Panels & Live Programming

*ageha presents: Sayonara Spring (Jiyoon Y.)
Send the spring off with a party, and welcome the summer, whether it is your last or your infinite. Join YouTube cover artist, *ageha (formerly known as "AELITA") for a 1-hour show full of fun music and dancing! Bring your friends, families and lovers, as we travel through the change in the seasons together through the anime and Vocaloid songs that we love!

All About Ball-Jointed Dolls (Janet L.)
If you've ever wanted to own a BJD, were looking for more information on them, or even if you have your own collection, come join the Calgary BJD group as we go through the steps of owning and caring for your dolls, and much more!

Anime Jeopardy Contest (Rory M.)
If you've ever wanted to test your knowledge for fun and prizes or have an opportunity to prove how much of an otaku you really are, now's your chance! Get chosen from the audience by answering simple trivia questions to earn a chance to play a round of Anime Jeopardy and compete for the right to be called the ultimate trivia master!

Anime Starter Pack (Linda Y.)
Come join us talk about, well... Anime! We'll talk a bit about the different types and genres of animes, tropes you can expect to see in each and try to introduce you guys to series that you may have heard of but never gotten a chance to watch! Then test everyone's knowledge with a game of Jeopardy and few games of Heads Up!! (Come for the anime, stay for the hi-chews).

APH World Meeting (Shay B.)
Come join your favorite Hetalia characters for fun and games in celebration of the show!

Ask a Magical Girl (Lauren M.)
Have you ever had a question for the Puella Magi Holy Quintet? If so, this is the panel for you! Come and ask the five witch-hunters anything your little soul desires!

Ask The AOT Characters (Malackie F.)
Ask and Dare the AOT characters

Battle Chess (Adam K.)
Come down to witness a battle of legends, cosplayers come and take the role of forces locked in battle! Chess like you`ve never seen it before.

Meals fit for a first date. Bring a competitive spirit and an empty stomach, win prizes.

Beyblade Free-For-All (Ashley M.)
A free-for-all designed for bladers that just wanna come in and hang out with others that share a common interest with you, Beyblade! Rock out to some of your favorite classic bey battling songs and test your blading skills against both old and new friends.

*Bey Stadiums will be provided and as well as a few beyblades. Beyblades provided will be first come first serve. So if you own your own be sure not to forget it*

"But why, Japan?"-A Novel By Westerners (Shea C.)
A panel dedicated to enlightening it's viewers on the interesting and ultimately unique things that can be found in Japan that some in Western cultures often consider "strange". From traditions with meanings North Americans would never even consider celebrating to random objects that can be found in the depths of ebay...

Cards Against Otafest (Dan R.)
What happens when you cram a group of Otafest patrons in a room and ask them to think of horrible things? Well, if you're doing it with a game you get Cards Against Otafest. A modified edition of Cards against Humanity with an Otafest twist.

Con-Survival 101 (Nathan Y.)
Looking to get into the con scene? Start here; we've got some tips on how you can get the most out of your con experience

Convention Horror Stories 2.0 (Noa B.)
Have a horror story you wish to share? This is the panel to do it at!

Cosplay for Dummies (David M. A.)
Cosplay for Dummies!

Finally! A panel for the rest of us. Come learn how to get started doing cosplay! where to get the materials, and how to put them together. We will cover everything from make up and wigs, to the costume. We will also discuss the little touches that take your cosplay from good to amazing! We will also discuss how to handle the folks who will want to take a picture of your creation and how to make sure they get your best side.

Hosted by Dakota Lloyd who has 10 years in the Cosplay scene competing, judging and of course, having fun!

Cosplay Music Videos 101 (Alfred L.)
Cosplay Music Videos are the coolest way to show off your passion for cosplay, conventions, and community. Ever wanted to make one? Join us for some quick tips on how to film your very own CMV.

Cosplay Photography 101 (David M. A.)
Disappointed when you compare your convention pictures with what you see online? Come learn how to take awesome pictures with the camera you have (yes, even the smart phone you're reading this on). In this interactive workshop you will learn how to get the best from your camera and the Cosplayer you are taking the picture of. Cosplayers! Come learn how to pose, and make sure the photographers are getting the best possible shots of you and your costume. A large backdrop will be provided for participants to use.

Cosplay: Behind the Seams (Linda Y.)
So you've finally finished that costume you've been slaving over all year! What else can you do to make sure you feel as amazing as possible in it? Let's work together and figure out fun workout/diet routines and makeup looks for different types of characters from your favorite shows.

