Hitbox - Kieran Strange & Sarah Adams

Hitbox is coming to Otafest 2014!


This deadly dynamite duo of geek ambassadors, hailing from Vancouver BC, soared into the anime and gaming scene at the start of 2014 with energetic live music, entertaining blogs, passionately portrayed cosplays, and exceedingly random tweets. Supporters of LGBT rights, autism and mental health awareness, and the body positivity movement, the girls have made it their mission to spread self-love and respect throughout the geek community.

Hitbox consists of quirky pink-haired British nerd rocker Kieran Strange, and blonde bombshell pop artist Sarah Adams. Professional musicians in their own rights, as well as cosplayers, gamers, and models, the girls - who are true quadruple-threats in the industry - have paved the way for many other teens and young adults worldwide who want to follow their creative passions and dreams as far as they will take them.

The duo’s costuming escapades have range from the characters from My Little Pony and Doctor Who, to Legend of Zelda and other popular video games, along with their own high fantasy creations. Along with their talent and burning passion, they are most renowned for their humility and their relationship with their fans.

When the girls aren't costuming together or working on their own individual music careers, they can often be found enthusiastically involved with tabletop RPGs and boffer LARPs, video games, fantasy writing, acting, and staying up far too late watching Teletoon Retro. Sarah’s addictions range from video games (Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda) and anime to scuba diving and sailing, while Kieran gets her fix from old-school Genesis console games, sci-fi television (Firefly, Star Trek, Doctor Who), and drawing and sketching.

Follow the girls on Twitter (@KieranStrange and @SarahAdamsMusic) and make sure you stop by to say hi to them - they can’t wait to meet you!

Hitbox is appearing at Otafest 2014 as a performance guest, with a concert on Friday night, panels on Saturday, and will be judging Otafest Idol on Sunday!

Kieran Strange is a quirky, dynamic young artist blending pop sensibilities, edgy guitars and synthesized electronic sounds into her own personal brand of British nerd-rock. She left her parents, family, and small fishing village in southern England at the tender age of seventeen in order to follow her heart and chase her dreams of making music, all the while singing about girl crushes, zombies and video games.

Bullied viciously at school for her social awkwardness and geeky hobbies, Kieran found the strength to channel her eccentric personality into her music and art. She fully embraces who she is and has been a pillar of strength for many of her fans to do the same, promoting self-worth and self-confidence, and encouraging them to follow their dreams just as she has done.

As she stands firmly as a voice for the different and discarded, very open about her support of autism and mental health awareness, Kieran's die-hard fans have coined themselves the #Strangers and have already made their mark on the world by voting Miss Strange a final ballot nominee in the Shorty Awards (Twitter and social media) three years running. Nerds, geeks, gamers, costuming addicts, fantasy fans and many more have counted themselves a member of the #Strangers' ranks, and their numbers span right across the globe.

When she isn't rocking the stage, solo or with her band, Kieran can usually be found up to her elbows in fabric and latex weaponry, enjoying her hobbies of crafting and costuming. She's a self-proclaimed 'crazy cat mum', and laughs at her own addiction to LARP, Dungeons & Dragons, White Wolf, and other roleplaying games. She has recently been delving into another childhood dream and is working on developing her first online retro-style video game. She also enjoys Youtubing and cosplaying with fellow musician Sarah Adams via their geek-centric lifestyle blog, Hitbox.

Tweet her at @KieranStrange and say hi!

Sarah Adams, known within the geek community by her nickname "Smare", is a professional cosplayer, musician, voice actress and lifestyle blogger born and raised in Vancouver, BC. The niece of Canadian rock singer-songwriter Bryan Adams, this rising young starlet is both humble and altruistic, determined to spread a message of self-love and self-confidence throughout the anime and gaming community. She remains a talented inspiration to teens and young adults worldwide.

Self-taught in all aspects of her creative life, Sarah began costuming and singing at the tender age of seven, landing lead roles in musicals and theatrical shows (including Ariel in a production of Disney: The Musical when she was twelve). She has been a professional cosplayer since 2007, with characters she has costumed ranging from Legend of Zelda and Sailor Moon to My Little Pony and her original high fantasy designs.

Sarah’s electric-bubblegum pop music career began in 2013 when she was talent-spotted by British nerd rocker Kieran Strange, who immediately signed her to her independent record label. The two girls have since formed a costuming and modelling duo under the brand Hitbox, and will be appearing together as cosplayers and musical guests at conventions all across North America in 2014/15.

Follow her on Twitter at @SarahAdamsMusic and make sure you catch her and say hi at the convention this weekend!

Photo credit: The Enthusiasts