship was established as one way to reward our volunteers for all their hard-work and dedication. The Otafest scholarship is available to previous year Otafest volunteers who are either currently in high school and are planning on entering post-secondary studies within the next three years or are currently in post-secondary studies.

For more information regarding this scholarship please read the below "Scholarship Information" section contained on this page. If you are interested in applying please fill out the online form below and click “Submit”.

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship please feel free to email us at ''.

Scholarship Information

To be eligible to win this scholarship you must:

  1. Have volunteered for either Otafest 2012 and/or Otafest Aurora 2012.
  2. Be a student in either high school or a post-secondary educational institution as of Fall 2013 and/or Winter 2014.

Two scholarships are available annually for our volunteers:

  1. One Otafest Scholarship for $1000.
  2. One Otafest Scholarship for $500.

We require a text based written submission to be included with your application. This submission is very open ended but must relate to your experiences volunteering with Otafest. Keep the following in mind:

  1. Your submission must be publishable as it will appear in the Otafest 2013 guidebook. This means that your submission should be appropriate for all audiences and have correct spelling and grammar. Most submissions will be around 400 – 600 words in length but any length of response will be accepted. Note that long submissions may have only a section of the work included in the guidebook, with the rest of the work being available online.
  2. Your submission should be about your experiences volunteering with Otafest. It could be a story from your time volunteering, your opinions on the volunteering experience, or any number of other ideas. For those having difficulty determining what to write about, below are some possible topics:
    • How has volunteering for Otafest impacted my life?
    • Why should someone volunteer for Otafest?
    • What qualities do Otafest volunteers share?
    • How has volunteering for Otafest surprised me?
  3. Your submission should be a written piece of English text. You are free to write in just about any form including an essay, personal response, poem, or creative work.
  4. If published, edits may be made to your submission by Otafest staff members to correct spelling or grammatical errors.

The winners of the scholarships will be determined by their performance in three categories (written submission, quality of volunteer work, and length volunteering). With the highest scoring candidate being granted $1000, and the second highest scoring candidate being granted $500.

  1. The written submission will be graded on how well it relates to volunteering with Otafest and how interesting it is for attendees to read. This is a major portion of your score. The written submissions will be evaluated by several members of the Otafest Planning Committee and the combined scores will make up your final score in this category.
  2. Your quality of volunteer work score will be based off your performance at Otafest 2012 and/or Otafest Aurora 2012. Your score will come from how helpful you were, your attitude, etcetera. Do not be concerned about this category. It is worth a major portion of your score, but you should be aware of how you will score. This category will be scored by the Otafest executives and staff members of the department that you volunteered under for Otafest 2012 and/or Otafest Aurora 2012.
  3. Length volunteering rewards the dedication and loyalty of our volunteers. Your score is determined purely off of how long you have been volunteering at Otafest. First year volunteers should still apply, as this category is not worth enough to determine the winner.

The following is general information and rules pertaining to the Otafest Volunteer Scholarship:

  1. Evidence of being a student is required. Applicants attending high school are required to provide a scan of their student ID cards. Applicants currently attending a post-secondary educational institution should provide a scan of their student ID and a proof of enrollment letter or their unofficial transcripts. Applicants who are entering post-secondary in Fall 2013 or Winter 2014 can provide a copy of their letter of acceptance.
  2. Recipients of the scholarships must allow their written work to be published in the Otafest 2013 guidebook and potentially other Otafest marketing.
  3. Members of the Otafest Planning Committee (staff and execs) are not eligible to win the scholarships.
  4. If you have previously won the Otafest scholarship, you are not eligible to win again.
  5. Recipients of the scholarships will be contacted for additional information that is required for income tax purposes.
  6. Should a high school applicant win, Otafest will hold the scholarship until they can provide evidence of admission to a post-secondary educational institution. Otafest will hold this funding for a maximum of 3 years from the point it is awarded. To claim the scholarship, please email and provide a copy of your letter of acceptance.
  7. The winners of the scholarships will be announced to the public at the closing ceremonies of Otafest 2013. The winners will be notified in advance so that they can be present if possible to accept the scholarship.
  8. Your scholarship application must be received by March 24th 2013 in order to be eligible.

If you have any questions, please send them to!

APPLICATIONS DUE BY March 24th, 2013!