When you find yourself with a little bit of downtime, and you're not quite sure where you want to hang out, make sure you come check out some of Otafest's themed rooms!

Maid Cafe

Okaerinasaimase, Goshujin-sama! Welcome to the Otafest Maid Cafe.

Maid Cafes are a branch of cosplay cafe where the servers serve customers in a French maid style theme. This phenomenon has long since spread throughout Japan and the rest of the world, eventually reaching here to be adopted at Otafest.

Otafest Aurora hosts a casual, lounge-style experience with drinks, games, and a selfie booth. Feel free to hang out and enjoy some holiday treats!

Photo Booth

Otafest's Photo Booth is a place for you to immortalize your Otafest memories and take home a piece of the Otafest experience. Featuring a themed photo set as well as a studio backdrop for showing off your costumes, there is something fun and exciting in the Photo Booth for guests, cosplayers and everyone in between.

Our photographers will provide professional quality photo service to all Otafest attendees. All you need to get your photo taken in the booth is an Otafest wristband.

All photos will be available on the official Otafest Facebook Page shortly after the festival. Optional physical prints will be available for purchase in the room for $10.00.