Pokemon League

Do you want to be the best, like no one ever was? Is catching them your real test, is training them your cause? Then come down to the Otafest Pokemon League, where you can meet fellow trainers, Pokefans, and players. Meet new people and test out your team! Below are the rules needed to participate.

Getting Started:

  1. You need a copy of Pokémon: Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire for the 3DS. Pokemon X and Y will not work with some of the new moves and mega evolutions causing the games to freeze.
  2. Get a team of six Pokémon together, once registered at the start of the league this team cannot be changed.
    1. No legendary Pokémon
    2. No duplicate Pokémon (You can have a Pikachu and a Raichu but you cannot have two Pikachus)
    3. Each Pokémon will be given one item for the entire league, that said you cannot have duplicate items (you cannot have 2 Pokémon with leftovers)
    4. No life Orbs, choice specs, choice scarfs or choice bands
    5. Any Pokémon who have been artificially modified or stated will result in the trainer receiving a ban from the event
  3. At the start of the league each player will register their team; they will then be given 3 battle cards (more on this later).

To keep updated with the Otafest Pokemon League, join our facebook group or visit our website.