Pin Trading

Pin Trading is a great way to add to your Otafest experience! Our pins are beautifully designed by local artists and most often feature our amazing mascots, Seph and Aurora. By trading pins with Otafest staff and patrons, you can collect the designs that you love the most!

Most of our designs are available at our merchandise desk but some are only available if you trade with Otafest staff! By trading a pin that you purchased, you’ll be able to get one of our staff designs. These special designs can be found throughout the convention however some are only available at certain events and times. These limited quantity pins are harder to find but will make your collecting experience more enjoyable and rewarding if you find them!

Pin Trading began at Otafest 2013. Any pin purchased at any previous Otafest is able to be traded. You can trade any pin with our O-Wing logo on the back for any other pin. Our full list of pins that are currently released are available at the bottom of this page.

The first design for Otafest 2014 will be displayed on March 3rd. A new design will be released each subsequent Monday leading up to Otafest. We look forward to revealing all of the surprises we have in store for you at Otafest 2014!

May 12th - Miko Aurora

Hello and welcome to the Otafest Pin Trading blog. It's been an amazing few months of pins, hasn't it? We're only 5 days away until the party starts! This will be our final pin release before Otafest 2014. As usual, we will have many surprises for you when you arrive so be on the look out for designs you haven't seen yet!

Au-chan smiles in her miko costume for this pin! We asked her if she was smiling because she liked the costume but as soon as she realized she was smiling she became grumpy! Super cute! Like the Miko Seph pin, Miko Aurora is also a staff pin! Keep on the look out for this pin designed by Cindy Chen!

Thank you once again for following our pin trading blog! We hope to have some more great designs for you to be released this summer. Thank you for being a fan of Otafest and we can't wait to see you this Friday!

Aurora Trivia: Did you know that Aurora's skin gets sun burn very easily?

May 5th - Miko Seph

Hello everyone! It's week 11 and we are less than 2 weeks away from Otafest 2014 and the party that comes with it! Are you excited? I sure hope so!

Today we are introducing our first set of staff pins! In order to get a staff pin, you must trade one of the pins you have purchased with one of our pin trading staff members! So keep your eye out for our staff wearing pin trading shirts and see if you can collect them! Our first staff pin is Miko Seph, looking stunning with her umbrella! Beautiful and poised, Seph's gentle smile will warm your heart! This pin was designed by Cindy Chen.

Next week: Aurora shows up for our last post! See you then!

Seph Trivia: Did you know that Seph loves sun bathing so much that her closet is full of bathing suits?

April 28th - SCT Pin

Welcome back to the Otafest pin trading blog for another special pin release! This pin is our second guest related pin, the Synaptic Chaos Theatre O-Wing!

Synaptic Chaos Theatre has been entertaining audiences at Otafest and other conventions throughout Western Canada and beyond for many years. They have become celebrities at Otafest in their own right with their geek themed improv sketch comedy and popular panels such as Late Night Dub Fight. Synaptic Chaos Theatre was so excited about our pins that we decided to combine our logos into this amazing O-Wing pin! The blue on the pin is just a placeholder, the color of the O-Wing will be gold or silver depending on which one you get!

To trade for this pin, you must check out Synaptic Chaos Theatre events! Please see our main events page to see a list of the events they will be at! Make sure you have a pin with you to trade when you see them!

Next week: Our final set of pins! See you then!

Otafest Trivia: Did you know that Otafest is short for Otaku no Festival?

April 21st - Lily Aurora

It's week 9 and we are a few weeks away from our big weekend! Are you excited? Just to remind you, all of our pins are available for our purchase in silver. If you are lucky you might be able to trade for a gold version of these pins if you can find them! Gold pins will be harder to get this year so be on the lookout!

Aurora is back this week with her favourite flower, the Lily! The lily is not a flower that grows naturally in a cold climate like Calgary's but it is one that you can give to Aurora to make her blush! Just make sure that cats stay away from this flower because it's poisonous to them! This pin was designed by Ziyu Wang!

Aurora Trivia: Aurora's favourite video game genres are RPGS and Dating simulations!

April 14th - Wild Rose Seph

It's our 8th week of showing off our Otafest 2014 pins and there are still a few more to go! I hope you're getting excited because Otafest isn't far away! This week we introduce a new set of pins from another new artist!

Alberta is known for being wild rose country. Why? Well our license plates tell you so for one! But if you go for a walk in any natural areas, it doesn't take long to see the beautiful light pink hue of the flowers sticking up from the ground! But did you know that the wild rose can grow up to 1.5 metres tall? That's one prickly flower! Seph's favourite flower is the wild rose because of it's beautiful scent and the beautiful contrast it creates with vegetation that surrounds it. Seph is a product of Alberta so it makes sense that she would love this flower! This pin is designed by a new member of the Otafest Art Team, Ziyu Wang!

