Otafest's Artist Alley brings together a multifaceted array of original creative talent to one location.  Artists sell a wide variety of work including drawings, charms, handmade plushies, and more.  Some will take commissions for custom pieces.



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An upcoming artist looking to sell her art and conventions across the globe! Originally from Edmonton, AB. Now I live in the big city of Vancouver, BC! and I'm so happy to be coming to Otafest with all of you!

Amanda Renee Roth

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Amanda Roth is a Canadian artist and cosplayer who enjoys comics and great stories told in the cartoon and Japanese animation industries! She wants to share her art and love of cartoons and comics with the world, and hopes someday to publish her very own webcomic!


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Drake (Winson) Tsui is a Canadian freelance illustrator specializing in 2D concept art and splash/cover art. Also the author/artist of SIN, a Manga initially published by inkblazers and now on tapastic.com
An enthusiast in all things geeky, my artwork covers a range of interests including video games, Anime/Manga, tv shows and cartoons!


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Being a hobbyist doll-maker for +8 years, I love the constant tweaking and improving of my patterns to make the best finished product for my commissioners. Precision and attention to detail are the two biggest draws to crafting.

Grimm Fabrications

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Grimm Fabrications is an online boutique that hails from the deep dark woods. Inspired by pastel goth, cult party kei, witchcraft, and oddities, Grimm Fabrications creates wearable objects that are as unique as the individual that wears them. Grimm Fabrications is created by Emmelia Taylor, a fibre arts graduate from Calgary, AB.


Table 6

I have been fascinated by the Japanese manga art style since I was four years old. Drawing has always been a way to relieve stress and it's been a great way to connect with others with the same passion over the years.

Hanqing Jing

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Ashley Harder

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I was born on the eighteenth day of the eight month in eighty-eight. I grew up loving arts and crafts, girl power, and coordinating my own outfits. I would consider myself a feminist, a human rights activist, and an artist of multiple mediums. My current obsessions include Sailor Moon, My Little Pony, Care Bears, Japanese street fashion and everything 1980's. I like to let these passions inform and inspire my artwork and hope to convey a feeling of whimsy and nostalgia.


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My name is Julie Neil, better known as Jubblier, and I am an artist, designer, and animator from Calgary Alberta! I've been seriously into art for the past 10 years and have drifted into creating mostly buttons and trinkets, but there's always room for experimentation and different ideas! Very excited to be a part of ota fest again this year, and very excited to meet and greet everyone as always!


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I am an Edmonton based artist and seamstress. I enjoy working in many mediums. My products range from fur to clay and from kawaii to steampunk.


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Kyleigh Brice

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Kyleigh (or Cryleigh, as she calls herself online) draws as a passionate pastime, finding enjoyment in re-imagining favourite characters from manga, anime and cartoons. Her subject matter changes given the day, the hour, and the alignment of the stars, but her devotion towards bettering herself and her art is a universal constant. She has also recently been recruited to the Otafest Art Team (Mio is best mascot).

Prince Phantom

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I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. It didn't start out as anime but it definitely progressed into that field. After finding out the joys of attending conventions and the wonders of a place known as Artist Alley, I knew I had to try it out for myself. So here I am, a girl simply following her conventioning dreams.


Table 15

I'm an illustrator that has been working with otafest since the first Otafest Aurora. :D. I like food and puppies a lot ;D

Amber Walker

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Amber Walker was born in Whittier, California. In 2007 Walker moved from the Untied States to Whitehorse, Yukon, to pursue her career as an artist. Amber's work consists of surrealism and portraits, that capture elements of a personal journey. Ms. Walker's work is well known for it's precision and colourful blending technique.


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Hi, I'm Caitlin/Frigandier/Timelybees! I like to work in lots of different media- I crochet and sew plushies, draw art, make jewelry and sculpt tiny things. I watch cartoons and play video games because I'm an adult!

Duchess Celestia

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☆ Digital artist ☆ Enjoys macabre/horror works ☆ Avid guinea pig enthusiast ☆


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I'm just a fish who draws too little and eats too much.


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Linda Yan

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Hello! I'm Brownrabbits aka Linda.
I love to draw, eat pudding and run around at night in an empty parking lot.

Wishful Thinking

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Wishful Thinking is a student-founded charity sales project which seeks to raise money and awareness for local and international charity organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation by selling students' original artwork. We have now raised thousands of dollars through sales in Calgary and Edmonton. Visit us on Facebook/DeviantArt!


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Mel is an Edmonton-based artist currently working on many secret projects, spending her spare time at home knitting or sewing, and treating herself with salted popcorn. She sells her wares at Comic & Anime cons across Canada as well as farmer's markets year-round in her home town.


Table 26

Hi, I’m mangokappu! I’m an Albertan artist alley-er and I’ll be selling posters, buttons, and commissions! I've been doing cons for around 5 years, and hope to continue for a while! My price range is from $1~$15, and I cover a range of series, including Yowamushi Pedal, Kill la Kill, Sailor Moon, Haikyuu!!, Ouran, DRAMAtical Murder, Kuroko no Basuke, and a bunch more!

Kate Depatie

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Unique, traditional work in mixed media featuring fantasy and surrealist themes.


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Meru is an hobby artist who currently resides in Alberta, specializing in a chibi style of art. Meru enjoys working digitally as well as traditionally on her art. Her favorite medium to work in currently is markers. It is often joked between anyone who knows her that she can’t sit still – if she’s not drawing, you can find her creating adorable crochet animals (amigurumi) or sewing.


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I love yuri but it ruined my life.

Gladzy Kei

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chocolate is love chocolate is life