Crossplay pageant (Landon D.)
Is it a boy? Or is it a girl? Come to the crossplay pageant to see cosplayers as there opposite genders competing in 3 rounds full of fun and entertainment to be crowned Crossplay King and Queen of Otafest

Dangan Trivia with Junko and Chihiro (Breanna J. & Deidra M.)
You think you know Danganronpa? Test your knowledge with Dangan Trivia. If you want to ask Junko and Chihiro questions they will be answering all your questions too!

Does it Die: Q&A and Gaming Party! (Matsuyama D. P-A.)
Do you love playing games and hangin' out with hilarious friends? We sure do! Come in, make new friends and join the Does it Die team as we play games and make complete fools of ourselves for your amusement. Plus, participants can even win prizes!

Force Start presents: An EPIC Reading of 50 shades of OH MY!!! (Force Start Comedy - Thomas L.)
50 Shades of Grey, a horrible phenomenon, so who better to tear it a new one then Force Start! Come check this one out, you'll be glad you did... right before you start questioning all your life's choices!

Foul Bachelor Frog Bingo (Alexis T.)
You'll learn things about your friends that you never wanted to know. There are no winners, just disgusting, disgusting people. Check your shame at the door.

Geeking Out: Come In, We're Open (Riah F-W.)
We aim to build a bridge between fans of anime & manga and fans Western-centric comics (primarily the superhero genre). With over 70 years of history, where does one start? By creating a community and fostering a feeling of inclusivity, everyone can ask questions and discuss the things we love.

HaiQ&A! volleyball shenanigans (Giuliana C.)
Join your favorite volleyball boys for Q&A, truth or dare, and other hilarious antics! Be there or be square !

Hitchhiker's Guide to Cosplay (Michelle E.)
Have you ever thought about entering the world of cosplay but never knew where to start? Are you a veteran but want to learn new tips and tricks? This is the panel for you!! Run by KBND cosplay. We'll teach you the things.

Intro to Visual Novels (Sean K.)
A summary of what a visual novel is. The elements of a visual novel will be discussed, as well as how you would go about making one, and the creative process

Introduction to Fate/Stay Night (Alexis T.)
Are you watching the Unlimited Blade Works anime? Do you just want to understand what all of this "Nasuverse" hubub is about? Come learn about Fate/Stay Night and why the series has captivated so many people!

Introduction to Tabletop RPGs (Cale H.)
Basics of tabletop rpgs for beginners. We will be looking at multiple gaming systems (Star Wars, D&D, Pathfinder, Anima, etc.), and presenting new players with the basics they require to get into the hobby. Format also includes basic gamer etiquette and behaviours to avoid.

Japanese Cyberpunk (Chad N.)
From Ghost in the Shell to Tokyo Gore Police! Come learn about the dual nature of cyberpunk in Japan.

Japanese Experimental Animation (Chad N.)
Only the best in weird short film!

Japanese for Beginners (Heather S.)
"Nihongo wa totemo tanoshii desu yo!" Wait, what? Join Amiboshi for a quick introductory crash-course of the Japanese language.

Japanese Tea Tasting (Liza K.)
Have you ever wondered why your green tea tastes bitter? Do you want to learn more about tea in Japanese culture? Have you ever wanted to participate in Japanese tea ceremony?
We will be answering those questions and talking about tea in Japan and proper ways to brew it. There might be some samples too ;)

Japanification Identification (Dan R.)
We've all seen the funny and weird commercials that come out of Japan at times, but the question is; Can you figure out what they are for without a product splash. Find out how well you know Japanese products

Learn to Teach English in Japan! (Jessica R.)
Have you ever thought about teaching English in Japan? Well now you can learn how to do it! Come to learn the basics of teaching, and importance of engaging students in their learning. We'll also discuss programs and resources that are available to help you on your journey.

Let's RWBY (Madison S.)
Join your favorite RWBY characters for a look into the world of Remnant, improve games, Q&A's, and more!

Love Live! Dance Panel (Carter C. Y.)
Time to achieve your idol dreams! With μ's members as your instructors, join us for an hour of fun dances and choreography in this interactive panel.

Making it in the Music Industry (Brendan H.)
Join 3 music industry veterans, Kieran Strange (Headliner/Vocalist), Kit Watson (Manager) and Brendan Hood (Session/Studio Musician) as they share advice on how to break into the industry and how to develop as a performer as well as answer your questions.

MARVELous Jeopardy (Kenzie H.)
Do you think you know everything there is about the Marvel Universe? Come out and test your knowledge on both the comics and the movies, and win some awesome prizes!