Next week: Aurora shares her favourite flower with us! See you then!

Seph Trivia: Seph doesn't like having cold hands so she often puts them on Aurora's neck!

April 11 - Kieran Strange Pin

Welcome back to the Otafest pin trading blog for this special pin release! This is the first of many surprises we have in store for you at Otafest 2014.

The team at Otafest loved having Kieran Strange last year so much that we brought her back! And we weren't the only ones who felt this way! With her signature sound and style, Kieran makes fans where ever she goes and now has a large following of "Strangers" around the world! With Kieran's blessing, we decided to make a pin of her in honor of her return to Calgary!

This pin is only available for trade at events that Kieran Strange is taking part in! You can catch them at the following events:

  • Friday night - Concert!
  • Saturday - Who are Hitbox panel & Harry Potter and the Panel of Brilliance
  • Sunday - Judges for Otafest Idol

Outside of their formal programming, you will also be able to meet Kieran & Sarah in the 'Special Guests' area, just by the vendors' hall where they will be selling merchandise, signing autographs, and meeting fans!

Trade one of your Otafest pins and you'll be able to take this pin home! We hope you love the Kieran Strange pin and we look forward to showing you more surprises soon!

Kieran Trivia: Kieran cannot stay awake on long car rides, especially on tour! How cute!

April 7th - High Heat Aurora

Take me out to the ballgame! Take me out to the crowd! It's the 7th inning stretch here at the Otafest Pin Trading blog because it's our 7th pin release! Got yourself a bag a peanuts? Cracker Jacks? Alright! Let's introduce our closer, High Heat Aurora!

It's the bottom of the 9th and the home team is holding on to the lead! Aurora comes out from the dugout and the crowd goes wild! Au-chan's pitches are like a "cyclone" and the batters are swinging at air! Strike 3, you're out! Aurora pumps her fist with joy as her 100 MPH fast ball struck them out again! No curse will hold Aurora's team down! This pin is designed by Christina Windley!

Next week: We bring another set of pins What could it be? Guess you'll have to wait and see! See you then!

Aurora Trivia: Aurora's favourite classes in school were math and science! She was a little bit of a geek back then!

March 31st - Grand Slam Seph

Week 6 has finally arrived and with it a new month! We're 6 weeks away from Otafest 2014! That's amazing! Time sure flies when you're having fun! This week we have the joy of introducing a new theme and a new artist to pin trading! With that, I’d like to introduce you to Grand Slam Seph! April is a special month in baseball as it symbolizes the end of spring training and the start of the regular season!

Bases loaded with 2 outs, Seph steps up to the plate and hits a home run! As she rounds the bases, the crowd gives her a standing ovation! With a "babe" like her on the team, it’s no wonder why she’s led her team to championships! This pin was designed by Christina Windley, the newest member of the Otafest Art Team! Thank you very much Christina!

Next Week: Aurora is ready to strike you out! See you then!

Seph Trivia: Seph's favourite classes in school were English and History and her least favourite is arithmetic! Boo math!

March 24th - Battle Aurora

It's week 5 and we have another special pin to show you! So far all of the pins we have shown will be available at the Otafest merchandise booths around campus at Otafest! We will have some staff pins to show you soon so check back again!

Aurora joins Seph in battle with her own naval uniform! While Aurora has never been one for fighting, she has no problem doing so if someone calls her cute! This is why the Otafest team does their best to avoid this at all costs. Trust me, you don't want to be on the receiving end of her snowflake wand! This pin was designed by Vicky Xiao, a survivor of Aurora's terror! Yikes!

Next week: Seph becomes an angel in the outfield! See you then!

Aurora Trivia: Calling Aurora adorable still counts as calling her cute! Watch out!

March 17th - Battle Seph

We hope you enjoyed the pins so far and we can't wait to show you what we have next! It's a new week which means it's a new theme! So with that, we'd love to introduce you to Battle Seph!

Seph is ready for battle in her naval inspired uniform! Despite her determined looks and frightening scythe, don't you think she looks cute? One look in her eyes and you won't be so worried about being on the receiving end of her blade! Love is scary, isn't it? This pin was designed by Vicky Xiao!

Next week: Aurora joins the fray! See you then!

Seph Trivia: The only person capable of holding Seph's scythe is death himself! Scary!

March 10th - White Swan Aurora

It's so exciting to be back for another year of pin trading! This week we are back with our first Aurora pin of 2014! Au-chan fans of the world rejoice!

