Maid Cafe

Note: The maid cafe is only allowing a window of 10 minutes for ticket holders to arrive at the cafe for seating. After 10 minutes anyone who is looking to visit the maid cafe regardless of whether or not they have a ticket will be admitted in the cafe if there is still room available. Doors will be closed after 15 minutes of each start of the session and no one else will be admitted until doors open again for the start of the next session.

Okaerinasaimase, Goshujin-sama! Welcome to the Otafest Maid Cafe page.

Maid Cafes are a branch of cosplay cafe where the servers serve customers in a French maid style theme. This phenomenon has long since spread throughout Japan and the rest of the world, eventually reaching here to be adopted in Otafest.

Our lovely group have been proud members of the Otafest family since 2008 and the cafe was created to celebrate its 10th year running. Through its success and the generosity of our patrons, we have held the event every year since then.

We are so grateful to be able to serve our masters! Please relax and let us bring you answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How do I get in?

The Maid Cafe operates on a reserved ticketing system. This means you must reserve your seat in advance by purchasing a ticket for a specific time slot.

Tickets are available at the Information Booth for $2.00 and include a reserved seat at the cafe and one beverage. Maximum of 2 tickets per person.

We have a limited number of seats and sessions so please be considerate of other patrons if you are not committed to attending your reservation.

What happens in the Maid Cafe?

The Maid Cafe offers a variety of beverages and cakes. The selection changes between every Otafest and every Otafest Aurora. We also have adorable young women (and the occasional brolita) in maid costumes eager to meet and serve you.

The maids perform a dance in each service session while you enjoy your snack.

Service sessions are 45 minutes. Please be respectful of this time limit as the cafe needs to prepare for the next service.

All of our proceeds goes towards Otafest’s charity of choice for the year.

How do I volunteer and what are the expectations?

Currently we are only accepting female applicants that are 15 years of age or older. Be prepared to attend mandatory biweekly meetings/rehearsals to practice the dance of the year. We expect our volunteers to be responsible and are able to meet the requirements of hospitality as we try to be an engaging event.

If you would like to apply to be a Maid Cafe Volunteer, please fill in the Maid Cafe application form.

I heard a rumor the Maid Cafe is housing a Pokemon Gym Leader. Is this true?

The rumors are almost true. We are not housing a Gym Leader so much as we were taken over by this monster. She has finally had enough of her years as being a maid, a servant, a slave to her masters. This beast in lace and apron has decided she will be the only master and now commands the full power of her Pokemon and our maids.

The Pokemon League has recognized her power and granted her membership among them. Do you dare challenge the Maid Cafe's Gym Leader and claim the rewards she has to offer?

It Has to be Said

The Maid Cafe operates under a zero-tolerance abuse and harassment policy. Please be considerate of, and polite to our volunteers. Otafest takes the safety of volunteers, patrons, and staff seriously. Anyone acting in a manner that is deemed to be abusive or are otherwise in violation of Otafest's Policies will be removed from the room and, potentially, the convention.