In order to comply with Otafest Policies, patrons may ask ahead of time whether the props they plan to make and/or bring to Otafest will be allowed. This page is a database of props that have had a decision made by the Policy Enforcement team.

Search here first. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, then please ask on the Weapon Classification thread on Reddit. Include a picture in your inquiry.

General Rules

  1. Real weapons are banned. No exceptions
  2. Metal props, bokken & shinai (kendo sticks), & other dangerous weapons are banned. No exceptions.
  3. If it launches any sort of projectile, no matter how "safe" the projectile is, it is banned (water guns, Nerf guns, etc).

Click on a title for a picture where available.

Prop Series Decision Extra Conditions?
Anything Metal Realistic (NOT Allowed)
Bokken Realistic (NOT Allowed)
Bow (Real) Realistic (NOT Allowed)
Cap Guns Realistic (NOT Allowed)
Dante's Guns Devil May Cry Realistic (NOT Allowed)
Death the Kid's Guns Soul Eater Realistic (NOT Allowed)
Grenades Realistic (NOT Allowed)
Gun Vampire Knight Realistic (NOT Allowed)
Gun Crisis Core Realistic (NOT Allowed)
MG 42 Jin Roh Realistic (NOT Allowed)
Nerf/foam Guns Realistic (NOT Allowed)
Real Weapons Realistic (NOT Allowed)
Shinai Realistic (NOT Allowed)
Water Guns Realistic (NOT Allowed)
A Bazooka Team Fortress 2 Tentative (Pending inspection at Otafest)
Bow (String Removed) Tentative (Pending inspection at Otafest) Yes
Heavy's Mini-gun Team Fortress 2 Tentative (Pending inspection at Otafest)
Mami's Gun Puella Magi Madoka Magica Tentative (Pending inspection at Otafest)
Panty's Gun Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Tentative (Pending inspection at Otafest)
Seras Victoria's Harcannon Hellsing Tentative (Pending inspection at Otafest)
Vincent's Gun Dirge of Cerberus Tentative (Pending inspection at Otafest)
ABAs Key Guilty Gear General (Allowed)
Ahab Gun Homestuck General (Allowed)
Allen Walker's Sword D.Grey-man General (Allowed)
Belphegor's Knives Hitman Reborn General (Allowed)
Black Rock Shooter Gun Black Rock Shooter General (Allowed)
Bladeless Sword Hilt General (Allowed)
Blue Rose's Guns Tiger & Bunny General (Allowed)
Broom General (Allowed)
Bug Net General (Allowed)
Buster Sword Final Fantasy VII General (Allowed)
Butter Knife General (Allowed)
Byakuya Kuchiki's Sword Bleach General (Allowed)
Canes General (Allowed)
Cissnei's Targe Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core General (Allowed)
Claws Prototype General (Allowed)
Clear, Multi-Bladed Sword Angel Sanctuary General (Allowed)
Coconuts Monty Python General (Allowed)
Collector Assault Rifle Mass Effect 2 General (Allowed)
Colour Guard Rifle General (Allowed)
Crowbar General (Allowed)
Dead Scythe (Dead Master) Black Rock Shooter General (Allowed)
Death Sword Zelda General (Allowed)
Denmark's Axe Hetalia Axis Powers General (Allowed)
Enyo's gun SIN General (Allowed)
Fake Axe General (Allowed)
Fate's Bardiche (Axe) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha General (Allowed)
Fishing Rod General (Allowed)
Flag General (Allowed)
Flaming Bow General (Allowed) Yes
Frostmourne World of Warcraft General (Allowed)
Frying Pan General (Allowed)
Fye's Staff Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle General (Allowed)
Giant Fan General (Allowed)
Gohei General (Allowed)
Harley Quinn's Popgun Batman General (Allowed)
Haseo's Sword .Hack General (Allowed)
Hei's Dagger Darker then Black General (Allowed)
Hidden Blade Assassin's Creed General (Allowed)
Hsien Ko's Claws Guilty Gear General (Allowed)
Ichigo's Zangetsu Bleach General (Allowed)
Kamen Rider Gear Kamen Rider General (Allowed)
Katana (Plastic) General (Allowed)
Keyblade Kingdom Hearts General (Allowed)
Kirito's Swords Sword Art Online General (Allowed)
Kneesocks' Scythe Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt General (Allowed)
Lavi/Ravi's Tettsui D.Grey-man General (Allowed)
Legretta the Quick's Guns Tales of the Abyss General (Allowed)
Lero D.Grey-man General (Allowed)
Lightning's Gunblade Final Fantasy XIII General (Allowed)
Loki's Staff Avengers General (Allowed)
Lust's Claws Full Metal Alchemist General (Allowed)
M-5 Phalanx Mass Effect 2 General (Allowed)
Marauder Starcraft 2 General (Allowed)
Martel's Staff Tales of Symphonia General (Allowed)
Master Sword Zelda General (Allowed)
Mayuri's Sword Bleach General (Allowed)
Musical Instruments* General (Allowed) Yes
Naginata General (Allowed)
Nero's Sword Devil May Cry General (Allowed)
Nero's Wings Dirge of Cerberus General (Allowed)
Oerba Yun Fang Spear Final Fantasy XIII General (Allowed)
Phantom Gannon's Spear Zelda General (Allowed)
Pillow General (Allowed)
Plasma Gun Halo General (Allowed)
Portal Gun Portal General (Allowed)
Power of Love Sword Scott Pilgrim General (Allowed)
Pyramid Head's Knife Silent Hill General (Allowed)
Rapiers General (Allowed)
Ref Board Eureka 7 General (Allowed)
Reno's Electro Mag Rod Final Fantasy VII General (Allowed)
Reverse Blade Katana General (Allowed) Yes
Riding Crop General (Allowed)
Rikku's Claw Final Fantasy X General (Allowed)
Rikku's Targe Final Fantasy X General (Allowed)
Riou's Extra Long Tonfa* Suikoden II General (Allowed) Yes
Sango's Boomarang Inuyasha General (Allowed)
Scythe General (Allowed)
Seira's Club Chaos Head General (Allowed)
Soul Soul Eater General (Allowed)
Spear Homestuck General (Allowed)
Streetsweeper Homestuck General (Allowed)
Suiseiki's Giant Scissors Rozen Maiden General (Allowed)
Sword Minecraft General (Allowed)
Sword Hilt and Sheath General (Allowed)
T-Virus Sample Resident Evil General (Allowed)
Table Fork General (Allowed)
Tactimon's Sword Digimon General (Allowed)
Tennis Racket General (Allowed)
TNT Minecraft General (Allowed)
War's Sword Darksiders General (Allowed)
Wars Gauntlet Darksiders General (Allowed)
White Mage Staff Final Fantasy General (Allowed)
Wings General (Allowed)
Wok General (Allowed)
Wonderweiss's Sword Bleach General (Allowed)
Wrench General (Allowed)
Xth Form Gun Blades .Hack General (Allowed)
Yoko's Gun Gurren Lagann General (Allowed)
Yuffie's Targe Final Fantasy VII General (Allowed)
Zabuza's Sword Naruto General (Allowed)
Zillyhoo Homestuck General (Allowed)