Graceful, delicate and beautiful, Aurora graces our presence as the beautiful Princess Odette! While Swan Lake ended in a happy ending, Aurora has to live with the curse of being cute! Will Au-chan ever be released from her curse? We sure hope not! This amazing amazing pin design is from Cindy Chen!

Next week: Seph heads out to the front in our next set of pins! See you then!

Aurora Trivia: Aurora loves cooler weather but doesn't like it too cold! She does not enjoy the days where it's -40 with the windchill!

March 3rd - Black Swan Seph

Hello and welcome back to the Otafest Pin Trading blog! This week we introduce our first set of pins for Otafest 2014. For this set of pins, we decided to take some inspiration not too long ago. In fact, we only have to go back to November when we held Otafest Aurora 2013!

Beautiful, alluring, and deadly. All words that could be used to describe the Black Swan of Swan Lake. Odile the black swan, tricked the prince into confessing to her ensuring Princess Odette was forever trapped as a swan. Seph could trick you into falling in love with her, could she not? Did we forget to make this pin for Aurora 2013? Of course not! We just wanted to save it for Otafest 2014! You believe us, right? This amazing pin was designed by Cindy Chen!

Next week: Odette the White Swan makes her appearance! Aurora is ready to pirouette into your hearts! See you then!

Seph Trivia: Seph loves sweets but hates spicy food!

February 14th - Valentines Day - Digital Idol Seph

We are so happy to be back and we are excited to show you whats in store for this May! Starting on March 3rd, we will release a new design each week that will get you hyped up for this year's Otafest! Our team has been hard at work making the next set of pins and we look forward to seeing your smiling faces as you discover all of the secrets yet to be revealed!

For those new to Otafest Pin Trading, it’s very simple! You will be able to purchase most of the pins from our merchandise booth while you are at Otafest but some pins you will have to trade for! Collect the styles you like or go for the whole set!

For those who have pin traded before, please bring any extra pins you may have purchased! You can trade pins from Otafest 2013 or Otafest Aurora 2013 for the new designs and you can help people who are missing a few!

And with that, lets introduce our first pin for Otafest 2014: Digital Idol Seph!

This May we will be hosting our first ever Japanese Voice Actress, Yuu Asakawa. Yuu has been involved in many popular anime such as Azumanga Di-oh and Love Hina but she is most famous for her lending her voice to the vocaloid, Megurine Luka. Many of our staff love vocaloids and their signature sound so we decided to create a pin inspired by them! Seph is ready to take the stage in this adorable pin designed by Cindy Chen! Will you be lucky enough to hear her song?

This pin has very limited quantities and is only available to pre-registered guests of Otafest 2014. Please purchase your pass online today! Any of our 3-day or VIP passes will allow you to purchase this pin. We will not have this pin available for trade! The pin is provided on a first come, first served basis. We will hold a small quantity of these pins each day to be released. Maximum 2 pins per pre-registered guest.

I hope you are excited for this pin and we look forward to showing you more on March 3rd! See you then!

Seph Trivia: Did you know that Seph has a pet dog? It’s a cerberus!

Currently Released Pins

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    Otafest 2013
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    V.I.P Pin
    Otafest 2013
  • Steampunk Seph
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    Otafest 2013
  • Steampunk Aurora
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  • Maid Seph
    Maid Cafe
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  • Maid Aurora
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  • Magical Girl Seph
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  • Magical Girl Aurora
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  • Yukata Seph
    Pre-Registration Pin
    Otafest 2013
  • Yukata Aurora
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  • Cat Girl Seph
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  • Bunny Girl Aurora
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    Otafest 2013
  • Casual Seph
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    Otafest 2013
  • Casual Aurora
    Staff Pin
    Otafest 2013
  • Volunteer Pin
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    Otafest 2013
  • Edmonton 2013
    Otafest Table
    Animethon 20
  • Snow-Wing
    Pre-Registration Pin
    Otafest Aurora 2013
  • 16-Bit Aurora
    Otafest Aurora 2013
  • 16-Bit Seph
    Otafest Aurora 2013
  • Holiday Aurora
    Otafest Aurora 2013
  • Holiday Seph
    Otafest Aurora 2013
  • Aurora-Wing
    Otafest Aurora 2013
  • Gala Aurora
    Otafest Aurora 2013
  • Gala Seph
    Otafest Aurora 2013
  • Angel of Dawn
    Otafest Aurora 2013
  • Angel of Death
    Otafest Aurora 2013
  • Bootleg Seph
    Pin Trading Party
  • Bootleg Aurora
    Pin Trading Party
  • Heart-Wing
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  • Aurora Volunteer Pin 2013
    Otafest Aurora 2013
  • Angel of Time
  • Starlight
    A Taste of Animethon 2014