Otafest is happy to announce that the following vendors will be at our convention this year! This list is subject to change.

Vendor Booth(s)
Megazone A1
Animodeling Zone A2
Animage Hobby Shop A3
Anime Fanatic A4
Dark Phoenix A5
Canada Cosplay A6
Viibrants A7
Random Array A8
Lesa's Enchanted Attic A9
Japan Gifts A10
Elemental Illusions B1
Nerd Loft B2
Greentea Design B3
Otaku Entertainment B4 & B5
Irben Entertainment B6 & B7
New Game+ C1
Chez Rhox C2
Maru Cosplay C3
Chinook Crafts C4
Sun Anime C5
Global Anime C7
C&L Multimedia C8
Cartoon Passion C9
Tenshi Hobby C10
Comic-Kazi D1
Anime Hypercubed D2
Nerdhaven Collectables D3