Yumi Akai

Yumi Akai is a cosplayer hailing from Spain, and Otafest's first European guest! As a member of Onigiri Project, a Japanese organization specializing in the collaboration between cosplayers and nerd-culture events, Yumi will be travelling to Japan and within Europe during 2015, doing what she loves best: cosplaying and performing for fellow anime fans everywhere! She has won several first and second place prizes in various cosplay contests and enjoys both cosplaying and crossplaying. Yumi studied drama and music at University and is strongly focused on accurate character portrayal through performance and makeup!

Please join us in welcoming Yumi Akai to her first time in Canada, and her first time at Otafest, and showing her first-hand how friendly and amazing Canadian Cosplayers are!

Find out more about Yumi's through her World Cosplay page, her Facebook page, and her Twitter.

You can find Yumi during Otafest 2015 at the Cosplay Skit Contest, Cosplay Fashion Show, and How It's Made: Cosplay Edition.

Cosplay Guest

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