Anime Music Video Contest


Otafest’s AMV Contest is open to everyone who wants to submit an AMV video into competition provided that it’s their own work and conforms to all the rules as listed below. You do not need to be present at the event to enter, but attendance is always encouraged when possible.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday April 10, 2015

As the contest will be two hours in length, all accepted entries will be judged by a panel of judges to determine the finalists.

If you have any questions on any of the rules or submission guidelines, please e-mail us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible


  • Special Awards
    • Up to a total of 8 special awards will be awarded.
  • Judges’ Top Awards
    • 1st Place (Best in Show), 2nd Place, and 3rd Place
  • Audience Favorite Awards
    • 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place


  1. Previously released videos (as shown publicly at conventions, clubs and contests, or for download on the internet) must have been premiered after July 1, 2014 to qualify.
  2. Only two (2) entries will be accepted per individual or group.
  3. All entries will be limited to a minimum length of thirty (30) seconds and a maximum length of six (6) minutes.
  4. All entries submitted must be the works of the person or group as listed with the information required with each submission. If submitted entries are found to be the works of another creator (stolen or plagiarized), the videos will be disqualified and the entrant may be banned from participating and/or attending future Otafest events.
  5. This is a family friendly event. Videos that contain excessive nudity, graphic sexual content, graphic violence or excessive foul language will not be accepted.
  6. Entries that use footage containing subtitles, watermarks, text, studio logos or graphic overlays may be disqualified. Exceptions may be granted if such usage is intentional and plainly necessary to the video's concept.
  7. Entries that include any inextricable credits, bumpers or slates will be disqualified. Otafest will create custom-designed titles.
  8. As this is an AMV contest, all entries are required to have the majority of their content anime/animation based (includes all Japanese animation, video game and inspired animation based on anime content).
  9. Videos must use at least 70% of external music or songs (i.e., not part of the original audio track of the video source) with the exception of trailers that may be a combination of external dialogue and music.
  10. All entries must meet the requirements listed in the Technical Requirements section below.
  11. You irrevocably grant Otafest and the AMV coordinators unconditional and eternal permission to use, copy, share, and exhibit your entry in any way including for purposes and usages outside of or unrelated to this event.
  12. The AMV Contest Coordinator and Judges' interpretation and implementation of the rules and contest winners are final. All judging methods and decisions are final. Otafest reserves the right not to show entries for any reason.


All videos are required to be in at least a resolution of 640 x 480 or higher and a frame rate of 23.97 or better (29.97 or better preferred). Audio shall be at a sampling rate of no lower then 44,100 Hz.

We will attempt to accept all media formats that we can play (mp4 is preferred). Otafest reserves the right to reject any entries that will not play properly or cannot be re-encoded to something acceptable.

File sizes of each entry will be restricted to a size no more than 1 GB.

If you have problems encoding your entry, please contact us at to work out a solution.


All entries must be submitted online by e-mailing with the following information:

  • Real Name,
  • Studio Name (if Applicable),
  • The state and country you live in (so we can keep demographic statistics),
  • Title of each video entered,
  • The name of the song followed by the name of the artist of each video entered,
  • Title of the video sources used (if more then 3, use "Various") of each video entered,
  • If you plan on attending Otafest, and
  • The method by which you will get your entry to us (see below)

NOTE: E-mailing us the above information means you have read and accepted all the contest rules.

The methods to get your entry to us are as follows:

  • FTP: If this method is selected, the information for the FTP site to upload to (url, user name, and password) will be provided.
  • LINK: Videos may be accepted via upload sites (i.e.: web links, Dropbox, Rapidshare, Sendspaaace, etc) so long as they do not need to be "signed up" to access. Links to streaming sites such as YouTube will not be accepted. When choosing this method, provide the URL link with your information.

Once we receive your entry(s), have reviewed and tested them, we will send you an e-mail confirmation.

If you’re unable to get us your entry in any of the above methods, please contact us at to see if we can work out an alternative method.