Charity Art Auction

In 2013, we created a pair of charity prints featuring our beloved mascots in bikinis. They became the highlight of our charity auction and raised over $4,400 for charity. Seph and Aurora were so happy with the amount of money raised that they asked if they could do it again!

Seph and Aurora invite you to join in their pillow fight in this playful and sexy print. It doesn't matter who wins the pillow fight in the end as long as everyone had fun! This print was designed by Cindy Chen.

There will only be one print produced for Otafest 2014. You will be bidding on an exclusive and rare piece of Otafest history that you will be able to display in your home forever! You can see the print at our information desk throughout the weekend.

Your opportunity to bid on this print will happen at our Charity Auction on Sunday, May 18th. Please see the schedule for the time and location of the charity auction.

The prints include:

  • A frame
  • A signature from our artist
  • A signature from Persephone and Aurora
  • A digital photo of you holding the art with Persephone & Aurora