Rose Noire

Rose Noire is coming to Otafest 2014!


Rose Noire was formed by members Louie (Vocalist) and Jill (Violin) when they were the students of the Tokyo National University of Fine arts and Music. They won the ZOOM at SONY-ZOOM DEMO tape competition in 2007.

Their music is free from predefined genres and concepts. Composed of their own world, in their own image, of their own existence and music. Classical with a touch of variety like Rock, R&B,Club music, HipHop, Industrial, Electronica and so on.

Rose Noire is appearing at Otafest in association with Darkest Labyrinth ( and J-rock North Promotions Inc (

For a sample of their work, please see the following videos:

Rose Noire MV

Rose Noire is very excited to come to Otafest, and have the following message for us!