The AMV Room

For all your AMV needs! And more!

Once again, Otafest is very pleased to bring you many offerings from the world of AMVs from the curator of the largest AMV collection on the planet! Magnificent AMV programming, which includes the almighty AMV Contest, and AMV-related programming all weekend long in the AMV Room! The AMV room is ST 148, and is definitely one of the highlights of Otafest, so make sure you check it out!


Otafest's AMV Contest is back, but this year it's happening on Friday night and will feature two hours of some of the best AMVs you'll see from all over! Come and enjoy a journey through this year's finalists and help vote for the audience top Favorites!

On Sunday we will have a block to show all our non-finalists and also show all the winners prior to the closing ceremonies.

There's still time to enter the AMV contest! More details can be found here!

Returning Favourites to the AMV ROOM

AMV Gameshow
With more chances to play and even more audience participation, you'll want to make sure to get a good seat for this one!

Anime According to AMVs
One of the most popular new blocks of last year is back. With a brand new set of videos, come find out that AMVs always tell us what the anime is all about, right?

Comedy & Fun Hour
A tradition and audience favorite at Otafest filled with the silliest, the funniest and the most twisted set of AMVs you'll ever see!

Comedy on the Edge (18+ ONLY)
Want more comedy videos and are looking for more mature content that just can't be shown during the day? Well you've come to the right block!

Cosplay Music Videos (CMVs)
Step into the world of Cosplay Music Videos. From storytelling to mind candy effects, take a journey on the other side of Music Video Fandom.

And brand spanking new this year:

AMV Band Spotlights
Enjoy 90 minutes AMV spotlights on some of your favourite bands.

AMV Clap-a-long
Ok, so we did Sing-A-Long last year and we noticed you like to clap more, so we decided to dedicate a whole half hour to video you can clap along to. Bring your hands along as they'll be sure to be numb by the time we're finished!

AMV Mortal Combat2.0
Come join the fun as we pit AMVs to fight it out in the video arena. Cheer on your favorites and help decide the fate of AMVs in Mortal Combat!

AMV Nightmares
A perfect block to watch just before going to bed. Enjoy a collection of scary vampires, stalkers, vengeful spirits, and morbid visions. Pleasant dreams guaranteed!

Once Upon an AMV
In the tradition of "Once upon a time", come join in as we tell a tale of epic proportions through AMVs (We kid you not!) Oh, and we should also mention it is audience interactive so you get to make some choices which way the story goes.

Otafest AMV Contests Retrospective
Take a journey through ten years of Otafest's AMV Contest as we travel through the years and show some of the best videos the contest has to offer. Guaranteed not to disappoint!

PONIES the Anthology III
And you're surprised that there is yet another one? Trot on by and enjoy Ponies the Anthology III. Some of us have call it AMV Ponies Hell - just slightly different.