Charity Art Auction

Since 2013, our charity art initiatives have raised over $7,500 for local charities. We return for 2015 with a pair of prints by Drake Tsui and Andrea Tamme.

Drake Tsui has previously created art for Otafest and we are very excited for him to create more with his charity piece featuring his popular style. You can find Drake on his Deviantart account here:

Andrea Tamme is a local artist who has provided art for various projects including video games. Her Western pin up style featuring Seph and Aurora is something we have never seen before. Otafest would like to thank both Andrea and Drake for donating their time and energy into our charity art this year.

There will only be one print produced of each piece for Otafest 2015. You will be bidding on an exclusive and rare piece of Otafest history that you will be able to display in your home forever! You can see the print at our information desk throughout the weekend. Your opportunity to bid on this print will happen at our Charity Auction on Sunday, May 17th.

Included with each print:

  • A frame
  • A signature from the artist
  • A signature from Persephone / Aurora
  • A digital photo of you holding the art with Persephone & Aurora