7 May

With just over a week until the party starts, here are some things we would like to remind you of:

If you haven't bought your tickets online, you can do so until May 14th.
Tickets will also be available for sale at the door. Single day passes are sold at the door only, not online.

Check out our programming schedule to plan your day. There will be paper copies available for you at Otafest as well.

Otafest officially supports the Cosplay is not Consent movement. If you feel harassed or if someone isn't leaving you alone, find and inform one of our volunteers immediately.

Seph & Aurora Cosplay Contest
If you are cosplaying as one of our amazing mascots and wish to enter the contest, visit the photo booth any time on Saturday or Sunday to fill out a quick form and have your photo taken. Judging will happen on Sunday afternoon and awards will be given out at closing ceremonies on Sunday.

The rules are simple: Be dressed as either Persephone or Aurora in any costume that would be recognizable as them and have fun. All variants or costumes are allowed and you will only be judged on your photo, not on the construction or materials of your costume. You are also allowed to enter the Cosplay Showcase, Cosplay Contest, and/or the Mr and Ms Otafest contests in addition to the Seph & Aurora Cosplay Contest.

Cosplay Green Room

Tired? Cold? Need a place to sit without being accosted for photos? Heaven forbid something has ripped/torn/broken on your costume?!

Come visit the Cosplay Green Room!

Located in Bianca, on the second floor of Mac Hall, near the ballroom and next to the access doors that lead to ICT (check out the map at the bottom of the page here:, the Cosplay Green room is open to all Cosplayers to come in, relax, and do minor repairs on your costume.

The Green Room will be open Saturday morning from 10am until 2pm and 7pm to 9pm, as well as all day (10am to 6pm) on Sunday. The Green Room will be open only to Cosplay Contest entrants from 2pm until 7pm for preparation and photo ops, but if you have a costume emergency, there will still be supplies that we can lend you!

Also, the Green Room is designated as a NO PHOTOGRAPHY AREA!!! Cameras will not be allowed in the room (with the exception of Official Otafest Photographers, and only during the photoshoot block) and anyone using one will be asked to leave. So, if you need a break from all the pictures, come visit us and let your hair down (so to speak).

Due to limited space, please keep your visits short to ensure everyone has a chance to visit.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.