Mixer & Mingler (Mike P.)
Come on in and socialize! A relaxed-yet-organised way to meet new people; we'll provide the (virgin) drinks, prepared by a professional bartender!

Mixer & Mingler - LGBT Edition 18+ (Mike P.)
Come on in and socialize! A relaxed-yet-organised way to meet new people; we'll provide the (virgin) drinks, prepared by a professional bartender!

Midnight Trivia Miracle Quiz (Eden S.)
Are you beary prebeared for this unbearable bear of a quiz? Come join the Persona 4 crew for some trivia fun and win some prizes for participating!
Moding Intro (Mike J.)
Introduction into moding. How to create a cosplay prop from common items such as Nerf guns, Halloween decorations etc.

Monster Hunter hunting challenge! (Brett L.)
Think you got what it takes to prove your g rank monster hunter credibility?, come and try the hunting challenge and claim your reward!

Movie Talk: Video Game Film Adaptations (Jeffrey W.)
Film lovers and gamers alike unite! Join us as we examine the past, present of future of video game film adaptions. From the good, bad to ugly, from Mario to Assassin's Creed, we'll discuss what video game movies need to do to be successful.

Mystery Science Fanfiction (Heather S.)
In the style of Mystery Science Theatre, our panelists read some of the worst fanfiction the Internet has to offer for their pain and your pleasure.

Neon Genesis TRIVIAngelion (Jake G.)
Test your knowledge of Neon Genesis Evangelion in the Jeopardy style game hosted by Shinji and Kaworu. Choose team humans or team angels in a chance to win prizes from your favourite boyfriend.

Nitro+CHiRAL: Chapter YAOI (Alexandra W.)
Are you familiar with DRAMAtical Murder?,or Togainu no Chi? Then you Must know Nitro+CHiRAL! Join us as we explore the visual novels that our favorite BL company made with games and much more!

No one is dying but I'm still crying: Sports animes & mangas (Ester B.)
"It's never just about the sport" an ode to sports animanga. An insight and discussion to the sports genre and a mini game with giveaway prizes!

Nyaa Figurines! Let's talk figures! (Dani P.)
Just started collecting? Or are you a figure guru? Then lets talk about figures! Static figure, Figmas, Nendoroids and more!

Otafest & Gaming - Tell us what you want what you really really want (yeah tell us what you want what you really really want) (Stephanie F.)
I want ahuh I want ahuh I want a really really really wanna SEGA SEGA!!!!!

Otafest 1 vs 100! (Adam K.)
The Classic Audience vs Player game! Come down a test your knowledge on animes new and old, Everyone participates, either as a team of 100 or the Contestant of 1!

Ouran Host Club Commoner Games (Eden S.)
The Ouran High School Host club presents: The Commoner Games! Join the hosts for this interactive panel. Become a part of a hosts team and battle other attendees in challenges for the title of Commoner King! Play games, win prizes, have fun!

Pin Trading (Otafest Staff)
Have you heard about Otafest's special Pin Trading? Are you missing just one to complete the set? O_o Then come to Otafest's Pin Trading Meetups and see if you can't trade for the one that's getting away! For more information about Otafest's collectible pins, please check out the merchandise page!

Photo Booth Photography 101 (Gary C.)
Introduction to the Otafest Photo Booth and intro to posing cosplayers and models. We will be taking the journey that start the Otafest Photo Booth from planning to production. This will give you insight as to what we have thought throughout the journey. As well as basic posing for models and cosplayers.
Personal cameras are welcome and encouraged.

Prop Building 101 (Mik H.)
Monster maker, creature tamer, and part time space cadet Mik (aka. Commander ShiningCat) takes you on an adventure and shows you how to build your own props from materials such as foam, worbla, and resin. Grab your safety goggles and buckle in, THIS PANEL IS GO! Together we'll learn how you can make your own props to slay that dragon, save the galaxy, or look just plain awesome!

Skincare for Cosplayers (Chloe C.)
Wondering how to get that perfect bishounen/bishoujo skin? This panel will show you how to get that #flawless #nomakeup #nofilter look, and give you a more detailed look at skincare. Better skin makes for a better cosplay! Note: no products will be sold or promoted.

Soul Eater Panel: Class is in Session? (Erin L)
For anime enthusiasts who want to see a good show. Come interact with the characters from the anime/manga. YOU decide what you see and what we do!

StarHOLiC (Julianne F.)
An introduction to the Vocaloid series "Star Girl and the Illusory Paradise" which was created by the composer of "The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku." Join Rho and Lambda from "ANTI THE HOLiC" in the illusion theatre as they guide you through the songs and plot.

Starting today, you are a host! (Mandy M.)
Come join the Ouran host club as we share their secrets to becoming a host!

Steampunk 101 (Mike J.)
Steampunk 101, A short trip through all things Steampunk. From costumes to interior design, you will be amazed on how widespread this cultural phenomenon goes.

Storytime with Brendan (Brendan H.)
Come join Brendan as he recounts tales of convention disaster, tomfoolery and misplaced objects... A veteran con staffer and Emergency Services Worker, join him as he shares the highlights and lowlights of his career.

Super Konnichi-WHA?! Crashers (Fuad S.)
Welcome to Super Konichi-WHA?! Breakers! Have a fun time and win awesome prizes while playing the craziest Japanese games that were never localized!

Table Flip for Charity (Force Start Comedy - Thomas L.)
Table flip for charity, unleash your rage on an innocent table for the greater good.

Terrible Fanfiction (Chad N.)
The best of the worst. This is more or less what you think it is.

The Dramatical Murder Games (Stacey M.)
Join your favorite Dramatical Murder boys in an 18+ game show!
Prizes will be awarded at the end.

The Great Debate (Dan R.)
As we all know, fans love to argue the strangest hypothetical questions. "Who would win in a fight, Goku or Superman?" "Which was better, the movie or the Book?" Join us as we struggle to find the answer to these and other questions as we use our debate randomizer to find the questions that you have never asked

Which Expresses the Inexpressible? Hello Kitty or Attack on Titan?

The Petti Panel - An In-depth Panel on Lolita Fashion (Wanda L.)
Want to learn more about Lolita fashion? Already got an idea but not sure where to buy pieces for your wardrobe? This is the panel for you! The Petti Panel will be going more in-depth with Lolita fashion and what it means to be a Lolita.

The Super Mathematical Adventure Time Ask Panel!! (Jake G.)
Finn and Princess Bubblegum host a totally algebraic ask panel staring your favourite characters from the most totally mathematical show ever, Adventure Time!

Touhou Project 13.5 Hopeless Masquerade Tournament (Jeremie C.)
Come test your skills in this Touhou 13.5 tournament! All skill levels are welcome!

Town Killing Simulator (Rei R.)
Who doesn't like werewolves?! Now's your chance to be one! Join in while we play the card game "Werewolf" anime style!

Video Game Name That Tune (Alfred L.)
Doo doo do doo do do doo do do dooo. That was the Tetris Theme. If you guessed right, then you're cut out for Video Game Name That Tune! Come for the nostalgia, stay for the glory!

Who Wants To Be A 'Millionaire'? (Noa B.)
Ever wanted to be on a game show? Want to try and win a 'million' dollars and glory? This is where its at!

World of Warcraft Lore Panel (Stephanie S.)
Orcs and Humans and Lore, Oh My! Join Loremaster Rahkris as she dives into the epic lore of World of Warcraft. Due to the recent release of Warlords of Draenor, this panel will cover two of the most influential races of Azeroth and beyond--Orcs and Humans.

Yaoi Panel (Rei R.)
Like yaoi? Like watching or maybe even participating in improv games? Then this panel is for you! Come laugh and fan over yaoi improv games, quizzes, and more! All the homo!

Zapp's Spaceship of Love presents: Critical Fail - an audience interactive D&D adventure (Rob P.)
Critical Fail: A twist on Dungeons and Dragons. We're not going to be -talking- about D&D, oh no... We're going to be PLAYING it. With YOU. ALL of you. The ENTIRE audience! We have so little faith in you nerds that we expect every single one of you to die on our pathetically easy adventure we've set up. Not only that, but because we pity you so much, we've even gone and got rid of the dice (Seriously, some of them have as many as EIGHT sides!), and replaced them with something much better, and much more dangerous...Intrigued? Terrified? Titillated? You should be. Especially that last one. There will be death, romance, adventure, death, and most of all, death! So come and join us as we take you through the wild ride of your life, and see if you have what it takes to become a legend.

Zapp's Spaceship of Love presents: Loveline - The cure for your relationships ails, 18+ ONLY(Rob P.)
Loveline: Love Doctor. Casanova. Hitch. These might not be how most people would describe the crew of Loveline, but it's certainly how they describe themselves. Everyone needs relationship advice, why not trust Zapp Brannigan and his trusty panel of loveologists to answer your questions, and solve your love life problems. Have a girl you're trying to impress? A guy you want to wow? A senpai you need to notice you? Or maybe even a body pillow that can't stand to look at you anymore? No question is too big or to small, too serious or too quirky. We will have it solved or your money back!